February 1, 2017

Kaabil First 7 Days Collection - Actuals vs Estimates

There are various box office figures of Kaabil are floating in market. There is also positive and negative campaigning going on in various web and social portal for obvious reasons and hence, audiences are confused what is the actual collection of the film. 

Generally these scenario happens when two big films clashes and many positive and negative campaigns are done to attract or distract audiences to theaters or from theaters. Anyways that is not our concern. Our concern is to give you the actual collections of the film.

Coming to Kaabil at the end of 7 days, India box office figures are varying from 60 crore nett to 80 crore nett. Variance is huge. What is correct then? Distributors under reports for various reasons. Same way producers over report for various reasons. What to do then.

We have given break up of all seven days below. We have taken actual box office figures. Same way we have calculated each day collections from the samples* we have and given an estimate. Generally our estimates are more or less accurate. But in case of Kaabil it is varying. So, to clear your confusion we have also provided our estimates calculated from samples* given.

One more point for Kaabil to become plus film needs to cross 90 crore nett mark. For it to become Clean Hit need to go above 95-100+ crore nett mark. So, whichever data from whichever source/site/social media you take as reference point of Kaabil cut off is 90 crore nett or more to be a successful film.

Kaabil First 7 Days Box Office Collection - Official vs Estimates [Estimates are given in Bracket]  -

Wednesday - 10.4 crore nett > [est - 8.5 crore nett].
Thursday - 18.65 crore nett > [est - 16.5 crore nett].
Friday - 9.75 crore nett > [est - 8 crore nett].
Saturday - 13.55 crore nett > [est - 12 crore nett].
Sunday - 15.05 crore nett > [est - 14.5 crore nett].
Monday - 6 crore nett < [est - 7 crore nett].
Tuesday - 6.1 crore nett < [est - 6.75 crore nett].

Total - 79.5 crore nett [est - 73.25 crore nett].

Kaabil Cut Off Mark to Break Even - 90 crore nett or more.
Kaabil Cut Off Mark to be a Clean Hit - 95-100 crore nett or more.

*Note - Samples are taken from limited cinemas and hence it is bound to vary. 

Hope this article clear some of the confusions.

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  1. Not at all my dear. Confusion will remains there.
    I think this confusion will only be clear after 2 or 3 months

  2. Can you write same for raees as tragically both stars are known for manipulating figures big time and I am sure what applies to kaabil also applies to raaes...rather srk movies always misreport overseas figures as all other.movies highest collections are in US logically and then others ..but incase of srk overseas numbers are low on USA and disproportionately high in others ..eg dilwale ....my query is not about these two actors but this creates real bad blood in industry as it amounts to putting down all other actors who least bothered to manipulate and is not fair ...I personally feel media is culprit in this to check...it's impossible to have sequence of dilwale overseas box office to just beat bajirao overall as that was the propose then

  3. Why haven't you given day 6 and day 7 actual figures for raees?

  4. boxofficeindia.com is providing correct BO collection.Lets follow that website. This website is good for trends and occupancy reports.

    1. we dont want your certifiation, we will follow addatoday, how are you sure that boxofficeindia is correct, apart from that website all others have given unbiased collections of kaabil and everyone knows the reason for that

  5. Rees BO Details ----
    Wednesday - 20,25,00,000

    Thursday - 26,25,00,000

    Friday - 13,00,00,000

    Saturday - 15,50,00,000

    Sunday - 17,25,00,000

    Monday - 6,00,00,000

    Tuesday - 5,25,00,000

    TOTAL - 103,50,00,000

  6. KAABIL BO Updates-----

    Wednesday - 8,00,00,000

    Thursday - 15,50,00,000

    Friday - 7,50,00,000

    Saturday - 10,75,00,000

    Sunday - 12,25,00,000

    Monday - 4,00,00,000

    Tuesday - 3,50,00,000

    TOTAL - 61,50,00,000

  7. Box office India is now shit..some stupid guys writing dil chahta hai was shit movie or rang de basant was c2 movie ...only a fool will write that...box office sites shouldn't write that ...and they totally srk site ..I guess he invested in box office India as they always write overall collections for srk...that all we know is biggest fraud ever ..Indian films doing more overseas than India ? Dilwale? Shame on box office india

  8. Addatoday is very dependable site as boi does nt take dubbed collections n nepal collections
    Thts y there is confusion on kaabil collections
    Nepal is nt considered as overseas
    N also there is no seperate box office
    Figure of dubbed cinema
    So follow addatoday

  9. But dubbed version will not have big numbers .BOI publishes distributor BO numbers and others sites like -addatoday.com ,koimoi.com are showing producers BO collection. Best thing with Addatoday.com is that it shows morning trend and later on afternoon and evening shows trend and occupancy. This is really very good .Each site has its own quality . BOI can provide all past data which is systemically arranged.


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