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August 8, 2017

Jab Harry Met Sejal 5th Day (Tuesday) Collection Early Trends. Goes Further Down.

Jab Harry Met Sejal has registered further big drop on Tuesday (5th day) as early trends for the day is coming in. Whatever samples we have, film is registering a big drop of 25-30% today from Monday. Plus, ticket prices and screening is also bit lower from Monday (Raksha Bandhan partial Holiday). Means, business drop will be even more.

JHMS has opened to a poor 15% occupancy in Morning shows. After that film showed limited growth in Noon to record occupancy of around 18-20%. Film remained flat in Evening and as per latest recording occupancy of around 20% which is very bad.

Occupancy Report of JHMS for Tuesday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 15%
Noon - 18-20%
Evening - 20%

JHMS is been absolutely rejected by audiences. Film has sent shockwaves across Industry right now. Recent biggies like Tubelight and Jagga Jasoos under-performed. And now sorry state of JHMS. Film is struggling to even go past 70 crore nett right now. 

No doubt film received one of the worst word of mouth in recent times, but it was still expected to go close to 100 crore nett mark or overhaul it. Prior to release trade was expecting film to collect atleast 125 crore nett in India. 

Film will entitle huge loses for distributors. No doubt distribution rights have come down crashing in last 2-3 months. Bollywood is going through one of the worst phase right now. Industry needs badly 2-3 big hits and that also in few weeks time.

Early trends suggest JHMS should collect anywhere between 4-5 crore nett on day 5. These are very early estimates from limited samples we have and actual may vary.


  1. Srry state for srk n his movies continues.dilwale n raees which were semi hits n tht too after clashes luks like winners nw.they both clashed with quality movies which were far better thn dil wale n raees still was in 140-150cr range.but firstly fan n nw dismal performance of jhms.i m very surprised to see the selection of srk movies.dont knw wat happened to him after Don 2.he is just doing pathetic cinema.nt at all acceptable this to me.few years ago akki was doing this thing.bad choices of movies n he was going downhill even his gems like baby n special 26 underprfromed due to his bad choices of movies.but nw he is no1 to me.his one after another.its nt abt 300cr or 400cr.delievering successful movies regularly is a big thing which he is doing.may b people think tht Sally is no1 or a amir is.but akki remains in audiences mind throughout the year by doing 3-4 movies a year.this was backfired earlier tht he was doing 3-4 movies but nw it's working.wat is the point tht u do a movie after 2 years n d reslt is a mohenjo daro so during tht 2 year time audience tends to forget u n after tht hritik disaster he's strdom went down rapidly.nt everyone can b a amir khan folks.he is different n unique.so the point is u have to do one or two movies a year.sallu was no1 but after tubelight debacle I feel if toilet pre katha of akki works which I m very much sure it will collect in excess of 100cr.then akki will d no1 for sure.little doubts still whether it is Sallu or akki but tht will b cleared after 11th August. As far as srk is concerned I'm little worried nw bcoz he will b on silver screen for about 15 mnths. Thts a long time.anand l rai movie has to work nw.otherwise it will b difficult road ahead for my superstar.fingers crossed cheers

  2. this is one of d wrost phase for Bollywood in years. just bcoz of some rich, intellectuals, over confident, selfish ppl. some of them needs a break from bollywood. plz don't waste money on bullshit. if you don't have any kind of meaningful script, then dont make movies on large scale on the basis of locations and face value. plz.

  3. Addatoday, why there is no question answer session from last 2 week ?

  4. Overses very strong ..for today night show full in singapore

  5. Overses coross 100cr ..king of world

  6. Bollywood ke liye bura waqt chal raha h ,, Akshay kumar ki bhi 2 movie hi release hogi is saal ,,, aise me ab Ajay devgan , varun dhavan, padmavati, tiger zinda h, se jyda ummid h , hum yehi chahehge ki sabhi movie superhit ho jaye

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