Dangal China 5th Monday Box Office Collection. Still Unstoppable. Record Breaking Stuff Continues.

June 6, 2017

Dangal China 5th Monday Box Office Collection. Still Unstoppable. Record Breaking Stuff Continues.

Dangal is on some another planet as far as China Box Office run continues. Film is simply not slowing down. Film has collected an estimated $1.4 million on 5th Monday [32nd Day] at China Box Office. Thus, Film total business in China is approx $170.5 million [INR 1095 crores] gross.

As we write film has touched 1100 crores in China and every chance of even touching 1200 crores in coming days. Dangal Worldwide collection as per latest is approx INR 1850 crores now. Film will touch 1900 crores inside 6th Weekend for sure as things stand by.

With another good week of run in China, Dangal has every chance of touching the unimaginable 2000 crores Worldwide mark.

China Box Office - INR 1095 crores approx.
Worldwide Box Office - INR 1850 crores approx.

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  1. You forgot to add ...distributer share peanuts so bahubali is the only movie to talk about and dangal is useless movie as suddenly overseas don't count in china but count in Austria..germany..croatia...for jabra ..i am wondering how would be the reporting if this film starred shahrukh khan....would have been fun to see then how media danced on streets

  2. now people are being technical talking about distributor share. very interesting. a 70 crore movie has 500cr distributor share and a 250 crore movie 750 crore. So do the math.

  3. Haha...what a point...hindi medium and konkana movie super hit...amd aamirs and Aisha kumar always struggling...i never realised that this time these guys not taking about investment return when dangal way ahead of bhabali ..haha ...tjey only saying china share peanuts despite poor guy doing may be 150o crore there.
    Aamir is still sanjeev Kumar for media as king of jabra for them forever



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