Baahubali 2 vs Dangal Worldwide, India, Overseas Box Office Collection. A Comparison.

June 5, 2017

Baahubali 2 vs Dangal Worldwide, India, Overseas Box Office Collection. A Comparison.

We are making a comparison chart of Baahubali 2 vs Dangal Worldwide. India and Overseas comparison is also given. Important to note that Dangal is still running well in China. Baahubali 2 is still running in India, although collections have come to lower level now. 

There is no doubt that Baahubali 2 and Dangal are two of the Biggest Hit Movies ever in Indian History. They have done stupendous business which is simply out of this world. Dangal made history when it grossed 1000 crores in China alone. Whereas Baahubali 2 wrecked havoc at Indian Box Office to emerge as First Film to collect 1000 crore nett all in India.

India Nett

Baahubali 2* - INR 1050 crore nett [All Language].
Dangal - INR 387.2 crore nett [All Language].

India Gross

Baahubali 2* - INR 1302 crores [All Language].
Dangal - INR 529 crores [All Language].


Baahubali 2* - INR 285 crores [All Languge].
Dangal* - INR 1305 crores [All Language].


Baahubali 2* - INR 1587 crores [All Language].
Dangal* - INR 1834 crores [All Language].

Distributor Share [Worldwide]

Baahubali 2* - INR 810 crores [All Language].
Dangal* - INR 535 crores [All Language].


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  1. Why don't you compare overseas distributer shared for jabra? Why you and box off8ce india bent on pricing aamirs dangal is not hit and China doesn't.matter etc ...whats wrong ...yoy give figures as you are not on gross and don't comment on people who really do the job like farhan akhtar..aamir ...etc

  2. worldwide share of dangal includes collections from china also. Problem is that share coming in from china is peanuts when compared with rest of the world. Hence BB2 is a much bigger hit both in terms of footfalls and distributor share. But that dosent demean dangal's achievements. Its a rare film and its success is as rare as it comes. And who knows post dangal's unimaginable success in China Indian producers might get better deals for their future films in the country.

    1. that's more than 225cr shares from China and you are calling them peanuts. Dangal's shares from China alone are more than any other Indian movies over shares (India+overseas), exept 3-4 movies. Dangal's China shares are huge.

  3. How footfalls dangal can be less...chcek footfalls 0f china before commenting

  4. Dangal will close about 5 crore plus footfall in china or say same as much hyped inflated figure of biggest hit as per box office india ...that is dilwale dulhaniya le request is box office sites should only report figures and not write unnecessary comments without any knowledge of industry and biased report influenced by investors

  5. Aamirdangal right

    .bahubali hindi share would be max 300 crores as it's 50% of net whatever websites are demeaning ..even 20% of dangal in china would be 300 corres so how on earth is this thing going on by websites who just create an app and have no sense ...bahubali I m proud but one can't demean the greatest start of india just like that just because karan johar is distributer for bahubali and dangal in china has taken all.limlight away from his claims

  6. You r just posting the data given on boxofficeindia website..just copy and paste..will never return to this site as ur copying data from other websites and claiming as original article

  7. Dear pals
    Just for information what bahubali will earn in two weeks in hindi now is what dangal earning in one day in china so no idea how this website and box office I do constantly trying to put down dangal collections every time they wrote...sour grapes as they were to report only bahubali for a month but dangal spoilt the party


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