Baadshaho Movie Box Office Prediction. Hit or Flop?

September 1, 2017

Baadshaho Movie Box Office Prediction. Hit or Flop?

Baadshaho is the big release happening on 1st September, 2017 starring Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi, Ileana D'Cruz and Esha Gupta. Film trailer is liked and even a couple of songs are doing well. All suggest, film should open big at ticket counters and is a potential big Hit in making. So, without any further delay let's do the Baadshaho box office prediction and check the economics. Let's see whether it will be a Hit or Flop?

Economics - 

Budget - Film landing cost is approx INR 75-80 crores (inclusive P&A). Official announcement is awaited. 

Recovery prior to film release - Baadshaho India theatrical distribution rights are sold for INR 42 crores. Satellite Rights of the film is roughly in the region of INR 35 crores. Music rights are sold for approx 10-12 crores. Others non-theatrical revenues amount to INR 2-3 crores. Thus, makers have recovered an approx INR 90 crores prior to the release of the film. Means, they have already made a profit of approx 10-15 crores. Plus, there is profit commission from India theatricals and also distributor share recovery from Overseas.

Amount need to be recovered after the film release - As makers have recovered all their investment and have made some good profit on the table itself, prior to the release of the film. It is all about the distributors now. As film is sold for 42 crores, distributor will break even at approx 85 crore nett business in India. Means, as film crosses this mark there will be profits. Means, film will be declared hit when it crosses say 90 crore nett mark. 

Release Screen Count - Baadshaho being a big film, it should easily get a release of 3000-3500 screens in India. This is more than enough to put big box office number in a single day.

Single Day Business Potential - As Baadshaho is getting one of the biggest release of the year and it has potential to collect over 30+ crore nett in a Single Day with 100% ideal occupancy.

First Day Collection (Friday) - Baadshaho being releasing on a normal Friday, anything above 10 crore nett will be a good start at box office. Film stars Ajay Devgn and we are hoping that it takes a double digit start. Also, Saturday is a Holiday because of Eid-Al-Adha (Bakri-Eid) and hence, collection may get boost in later part of Friday. Hence, anything less than double digit start will be disappointment.

First Weekend Collection (Friday-Sunday) - A 38-40 crore nett in opening weekend will be a very good start at box office for the film. Above that will be fantastic.

Lifetime Business - If Baadshaho word of mouth is decent to good, then movie has every chance of touching 100 crore nett at box office. If word of mouth is good to very good then film should even touch 120 crore nett in its lifetime and may be more. That will be fantastic.

Verdict as per Theatrical Rights of Baadshaho

ATBB - Evaluated after Release.
Blockbuster - 160-170 crore nett.
Super Hit - 125-150 crore nett.
Hit - 95-120 crore nett.
Average (Semi-Hit/Above Average/Average/Below Average) - 76-94 crore nett.
Flop - Less than 75 crore nett.
Disaster - Less than 50-55 crore nett.

Prediction -

First Day: Expected around 11-12 crore nett.

First Weekend:

If accepted: 42+ crore nett.
If mixed: 33-41 crore nett.
If rejected: less then 32 crore nett.


If accepted: 125+ crore nett.
If mixed: 85-120 crore nett.
If rejected: Less than 75 crore nett.

Our Estimate: Looking into all pre-release factors we are predicting Baadshaho business in the region of 100-110 crore nett. If content is good to very good then film has a good chance of touching 120 or even more. We have considered pre release buzz, current box office scenario, screen count, trailer response, song promos and Ajay Devgn star factor. Hope not only film does excellent business but outperforms our prediction to collect even more than that.

Verdict: HIT!

Do let us know your prediction for this latest Bollywood release! What do you think whether film will collect 75, 100, 125 or 150 crore or more at box office!

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  1. Baadsaho will be superhit.lifetime business will collect 145cr.

  2. lol

    if rejected below 60
    If mixed 80-90
    If accepted 110-120

    That's it

    And what ajay star factor u r talking about??? Drishym 5cr, shivay 8cr opening lol itni toh emran hashmi ki movies v opening leti h..if it did 10+ opning thn credit should go to bth ajay & emran .

  3. Vimal calculator won't work maybe I will be wrong . But it seems that opening 10 , weekend < 40 . Lifetime 80 crore

  4. All time blockbuster
    BAADSHAHO lifetime
    160 cr.

  5. Baadshaho 120 Cr cross lifetime of happiness

  6. Look at this loser. What do you mean by that? What quotations are fixing here?
    Even Boi slated 9.24 cr for shivay is okay to make your numbers look interior. All leading sites shows 10.24 is that understood? Apart from Drishyam which the opening day was average at 5.8 due to poor promo and admist stuck with Bahubaali and BB Mission impossible and the genre was not only for reserved audiences it was a 4th remake so most audiences did not have to watch it again where there were better options if not most Ajay movies with clash or solo has been average of 10.5-12.6crs.

