June 28, 2017

Tubelight 6th Day (Wednesday) Collection Early Trends and Very Early Estimates.

Tubelight had a significant drop on Wednesday (6th day) at box office as early trends are coming in. Film trending is still not clear, but picture is looking not so much rosy. Ideally Wednesday collection should have been close to Tuesday, but that is not the case right now.

As per latest whatever samples we have for the day, film has registered a drop in the region of 20-25% from previous day. In case of other films it would have been a normal trend. But in case of Tubelight it is simply not considering film stars Salman Khan and film is sold for huge price.

Tubelight has opened to around 15-20% occupancy in Morning shows on day 6. After that film showed limited jump in Noon to record occupancy of around 20%. Film further showed limited growth in Evening time and as per latest film is registering occupancy of around 25%. Night shows are still to start.

Occupancy Report of Tubelight for Wednesday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 15-20% (Tue - 20-22%)
Noon - 20% (Tue - 25-30%)
Evening - 25% (Tue - 30-35%)

Early trends suggest, Tubelight sixth day box office collection is heading towards 8 crore nett mark. These are very early estimates from limited samples we have. The way film is trending there is no doubt, it will for first time finish in single digit figure. Even if Night shows registers good occupancy then also chances are very very slim.

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  1. Expected, To be honest movie was not up to the mark.

    1. Bhai tubelight aaj kal toilet mei bhi nahi chal paa rahi

    2. Bhai tubelight aaj kal toilet mei bhi nahi chal paa rahi

  2. Still collection will be more than FAN and Talash

    Fan & Talash had more than 3 star review ....

    Tublight in spite of negativity right from the first day ...9:30 by sites like




    Started negativity

    Still 100 cr pakka ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    1. Talaash Imdb rating 7.3 by 31000 people and tubelight 4.5 by 6000 people. And if u have mind then u can read the review and compare.talaash came in 2012, after that many things change.if u want to compare aamir movie then compare with his latest movie not 5 years old movie

    2. FAN aur Talash non Festival thi. aur FAN ke time IPL bhi chal raha tha. Aur TUBELIGHT ke time holiday hi holiday hai.

    3. Wanted are u drunk. Talash had buget of 32 crores with 1900 screens and still it made 94 crore. It was superhit film and till date is highest horror grosser of Indian cinema. If you want to prove Talash as flop do it with numbers and not with assumptions. GROW UP BRO

  3. Heavy raining today also will affect the business for sure !

  4. I think Fusslight is biggest flop in history of Indian cinema that too on eid and joined
    Marigold club.

    Congrats Sallu bhau and Sallu fans.
    Aab chillavo BZH ane do Dangal will be history

    Inse bb to Toda nahi ja raha aur sapne dekh rahe hai Dangal break karne ke.

    Wo ye sapne dekh sakte hai Kyunki ye Sallu the local star ke fans hai.

    Karo bhai Jo bhi karna hai Karo lekin Hawa me mat Bola Karo.

    Only Aamir rules..
    No chance for local star Sallu

  5. Dabba Gul

    Toilet me lagaeye l.ed...tubelight Na jal paegi...

    1. Abe tere toilet mei bhi nahi chal paayi tubelight

  6. Jabra se fir dosti ki hai toh mazze lo

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