Raees Second Weekend Box Office Collection Report. Decent Trending. Emerges HIT.

February 6, 2017

Raees Second Weekend Box Office Collection Report. Decent Trending. Emerges HIT.

Raees has trended decently in second weekend to collect a respectable 13.25 crore nett box office figures. Film showed good jump on 2nd Saturday and after that showed decent jump on 2nd Sunday. Film collected an approx 5.4 crore nett on 2nd Sunday (12th day).

Thus, Raees total collection after end of 2nd weekend is approx 132.5 crore nett. Film is emerging as HIT and will be a Clean HIT by the end of second week.

Producer Report -> Official producer box office collection for 2nd Saturday and 2nd Sunday awaited.

Raees Collection Breakup* [Official** BO Figures are also given in Bracket] -

1st Week (9 days) - 119.2 crore nett [Official - 122.3 crore nett]
2nd Friday - 3.25 crore nett [Official - 6.6 crore nett]
2nd Saturday - 4.6 crore nett [Official - Awaited]
2nd Sunday - 5.4 crore nett. [Official - Awaited]

Total - 132.45 crore nett [Official - 128.9 crore nett, 2nd Saturday & 2nd Sunday to be added].

*Datas calculated by us.

** Official box office figures are provided by producers.

Verdict -

-> As per Addatoday,Raees is emerging as a Clean HIT. 

-> As per Producers Raees verdict is all depend on how film collects in 2nd Saturday and 2nd Sunday.

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  1. Dear Ankur,
    Saturday Producers Figure is 8 Crores as per Komar Nahata (koimoi.com).

    As per trade figure how much collection needed for clean HIT (Forget about Producers figure).

  2. ankur ji, thank you for having the guts to give both your estimated figures and the producer figures... some sites are afraid of giving trade figures or their own estimates because they are afraid that they might upset big stars...thanks once again

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Its 121.5 CR's as per boi.pls don't publish producers figures as they have crossed all limits of manipulation.

  5. As per addatoday n other sites. Both raees and kaabil are clean hits. I completely Trust addatoday. Some freaking idiots are checking boi. Then I mst tell them as per them. Raees is 121.5cr till Sunday n it is safe because of first five days super performance and it is a clean hit for sure. As per them kaabil is 78cr n heading for a disappointment. It shud be an average affair. Failure for hritik. Srk has won the clash comprehensively. Manipulation is dissappointed to say d least from both the sides. Ugly fight is still going on. Rakesh Roshan was manipulating kaabil collections from day1 followed by raees team when they started manipulating after 5 days extended. I know Srk is underperforming big time from last 5-6 years. Raees will b less than 150cr n will b an underperfrmnce from my point of view. But a success is a success. Haters are so insecure they are calling it as flop....haha haha. Cheap people. I m very happy that both movies have been successful but u r trying to downgrade Srk by giving boi collections. Raees is a winner according to them also n kaabil is a flop

    1. true...raees has done well...121.5 crore in 12 days is very good for an SRK movie...We cant expect SRK to be on the same level as Aamir Khan and give back to back 300 crore movies...Raees has done really well for a small scale movie with an average cast...Good job SRK and team Raees!!!

    2. Competition must be fair if both got the equal share of screens...raees is haiving 3900 screens and kabil is on 2100 screens ..Rakesh roshan already showd the movie to distributors /exhibitor in advance to gain the confidence ..they also agreed to go give the equal screen share but pressurised at last moment ..
      At the end of day clashez are not good for business of cinema .Both these films can earn 150 cr plus if released individualy...politics started by srk for taking share of screens ....inspite of that kaabil has done the decent busineess...srk done earlier also during the clash of dilwale and bajirao....at end of the week bajirao grossed more but at first dilwale taken the clear lead but

    3. Competition mist be fair if both films got equal number of screen . Raees got 3800 screens and kaabil got 2100 screens. inspite of that kabil done a decent business . Clashes of films are not good for business of cinema. Both these films can do the business of 150 cr + . Rakesh roshan showed distributor film in advance to gain confidence..but inspite of that screen share was not equal...in past during dilwale and bajirao clash the same thing is happpend and at last defeated by bajirao...takking the huge share of amount.

  6. देख लो बे लपर झंडुसो रईस हो गई सुपर हिट। क्लेश भी था, नकारात्मकता भी थी और तुम्हारे पेट में दर्द भी था उसके बाद भी तुम रईस को सुपर हिट होने से न रोक सके। 170 करोड़ कमाएगी आओनी रईस। रोक सको तो रोक लो

  7. वेल सेड अक्षत ब्रो

  8. Movie will clean hit or super hit

  9. I just love SRK and would like to make love to him

    1. abe azeem faridi, kya bol raha hai tu? Pagla gaya hay kya 20 baar Raees dekh ke?? lol...mai ne bola tha ki raees sirf ek baar dekhna...20 baar dekhne se tera dimagi santulan kho gaya hai...

  10. अब तेरा क्या होगा बे जॉन।।
    तू तो गया

  11. Just wait and see, Rakesh roshan figured out already Krish 4 will be over 400 crore. ha.ha.ha..ha

  12. Raeees collection will 147.45cr

  13. Screen Milne se aur Christmas se kya hoga dosto....game is someone should go and watch jabra dancing

  14. hahaha...dangal ki 4200screen me b 70% occupancy thi..

    or raees ki...3000 or bad me 1800 me b...10% occupancy h..

    Fir...4200 me kya ookhad leti..jb koi movie ko dekhna hi nhi chahta h...??

    Fan solo relese hui thi...15 april 2016 ko...(jungal book 4 april ko )...

    to kya vo ATBB bn gyi...,??

    or kya clash clash lga rkha h...kya ritik k Fan b...Raees dekhne jane vale the...???



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