Salman Khan alongwith Aamir Khan are Distributors Delight. But not in case of Tubelight.

June 30, 2017

Salman Khan alongwith Aamir Khan are Distributors Delight. But not in case of Tubelight.

Salman Khan alongwith Aamir Khan are only those two actors who in last few years have consistently given All India Clean HIT at box office. It means both makers and every distributors have recovered their investment and made some kind of profit atleast. Other big stars such as Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Ranbir Kapoor and rest have failed to do so.

Salman missed a Clean Hit with Jai Ho (Above Average) and Aamir missed it with Talaash (Semi Hit). Apart from those two, all other releases of these two actors were profitable for all involved in last few years.

Now coming to Salman, apart from Jai Ho, his all releases starting with Dabangg (2010) till Sultan (2016) were hugely profitable for all involved. This is some consistency. But records are meant to be broken. Salman is bound to fail in some time of his career. And that happened with Tubelight.

With Tubelight, makers have made huge profit on table. Producers made a profit of atleast around 140-150 crores on table. This is bare minimum considering all recoveries such as Theatrical Rights (India and Overseas), Satellite Rights, Music Rights and others. So, is Tubelight as HIT then? No definitely not.

Reason being, distributors of Tubelight are facing huge loses. Salman Khan films have been distributors delight for last few years. His films are getting sold in exorbitant prices and still distributors have made money. But with Tubelight they are heading for huge loses. 

Suppose Tubelight ends with a distributor share of 65-70 crores looking at current trending. Then they are set to lose money anywhere between 60-65 crores. This is humongous. It is all because distributors and sub-distributors have brought the rights for high prices. Yes, there is cut throat competition to buy distribution rights specially for Salman films and that releasing in EID. But there is always a risk and it happened with Tubelight.

Now distributors are crying and asking for return of some kind of money from makers. But these are same distributors who made huge profits in last few years. Yes, makers despite not being contract bound may return some percentage to them. Logically it will be nice as then distributors loses will be less and still makers will have hefty sum as profit. Even if not, it is not their fault.

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  1. Aukat of salman without neutrel audience only 130CR that too on EID lol



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