February 12, 2017

Jolly LLB 2 Sunday (3rd Day) Collection Update for Morning. Bumper Start.

Jolly LLB 2 has taken bumper start at box office on Sunday (3rd day) at box office. Film although started slowly on Friday, showed good trending on Saturday and same trend continues for Sunday Morning shows. Film has taken big start much better than both previous days. Single screens are yet to start and hope it takes good start there also.

Jolly LLB 2 has opened to big occupancy of 60% to 65% in Morning shows in multiplexes across the country. This is terrific. Sold Out or near about Sold Out shows reported for Morning shows itself. There is no doubt film will create storm in Noon and afternoon shows today. 

Looking at the start Jolly LLB 2 is definitely gunning for 20 crore nett for the day. Film needs to pick up further in day time and hope that holds strong in Evening and Night shows. Initial word of mouth of the film is positive and real picture will be out after the Monday result. So far everything is looking great.

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  1. even 18.5-19cr can be great considering the drop in night and late night shows😊

  2. Addatoday past 2 days I just start following your site... And your site is more then good... It's a great website.

  3. Anything aboue 18 to 19 CR's would be excellent today as late night shows can drop as tomorrow is working day.

  4. Hahahaaa, Jolly LLB 2 will never be able to cross Raees's collection...Raees lifetime collection heading to about 170 crore...Jolly LLB 2 will be a flop and will NOT cross 100 crore...Raees is superhit...

    SRK is the number 1 star
    Salman is the number 2 star
    Ranveer singh is the number 3 star
    Aamir is the number 4 star
    Akshay is the number 5 star

    If raees had come solo in 4000+ screens, then raees would have collected 400 in india

    1. Yar 4000 screens par aati to 400 cr.kar jati...phir Monday se hi raes 10 % occupancy par q aa gai...bat karta h

  5. Kaabil already flop...kaabil collection according to BOI is only 81 crore

    Raees is superhit...Raees collection is 170 crore

    SRK's The Ring will get solo release and will collect 400 crore in India and 800 crore worldwide

    SRK's dwarf movie coming next Christmas will collect 600 crore in india and 1000 crore worldwide

    Tubelight will also be an SRK movie. Even though SRK has a small role in Tubelight, most people will still go to watch Tubelight because of SRK and not Salman...SRK much bigger star than Salman

    1. raees collection according to boi is 126 cr and kaabil is 83 cr so from where are you getting 170 cr you dumbass

    2. Azeem pagal ho game ho raees ka lifetime collection has 143 crore aur kabil ka 133 crore
      Srk ka koi bhi film 500 crore nahi pahoncha hair surf salman air amir khan ki filme kar paid have
      Tube light sallu bhai me karan 500 crore jae GI air srk ki films 400 crore
      Samghe azeem miyan

    3. Azeem, as per BOI Raees stands at 126Cr. So if you are quoting Kabil figures from BOI then pls stick to it for Raees as well..

    4. raees cop 95cr earnings 126cr...as per trade it just recovered cost and is not a proftable venture. considering srks last few movies...hes going downhill...he stands below ranbir kapoor.

  6. Azeem pagal ho gaya hai. Raees will not even cross Rs.140 crore. It collected a meager Rs.30.lakhs on 3rd Friday.

  7. Jolly LLB is film making at it best.This is what film making should always be. The film tells a story with a realistic touch, educates us, and leaves a message...but most important... it is also very, very entertaining from the beginning to the end. It has achieved that which few films achieve. Director Subash Kapoor is a maestro. He keeps you engaged from the first frame to the last.
    Superstar Akshay Kumar by now well known for his versatility, gets a versatile role, and  goes through a gamut of emotions and gives a riveting performance. The best films need a equally strong if not more powerful antagonist, and Annu Kapoor is brilliant. Saurabh Shukla is a delight as the judge, people will love his performance. Huma Qureshi, in the role of Akki's wife, impresses as a woman with a will of her own and helps in establishing the background of Akki's character. Kumud Mishra pitches in a controled act as an ambitious cop who will do anything for money and promotions. Sayani Gupta does a splendid job with her brief role. Imanulhaq is convincing.
    The dialogues, story and screenplay are splendid.
    The film touches upon the realities of the times; corrupt policemen and their shady deals, unjust judiciary, plannded unethical and fake encounters, terrorism as we know and do not know....all that is weaved into the story of the film and marvellously narrated. Songs are kept to the bare minimum and used at the right time to carry the narrative forward. Editing is crisp and doesn't drag the story telling.
    The film is sympathetic to the the way simple, patriotic Muslims are branded as terrorists when the real culprits are hidden. It address the fact where young, patriotic, Muslim boys and men are killed off in fake encounters and declared as terrorist. It also reveals how bringing justice to the people who are treated unjustly, is true patriotism.

    The film is about the fight against corruption at all levels, police, judiciary, etc. with realistic candour and sends a message,but above all it is entertaining from the first frame till the last.

    The film itself has a very unconventional take on women. It shows a a street smart, but ambitious lawyer cooking for his wife, the wife who likes to have a peg or two with her husband, a women who likes to dress up sexily in Gucci for her husband sometimes,the wife who protects her injured husband, the wife who helps unravel the most improtant link in the film but also likes to take part in the boisterous North Indian Holi and makes her husband kiss a man in drag when he chases her, the womens cricket match in Benaras....women are going to love Huma Qureshi in her short role.And so will men.

    The film is am absolute delight. It is maestro, director Subhash Kapoor at his very best.

    In short this is cinema at its best. Don't make the mistake of missing this movie.


    1. Well. Said. 😃 this is a wonderful movie.

  8. Best site for box office ,,,following by last 5 years....


  10. 165 cr. Jolly llb2 block buster movies for akshay kumar (superstar) best .....

  11. Already block buster movie jolly llb2

  12. There is always good lessons for the country and its people in most of akki's movie. Cheers for jolly llb2.

  13. All time block buster jolly llb 2

  14. KHILADI BHAIYA SUPER MOVIES TODAY CROSS 23-25 cr as per my undestanding . in pune all multiplex is showing housefull now enjoying movies jolly llb 2 amazing and mindbloing movies

  15. Without festival this type of collection is excellent



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