Jab Harry Met Sejal 1st Day (Friday) Collection Early Trends. Big Growth from Evening onward.

August 4, 2017

Jab Harry Met Sejal 1st Day (Friday) Collection Early Trends. Big Growth from Evening onward.

Jab Harry Met Sejal has taken decent to good start at box office on opening Friday (first day). Good news is film is registering big growth in Evening shows and it means film is heading for a good first day total now.

JHMS has opened to around 35% occupancy in Morning shows across India. After that film showed limited jump in Noon and Afternoon shows to record occupancy of around 35-40%. Film however has picked up big time from Evening onward and as per latest registering occupancy of around 60-65%. 

Occupancy Report of JHMS for Friday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 35%
Noon - 35-40%
Evening - 60-65%

JHMS is registering decent to good occupancy considering all factors. Today is normal working day and weekened is still to start. Film is carrying big budget also and hence, ideally it needs to collect as much as possible in opening weekend itself.

Though it is too early to make any predictions for the day as Night shows are still left. Plus, major reports from interiors and single screens are awaited. But looking at the trending of film so far, Jab Harry Met Sejal first day collection is heading towards 16-17 crore nett mark. 

These are very early estimates from limited samples we have and actual may vary. If film shows further good jump in Night and late Night shows, then there is also possibility of touching or crossing 18 crore nett mark.

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  1. 17 crore will be a good total for urban rom com limited appealing film.

  2. This is because of advance booking
    Work of mouth will start working out from tomorrow

  3. Nothing in the movie if you want to see urope than go watch movie not even time pass I waste my money

  4. only 17cr ha ha ha 80-90 cr lifetime disaster

  5. @ sk, abe chindichor 17 crore in 3200 screens for a limited appealing film is far better than universal appealing Tubelight having 4400 screens.It is due to SRK's stardom.put gangu teli Salman in JHMS .opening would be 10 crores and lifetime 50 crore.ha ha ha

  6. This srk movie will b flop for sure nw I'm afraid.this will nt b able to cross 120cr due to negative reviews from audiences n critics.bad time for bollywood continues.srk is having a torrid time rit nw.dilwale n raees was atleast profitable n were semi hits but first fan n nw jhms.worrying signs for srk fans including me.he needs sumthng different really fast nw otherwise this will b over soon.his next dwarf movie is sum distant away.it means srk will nt appear on silver screen for atleast 15 mnths. This is long time n currently he is down n out.so this will b really shocking for me rit nw.srk needs to ressurect nw.desperately needs a special movie.he was special in fan but movie plot was thin so it failed.i knw he will go one notch higher in an and l rai movie but movie has to b excellent.worrying times for bollywood n for srk

    1. this is the best movie ever made in india true life depicts by imtiaz ali great to watch this movie collection doesnt matter the acting the reality is real success hats of king khan love you more then before.

  7. Movie will come strong monday ..movie will big hit176cr .

  8. 19+21+25+15+10+8+7=105+5+7+9+9=136 life time 175cr movie hit..go and watch very good movie

  9. Flop..... phur. ......... ...Phur.......,,😥😢😅😜😛😉😀😁😆



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