Kaabil 10th Day (2nd Friday) Box Office Collection Report (Estimates also given).

February 4, 2017

Kaabil 10th Day (2nd Friday) Box Office Collection Report (Estimates also given).

For first time in our history estimates given yesterday for a film is highly varies from actuals arrived today. We don't know what has happened. We always calculate estimates from samples we have. However it is shocking when actuals are nearly double of estimates. It is even shocking considering film registered drop in occupancy in addition to reduce in screenings. So, how can actual of 2nd Friday be greater than that of 2nd Thursday? We are extremely sorry for the miscalculation of early trends yesterday. Hence, we have decided to give estimates in bracket also from here on.

Official Report - Kaabil has collected an approx 6.4 crore nett on 2nd Friday (10th day). 
Our Estimates - Kaabil should collect around 3 crore nett for 2nd Friday [10th day]. 

Official Report - Kaabil total collection after 10 days is approx 96.85 crore nett.
Our Estimates - Kaabil total collection after 10 days is approx 86.75 crore nett.

Verdict - Heading for HIT.

Kaabil First 10 Days Box Office Collection - Official [Estimates are given in Bracket]  -

Wednesday - 10.4 crore nett > [est - 8.5 crore nett].
Thursday - 18.65 crore nett > [est - 16.5 crore nett].
Friday - 9.75 crore nett > [est - 8 crore nett].
Saturday - 13.55 crore nett > [est - 12 crore nett].
Sunday - 15.05 crore nett > [est - 14.5 crore nett].
Monday - 6 crore nett < [est - 7 crore nett].
Tuesday - 6.1 crore nett < [est - 6.75 crore nett].
2nd Wednesday - 5.7 crore nett > [est - 5.25 crore nett].
2nd Thursday - 5.25 crore nett > [est - 5.25 crore nett].
2nd Friday - 6.4 crore nett > [est - 3 crore nett].

Total - 96.85 crore nett [est - 86.75 crore nett].

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  1. Raees will be 165+
    Kaabil will be 130+
    (As per the producers)

    1. No
      ... raees will definitely cross 200cr... because everyday growth. ..

      kaabil will run for 10 week without screen. .

      And cross 250 cr mark....

      because both have strong shameless producers...

  2. M very disappointed with both SRK and Roshan for manipulating collection figures....this kind of behavior makes a mockery of the whole of Bollywood...

    This kind of manipulation does not occur with salman and aamir movies...just imagine salman's ek tha tiger collected 199 crore, salman and the makers could have easily added another crore to that figure to get a 200 crore movie, but didnt..

    Hrithik's krissh 3 collections were faked by 60 crore or more
    Kaabil's collection has been faked by 20 crores
    Happy New Year and chennai express collections faked by about 20 crores
    Now, raees collections faked by 10 crores....

    When will this kind of dishonest reporting of collections stop??? This corrupt practice is spoiling the image of India and Bollywood!!

    1. the reason why ek tha tiger collected 199 crores was that yashraj films had a clause if the film breaks 200 cr ceiling there will be high profit for distributors, that is why they reported 199 cr its all dirty and ugly

    2. Well said. Even as an SRK fan, I don't support any sort of manipulation in the collection. As for Raess it is a much better film than what the collection shows if that is a criteria. Yet, I'm worried about the collections of these movies. One site is showing 2.5c and 2. 75 c Respectively for Kaabil and Raess. Even अंकुर has shown 3c and 3.5c for the films, yet the makers want to show fake reports. Pathetic.

  3. Taran Adarsh is still updating coillections of Dangal but has stopped giving Raees and Kaabil daily collections.
    I think even Taran is fed up of fake manipulated collections of Raees and Kaabil.

  4. Raeeeeeeessss going to cross 180cr

    1. yes 125 cr actual plus 55 haklu khan calculator

    2. even raees can cross 200cr if 2day 9cr tmr 13cr monday

    3. Hope raees will cross 200cr 5th week .....please go and watch raees very good movie ..

  5. You mean to say both Takla and Hakla have started manipulating collection figures......kaunsi nayee baat hai.



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