Raees 11th Day (2nd Saturday) Box Office Collection Report. Big Jump

February 5, 2017

Raees 11th Day (2nd Saturday) Box Office Collection Report. Big Jump

Raees has shown big jump in collection on 2nd Saturday (11th day) at box office. Film has collected an approx 4.7 crore nett on day 11. Thus, film is now heading towards a respectable second weekend total at box office.

Raees total collection at the end of 11 days is approx 127.15 crore nett. Film will be a Clean HIT by the end of second week going by the present trend. Film is already a plus at box office.

We are waiting for official box office figures of Raees for 2nd Saturday. As soon as we get that will update Official nos also. Till 2nd Friday, official BO total of Raees is approx 129 crore nett.

Raees Collection Breakup* [Official** BO Figures are also given in Bracket] -

1st Week (9 days) - 119.2 crore nett [Official - 122.3 crore nett]
2nd Friday - 3.25 crore nett [Official - 6.6 crore nett]
2nd Saturday - 4.7 crore nett [Official - Awaited]

Total - 127.15 crore nett [Official - 128.9 crore nett, 2nd Saturday to be added].

*Datas calculated by us.
** Official box office figures are provided by producers.

Verdict -

-> As per Addatoday should be a Clean HIT. 

-> As per Producers Raees verdict is all depend on how film collects in 2nd Saturday. Hence, we are eagerly awaiting their BO Figures.

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  1. जलवा मिया भाई का।।।।।।
    हेटर्स निकलो बाहर और कहो की बॉक्स ऑफिस इंडिया तो अभी 1000 रु दिखा रहा है।हाहाहाहा

  2. Jalwa hai bhai hritik ka 100 cr kama liye woh bhi 50 cr ki picture bana ke wah bhai wah maan gye hritik hara diya ha ha hakle ko.

  3. Admin can you update the screen count for Both movies in 2nd Week.

  4. Already posted a detailed article on screen count. Check that.
    Raees 2nd week screen count -> 1850 approx
    Kaabil 2nd week screen count -> 1650 approx

  5. dangal trade figure 373 crore hai.......wo b publish karo......mama ji

    1. Yes... hindi version trade figure and producer figure also 373+ cr...

      tamil+telugu 12.37cr...

      total 385.46cr till Friday. ..

      did you understand? ... ghade...

      Aamir khan prodoctions will never inflate collection or budget or satellite rights. .. he is not like srk.. Aamir is respectable person. ..

  6. Kabhi toh orignal collection dalo 121cr hua hai trade fig u shown producer fig

  7. Kabhi toh orignal collection dalo 121cr hua hai trade fig u shown producer fig

  8. dangal trade figure 373 crore hai...wo b publish karo

  9. Abe idiot pyare jeeja ji....373 crore for Dangal is the nett collection for the HINDI version only....the collection for tamil plus telugu version is about 12.7 crore...so the TOTAL for HINDI PLUS TAMIL PLUS TELUGU VERSION IS about 385.7 crore....raees does not have a dubbed tamil or telugu version....

  10. वाह क्या बात कह दी प्यारे जीजाजी

  11. konse gole pr h...pyare SRK k Jija ji..

    hindi +tamil or telgu =373 +12 =385 crore ...

    BOI ne sirf hindi version k aakde diye h...

  12. I am a really really big SRK fan..SRK is a bigger international star than Leonardo DiCaprio...SRK's movies make more money overseas than Leonardo Dicaprio's...I just love SRK...At times I wish that I was a girl so that I could marry SRK....srk is so hot....

    1. Who told you that leanardo decaprio is huge star from Hollywood? ??.... dwyn Johnson is present superstar of planet... srk is all time superstar of Pluto....

  13. ankur baruh ji ....

    kya trade figure fake hote h ...??

    kya BOI fake h ...??

    kya producer or trade figure me....दौगुना ,तिगुना...difference hota h ?? jesa Raees me ho rha h...

  14. Dhyaan जैन। बर्दाश्त कर भाई। काहे बौरा रहे हो रईस के कलेक्शन को देख कर।
    180 cr करेगी और किसी के बाप से रोके न रुकेगी समझे चाहे पिछवाड़े तक का ज़ोर लगा लेना

  15. Raees saturday collection is 9cr total 11day 136cr in india oversess 86cr worldwide 275cr ...raeees all the way....

  16. Raeeeeees sumday housefull collection will 11cr 2nd week end collection in india will 147 cr oversess will 90cr ...apna time sure go and watch raeeeeeees

  17. Sorry sunday collection will 11 cr

  18. Daywise Breakup

    Day 1:
    20.42 Crore
    Producer Figure
    20.4 Crore Trade Figure

    Day 2:2
    6.25 Crore Trade Figure
    26.3 Crore producer Figure

    Day 3 Collection:
    13.11 Crore Producer Figure
    13.1 Crore Trade Figure

    Day 4 Collection:
    15.61 Crore producer Figure
    15.6 Crore Trade Figure

    Day 5 Collection:
    17.75 Crore Trade Figure
    17.8 Crore producer Figure

    Day 6 Collection:
    6 Crore Trade Figure
    8.25 Crore Producer Figure

    Day 7 Collection:
    5.25 Crore Trade Figure
    7.52 Crore Producer Figure

    Day 8 Collection:
    4.5 Crore Trade Figure
    7.1 Crore Producer Figure

    Day 9 Collection:
    4 Crore Trade Figure
    6.25 Crore Producer Figure

    day 10 collection
    2.7 crore trade figure...



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