Dangal China 2nd Friday (8th Day) Collection. Unprecedented Start to Week Two.

May 13, 2017

Dangal China 2nd Friday (8th Day) Collection. Unprecedented Start to Week Two.

Dangal business in China box office is simply eye-opener for all. Film is not only recording Historic collection there, but also setting new benchmark and even toppling Hollywood films from first position. This is for first time and hope many more to come in near future.

Dangal has collected around $ 6.14 million [INR 39.4 crores] on 2nd Friday which is bigger and better than first Friday. Film is on unprecedented run there and no doubt it is now storming towards $ 50 million mark in China. Lifetime collection there can even go higher in the region of $ 70-80 million.

Dangal is about to touch 1000 crore worldwide and be the first Bollywood film ever to do so and 2nd Indian film after Baahubali 2 to achieve this feat. The way film is trending don't be surprised if film ends the worldwide gross in the region of INR 1100-1200 crore mark. Dangal is way ahead of other Bollywood releases and it is setting such high benchmark that collections from other films looking minuscule in front of it.

When many Hindi films are targeting 100 crore club, Dangal is entering 1000 crore club. This states the scale of business Dangal has done across the globe.

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  1. Pride of Bollywood Aamir Khan, only he can do it,Dangal is doing record breaking business in China,Hats off to the legend AAMIR KHAN

    1. Fool it is d story and director to be credited for Dangal success in China, if u think Aamir Khan is d reason den release his hit films like Raja Hindustani,rang de Basanti, sarfarosh me in China and all will be flop big time..it is d director and d story which is to be credited. Even if u replace Aamir wid Anupam Kher it wud hv been a success in China..

    2. Sir.. it is pretty well known that Aamir is a big deal in China.. His films have always done best among bollywood films. His PK crossed $20mn in China alone. So shut the fuck up.

    3. U r a fool of first order Bahubali 2 and jungle book has shown dat even in India content works..cinema is a director's medium but PPL like u who don't know a thing and u belong to su h race which h has not contributed in any innovation wud only believe in one single person dat can be anyone..u guys have a dug a hole and continue putting Ur head in it bcz only PPL like u will believe dat Dangal is working bcz of Aamir and not bcz of content and director infact it is only content and director who shud get d credit ..u can replace Aamir wid anyone and it wud hv worked in China though same can't be said abt India

    4. Hello brother we all know that bahubali was a great movie with good script and collected 650+ crore ww
      When bahubali release in china with 6000 screne result is disaster with collecting 7.34 crore lifetime in china
      Hence proved that not only script but starpower also matter

    5. There is not point in explaining dumbs who don't know dat cinema is director's medium..PPL like u only believe in 50s something Khan and that's why a regional film like Bahubali comes to Bollywood and give a tight slap..all succesful films titanic,avataar,Jurassic park, even in hindi him aapke hai kaun etc were hits due to script and director ..Dangal working in China clearly shows it is d script and director which makes film succesful, when an actor can't speak Chinese language den what star power u r talking abt..u Continue to worship Ur religion dat biasness is clearly visible in u..it is ok u hv all d right to do so ..Conti Ur wid Ur biasness

  2. Bahubali2 ka record todke chodega dangal ab china me dangal horaha hai



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