    Shivaay 10.24
    Action jackson 11.1
    Singham returns 32.9
    Son of Sardar 10.72
    Rajneeti 10.5
    Satyagraha 11.21
    Bol B 12.1

    Bipashu franchise Raaz 3 10.9
    Vidya Naseer Dirty pic 9.7
    Franchise jaanat 2 8.5
    Murder 2 7cr
    Solo Ghanchakkar 6.5
    Brand value Azhar 6.3

    Eemran biggest opening
    Last decade was because of Ajay Devgn Ouatim.

    Eemran biggest career opener to will also be with Ajay Devgn thats Baadshaho so shut your zip up loser.

    Whose fan are you?
    Tell me your Fan highest opening day Trade and Producer figure that is BOI opening day of your favourite actor and Producer figure i am 100% sure there will be a very Big difference! Come on tell me lets see if its more than 32 cr if not rot up��

    1. @SD Lolllz๐Ÿ˜Ž.... Punch spot reply.
      Wanna know whose fan they are?

      Clue....That person i normally call @KIDDO when i was very active on @Indicine. He is the one...

      second asked about the highest opening day Boi and producer figure of his Fan? ....Trade 21....BOI 16.7

      3rd clue....Both of us Ajay fans have been praising and giving best wishes to their favourite Fan of recent in his articles...just a shame how others are praying bad for another Fan movie to Flop.
      We are different and opposite... So Lets remain like that and just Ignore those childish comments.

    2. Ajay is lejhand . Khush??? hahaha just b happy tht ajay is bigger star thn saif . Ranbir>Ranveer>Varun>Ajay>SAif

  7. Wow!! Recovered ...thats good news.
    Just cant wait๐Ÿ˜š....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love you Ajay Sir๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  8. As if i knew it. Yes i remembered You have been trashing the Alkoholic guy alot on indicine that alone is okay.
    You are right i have no problem with Akshay but some of his local fans seems to be having so much insecurity with AJ.
    Yet i wont bash Akshay because some of his 2 penny fans.
    Heard the weather in India is very stormy ,rainfall has been massive i hope all the people there are safe and okay Godbless them.

  9. Did you observe Adda today Q&A is very neutral and cool? I am tripped!! No single sign of biasness or Hatred unlike those media paid one sided FRAUDICINE! Just hate them day by day losing credibility, same repetitive news, comments for 10 hours moderated such a stupid site. Addatoday rocks big time.

  10. Badshah first day collections Wonder Ajay Devgan ke 10cr or Emraan Hashmi ke 5cr===15cr

  11. Baadshaho Blockbuster. Hope it will collect more than 170 crores.

  12. I am from Mauritius and I am the biggest fan of Ajay devan in the world

  13. it will be a super hit movie...120+

  14. mostly akshay, khans movies are single release or released with other lighter low cast movie but ajay's movies mostly are released with other big star or big release,,,, this movie has 3 to five 1st days for best business as eid ul azha it should earn 90 cr plus opeing week and 100cr plus first 10 days. i rank ajay with akshy heritik and khans level, ajay is a great actor.

  15. Badshaho ka. Word of mouth positive hua to film aaram se 100cr. Par kar jayegi .... 130+ bhi ho sakta h kyo ki AJAY DEVGAN ki movie aaye bhut time ho gya h ... Film ke song bhi popular ho chuke h..... Film ki 12-13 cr. Ki opening lag sakti h ...... Word of mouth positive hona chahiye tabhi movie superhit hogi

    1. Thank you Lokesh. Its because of people like @IdiotJealous Aj hollic tepk200cr i always want to bring the boy to his level but when i see matured fans like you ,Ustaav ,Karan Singh i hold my breathe even though my fellow Adian friend she has been always giving him tight slaps so thats okay.
      Whar i wanted to know is we Ajay fans have been commending Akshay alot praising him then why His fan hates him? Well if you are nobody no one will waste time coming to bash the person on air so happy Ajay is worth giving that boy Nightmares. Idiot boy.
      For all real Akki fans thank you forr the wishes we will always oay it back for Akki movies because the word Childishness and jealousy is never in our dictionary.

    2. Very good sentence ... You are a true person.....

  16. Lifetime Collection
    If accepted 130-177 Cr
    If mixed 95-115 Cr
    If negative 75-90 Cr

    Super Hit



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