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May 14, 2017

Aamir Khan No.1 Undisputed King of Bollywood

There is no doubt in anyone mind be it movie fans or even trade that Aamir Khan is No.1 undisputed Star of Bollywood. There were some doubts as Salman Khan was chasing Aamir's earlier film box office record. But after the stupendous BO performance of Dangal, Aamir has raced much ahead keeping Salman Khan in distant No.2 position. 

Aamir and Salman are much close in BO race as far as Indian box office is concerned. But Worldwide it is all the way Aamir Khan show. Dangal is making HISTORY in China. Film has already shattered almost all records Worldwide. Film is right now the No.1 performing film in China box office, even ahead of much celebrated Hollywood films. 

Dangal also become first Bollywood movie to enter 1000 crore worldwide [first to collect 300+ crore in China alone] and much credit goes to Aamir for that. He has a substantial following across the globe and it is increasing every minute right now. Credit should be given to his film choices also in recent years. Films are thoughtful, meaningful and message oriented. We all Indians should now celebrate the success of Aamir as own as it is only showing Bollywood in right path all across the Globe. Many more successes to him in coming days. 


  1. I said bfore and i will say it again. My diary of 365 days is for studies work vacation and a day reserved for an Aamir institution Khan film. Others are popular in the west bkoz of indian diaspora but Aamir is for everyone black white caucasian etel. Btw i am dutch since i saw Taare Zameen Par i started following this guy and i hv not been dissapointed. Even a non critical acclaim Dhoom 3 was Aamir answer to FAST AND FURIOUS FRANCHISE. long live tha legend

  2. सारे सवालो का जवाब मिल गया ।

  3. Ankur, with all due respect, I totally disagree. When Aamir Khan will start doing at least one movie in an year and still continues to break record, then only he will be crowned undisputed No.1. Currently, it is heavily disputed.
    Right now, forget Khans, even i rate Akshay Kumar better than Aamir khan.