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January 7, 2017

Top Actors, Actresses and Films of 2016. Best of the Best.

First of all, we are simply a trade site which basically emphasises on upcoming films details, promos, news and finally box office side. We are not critics and hardly into reviews side. Still we like to give credit to the films, actors and actresses which have been best among the rest. 

It feels immensely sad when we see the joke floating in award function for whatever reasons. In fact, now everyone knows that those who watches the functions are only for entertainment and for watching their favourite star performance on stage.

National award has gained value, creditability and momentum now as it is close to genuinity. Hope this year again they shine bigger and better than the rest.

We as a team put up Top 5 best of 2016. It is solely our team discussion and everyone have their own point of view to disagree. Few were easy choices and in few we had a heated argument among us also. This is funny but true. So tough were few choices that we have given special mention below. Still finally we have come to the shortlisted best and hopefully few among these will definitely run away with Nationals for sure.

So, here we go ->

Top 5 Films of 2016 -

5. M.S. Dhoni - The Untold Story

4. Pink

3. Neerja

2. Sultan

And Pole Position goes to........
1. Dangal

Top Actresses of 2016 -

5. Alia Bhatt - Udta Punjab

4. Sakshi Tanwar - Dangal

3. Anushka Sharma - Sultan

2. Fatima Sana Shaikh - Dangal

And Pole Position goes to........
1. Sonam Kapoor - Neerja

Top Actors of 2016

5. Amitabh Bachchan - Pink

4. Akshay Kumar - Airlift

3. Sushant Singh Rajput - M.S. Dhoni - The Untold Story

2. Salman Khan - Sultan

And Pole Position goes to........
1. Aamir Khan - Dangal

Special Mention - Airlift and Kapoor & Sons missed the Top 5 Film list by simply a whisker. Akshay Kumar misses the Top 5 Actors list for Rustom by close margin. However he is still there for Airlift. Vidya Balan misses list of Top 5 Actresses for Kahaani 2 by a close margin.

This is our list of best for year 2016. We hope most of them are there in your top 5 list also. We are eagerly waiting to know your best 5 of year 2016. Do share with us. Thanks!


  1. SRK is not in the top 5 choice for best actor...hahahahahahaha...nice one...jabra flop ho gaya...SRK can only earn popularity awards....he can never win the national

    1. He is not needed these nomination... Because SRK acting more superior then these

    2. He is not needed these nomination... Because SRK acting more superior then these

  2. I see your website only till you not biased and maintain this ...I am serious follower of cinemas and very sad that a respected site like box office India has started stupidly writing against actors , movies ...and I lost respect...they after farhan akhtar and biased for shaikh...which not necessary for sites for collections to write on wrote dil chahta hair was useless movie which closed Disney in India just showed how naive and stupid they are as all know what dil chahta haI is to Indian cinema ..they criticised rang design basanti(may be best film ever)...anyway avoid this as till now u doing good job except that stupid article on a aamir khan myth

  3. Fan and Dear Zindagi not in the top 5 movies...SRK jabra flop ho gaya.....hahahahahahaha....

  4. Aamir khan as the number 1 actor and dangal as number 1 film.....nice.....SRK jabra flop ho gaya

  5. But be prepared for shock jabra will dance in all.functions and client best actor awards in film fare as he best actor ever by paid award show...dekhna abhi as media jhola walls saying jabra was best acting ever .haha

    1. I know that SRK will win filmfare and the other nonsense awards...that is why indian film awards have become a joke....the national award is the only award with some credibility.....

  6. Nice list

    For me th elist was as follows:-
    Top 5 Films 2016:-
    1. Dangal
    2. Pink
    3. Neerja
    4. Kapoor & Sons
    5. Aligarh

    Top 5 Actors (Male) 2016:-
    1. Aamir Khan
    2. Amitabh Bachchan
    3. Manoj Bajpai
    4. Sushant Singh Rajput
    5. Nawazuddin Sidiqui (for Raman Raghav 2.0)

    Top 5 Actors (Female) 2016:-
    1. Alia Bhatt
    2. Vidya Balan
    3. Sonam Kapoor
    4. Fatima Sana Shaikh
    5. Radhika Apte (for Phobia)

  7. And jituraaj of radiomirchi says ..Aur jo bhi jeeturaaj bole wohi India bolta hai..JABRA is best song of century..JABRA wins radio mirchi awards...JABRA best song at film fare awards...JABRA is anthem plated at times of India offices full year.....hahahahaheeeeheehoooohooo

  8. किस चुतिया के मुह लग रहे हो डिअर iluvmovies?

    1. Oye chutiye.......SRK jabra flop ho gaya......hahahahahahaha

  9. Top actors:
    1. Salman khan
    2. Aamir khan
    3. Sushanth Singh raajput
    4. Akshay Kumar
    5. Amitabh
    Aamir charectar had no up and down. It was straight line.
    So acting should go to salman this time

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. airlift not in top 5? how is sultan in 2nd position in top 5 is salman in 2nd position in acting prowess and how is anushka getting higher position than alia in female rankings? dear ankur, i think you have given way more to the movie sultan as a whole than it actually deserves. Obviously sultan is the second highest grosser of the year but acting and performance wise, i think its a bit more. anyways, opinions differ and its my the way,love the content of your site.been a huge fan. keep up the good work

  12. one of the most stupidly unfair polls ..clearly looks biased towards mention of taapsse pannu in the list..hilarious..
    moresover salman's performance rated better dan amitabh bachchan in pink..stupidity at its highly rated movie totally ignored by ur site..