February 9, 2017

Akshay Kumar Time Begins to TOP League with Jolly LLB 2

Rise of Akshay Kumar to top league is coinciding with under performance of Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan in recent times with their recent few releases. There is no doubt SRK and Hrithik are still ahead as far as fan following is concerned in Overseas. But same can't be said for them right now in India. 

Top league means in Top 3. Srk and Hrithik most of the time enjoyed in Top League in year 2000-2010 range. But from 2008-2009 onward there is big rise of Aamir Khan and Salman Khan and they have sealed the Top 2 position from others and are miles ahead right now in India. However 3rd position is somewhat questionable right now and we will get clear picture by the end of 2017.

Akshay Kumar is always a big star from 90s and doing great. But even in his peak, he was in Top 5 only. This year might be his. He is doing all right things, choosing great scripts and if all goes well by the end of this year he might be the main challenger for final podium position. 

No doubt all his true fans from years down the line are eagerly waiting for this to happen. Even exhibitors and distributors are taking his box office prospect seriously. He is always been a 'paisa wasool' and terrific actor. But now trade thinks he can do some serious damage. Only issue might be the content of his upcoming films. A Bajrangi Bhaijaan and a Dangal has ensured that you don't need regular run of the mill, masala potboiler to work big at box office. You simply need good content and film can do wonders. Akshay needs his Bajrangi or Dangal right now.

Right now top two position in Indian Box Office are occupied by Aamir Khan and Salman Khan. There is fierce battle going on for 3rd position, after somewhat under performance by Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan in recent times. Anything is possible. Akshay simply needs a huge grosser. A 100 crore will not do. Need a big century or may be even a double century in coming days or years. Time is right and he needs to choose all his upcoming projects with great care and vision. 

Do share us your thoughts and whether you also think Akshay Kumar can deliver a career defining year starting with Jolly LLB 2. Whether he has that motivation to be in top league in next 1-2 years starting with 2017. He has some great line up with one of the biggie in 2.0 which releases this Diwali.

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  1. akki is king and baap of all khans

  2. akki will rock only actor in bollywood how has given three 100cr movies in same year a self made superstar

  3. SRK akki ka baap hai acting me....

  4. in my opinion, crack might be the one(excluding 2.o right now) akshay sir can do wonders with this movie if neeraj pandey gives it a cutting edge experience thriller with great dose of well crafted action sequences...jolly llb 2 should have opened the advance bookings by sat - sun but that didnt happen due to films content related issue, otherwise the hype surrounding jolly is fantastic and could have opened to humongous response for a non holiday weekend release.

  5. Great article addatoday......akshay will soon be in top 3

  6. hhahaaaahh akki is king hhhhaahahahahah

  7. just one king, king of bollywood srk ,

  8. Thanks Ankur for pointing out that Aamir and Salman are miles ahead of srk....aamir and salman occupying the top 2 positions...akshay is getting close to number 3....also, thanks for mentioning that SRK's much hyped Raees has underperformed....now I am going to celebrate by dancing to the JABRA song! Azeem Faridi, kis bil me chipa hai, zaraa baahar nikal?

  9. Din aur raat SRK ka hota hai.
    AAMIR KHAN ka zamaana hota hai

  10. Akshay ki 2.o sare record todegi well done ankur

  11. Great article.. Kaabil collection r fake ..So akki is already a bigger star than hrithik.

  12. Great..BTW Akki is Already Ahead than hrithik ..Kaabil Collection r manipulated... If u look at d opening of MJD & kaabil..Both r way lower Compare to rustom & jolly llb 2 opening which will be 15+

  13. He was No 1 from 2005 to 2007 with 100% hits
    2.0 will do a double century n Jolly will do 140 crore

  14. Ankur , I follow this website as I felt you new one and not like those media guys in boi, bolluwooodhungama and film fare and paid tattus...what's wrong with u ? Who's got highest overseas on last 5 years ...check your facts ..it's a aamir and Salman only ..srk is no more overseas guy...and u talk big financial's..why his USA less than use and Singapore nd Scandinavia..
    Grow up man ..that guy manipulated media all thru ..he was never big star ..did he ever do mass all India film like gadar,hum aapke hein kaun in prime
    ..how many in villages understood his mega hit by media ...dil toh pagal hai aur kuch kuch etc...
    Please don't insult akshay kumar by comparing him to jabra...the guy has worked hard without media where he is ..on own terms

  15. I completely disagree with this article. If you are measuring performance just based on box office collections then probably Aamir and Salman are way ahead however Aamir is still not a crowd puller, it is his movies which picks up based on wom. On the other hand SRK has pulled crowd on any given day infact he had crowd for movies like dear zindagi. It is just that his movies are letting him down. On any given day with a content like dangal or Bajrangi SRK can still break any records. So to conclude he is anytime stronger than Aamir but one level down only to Salman.

    1. I can't imagine how srk could ever do a BB or a Dangal... the simple truth is that he is not capable of doing such movies

  16. My Question is who is the Number No. 01 ? Aamir Khan Or Salman Khan?

  17. Aamir khan is the number 1 closely followed by Salman. Akshay is ahead of both SRK and HR.

  18. Heeeheee shri.....the guy who makes mist people watch his movies is not crowd puller ....crowd puller jaabra?...for toh story waale Irfan khan,rajkumar,manoj bajpai,anurag kashyap aur vishal bhardwaj hote...how can u even question amir khan pull ...everyone waits for a amir khan movie as we trust him to give us a product which all bollywood shit haven't understood..



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