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February 1, 2017

Raees First 7 Days Collection - Actuals vs Estimates

Earlier in the day we posted Kaabil Actuals vs Estimates Box Office Collection. With superb success to that article we also received feedback to post Raees Actuals vs Estimates box office figures. Hence, we are posting that also below.

But before that we like to mention that we posted previous article of Kaabil only because of huge variance in collections across many sources in trade. Difference is big and hence, put up an post on that so that there is less confusion. However in case of Raees, variance is very little and can be accepted. Hence, there is no need of putting up an article as all box office figures are more or less close. Still, we have put up a comparison below just on public demand.

We have taken the actuals box office figure provided to us. Also, we have calculated each day box office collection from the samples we have. At the end of 7 days, box office variance is just around 1.75-2 crores.

Raees First 7 Days Box Office Collection - Official vs Estimates [Estimates are given in Bracket]  -

Wednesday - 20.4 crore nett > [est - 20 crore nett].
Thursday - 26.3 crore nett < [est - 26.5 crore nett].
Friday - 13.1 crore nett > [est - 11.95 crore nett].
Saturday - 15.6 crore nett < [est - 16.3 crore nett].
Sunday - 17.8 crore nett > [est - 17.2 crore nett].
Monday - 8.25 crore nett > [est - 7.75 crore nett].
Tuesday - 7.5 crore nett = [est - 7.5 crore nett].

Total - 108.95 crore nett [est - 107.2 crore nett].

Raees Cut Off Mark to be a Clean Hit - 125-130 crore nett or more.

*Note - Samples are taken from limited cinemas and hence it is bound to vary. 

Hope this article clear some of the confusions.


  1. Box Office India (BOI) gave 1st week collection of 103.5 crore...meanwhile, the producer collection figure is 108.95...the difference is big, about 5.45 crore....this kind of manipulation always occurs with SRK films....remember, the producers gave opening day collection 44.5 crore for happy new year but BOI gave about 36 crore...

  2. The actual first week collection is 103.5 crore according to BOI site...

  3. The simple logic is if someone belives BOI then they should take numbers for all the movies from there. if I come to addatoday I will accept what number adda today provides, no need to compare the number. End of the day these numbers does't change my experience of watching a movie. :)

  4. John ...abhi jabra ke overseas wait ..he reached already more than ek tha tiger ..haha.


  5. ha ha srk ki chiting khori suru film ko flop se bachane ke liye .....
    Monday boi---- 6cr but srk --- 8.25cr
    Tuesday boi--- 5.25cr but srk ---- 7.5cr .
    ha ha ha fake hero

  6. Rajeev anand you are not getting the point. Adda today is not putting up their estimation, they are just aping producer figure like taran & komal nahta. What differentiates boi is they have their own source and access to boxoffice market of india. We cannot simply underestimate them when they can match rentrak's collection of PK and not to forget they publish dangal and sultan collection even before the producers figure.if producers dont fudge their figure normally collection are uniform through out.

  7. Boi reports only Hindi version as BO collection.

  8. I don't trust BOI. It's a shameful site for a box office. What right does it have to criticize hit movies like DCH and RDB? And their attitude towards films are outright negative. Even though it seems that both films will become hit or super-hit, that site is saying Kaabil will become an outright flop and Raess may not even become hit despite such a great opening under circumstances. Again, what right do they have to judge like that? Why didn't they do the same for Dangal or Sultan?

  9. Even Taran Adarsh is fed up with both Raees and Kaabil makers manipulating collections...Taran Adarsh is no longer giving collections for Raees and Kaabil....Taran used to give collection for dangal daily because the producers of dangal were honest and didn't manipulate collections

  10. Raees ka weekdays collection kya badha, pet me dard shuru ho gaya haters ke. Kamaal karte ho pandu log,☺☺☺
    Ab raees yahaa se tumse roke n rukega....jaao chhup jao kahi jaakar.lol

  11. Raees all ready highest grossing bollywood film ever in two territory (overseas)... Singapore and Norway. .... raees in USA will be grossed less than 4 million (dangal 12million)... uk , Australia, New Zealand, uae , gcc , china will not break .... guarantee. .... seriously raees will be highest grossing film ever in Africa, venuzuela, columbia, Malta, trinidad and tobago, Mongolia , Iceland, Greenland and ANTARTICA.... waiting.... taran adarsh all ready lost believe on both production. .. krish3(hrithik) lifetime 244cr (production) 178cr (trade)

    Happy new year (srk) lifetime 202cr (production)
    172cr (trade)... actually hrithik is only a 50cr star.... "HRITHIK 50CR KE PEECHE (salary) 50CR HRITHIK KE PEECHE (box office) .... TOO MUCH FUN. ."..

    SRK is big star.... but his script selection is unwanted. ... idiots fans loves srk... srk loves money only. . He does for producers. .. he thinks only how can I make profit for makers. .. he does not loves his fans... he is not passionate like aamir .. salman also was like srk... but he changed. .. he is in passion now. .. srk will grow up only when he changes his attitude. .

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