January 28, 2017

Raees Saturday (4th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows. Strong Start.

Raees has taken better start on Saturday (4th day) at box office in Morning shows in comparison to Friday. This is extremely good news. However opening is lower than first two days. Still opening is much better and we can expect a big day on cards now.

Raees opened to around 40% occupancy in Morning shows. Reports are only from multiplexes as single screens are yet to start of. Film should grow from here on as day progresses. If film shows good jump through the day, then we can expect a healthy box office figure by the end of the day.

Raees bare minimum aim for the day will be first to go past 15 crore nett. If all thing goes well then it will try to go as much as close to 20 crore nett mark. If that happens film will all set to 'Rock' box office on Sunday that is tomorrow.

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  1. Raees only 60 crore collection for first 3 days...lol...dangal first 3 days collection 107 crore...srk ki lulli baj gayi

    1. Only non performer say that .. and SRK is legend only having some bad time...

      SRK flops are bigger than blockbusters of other stars ..

      Hope you got the point

    2. Abe dangal ka clash nhi hua tha C

    3. Johm sisiluna...raees is facing a clash...and it wasn't a festival release...it also faced protests in many parts of the country... Srk still rules the box office...Srk the King

    4. Abe, dont mention the clash...the clash only happened due to srk....srk acted unethically and stole kaabils release date

    5. john just check the net records of srk world ki kisi actor ki stardom nhi h

      aur sun time ki baat abhi uska time nhi h bs

      jb ayega tb dekh lena 25 saal non stop hero aamir aur salman s jyda blockbuster di h usne

    6. arey illiterate dangal solo relaese + 4000 screens .. raees 2600 screens+ clash .. arey dimaag naam ki koi cheez hai ki nai .. bachpan se chutiye ho kyaa ?? i mean hadd hai illiteracy ki

    7. Abe jhon susilulli..hahaha..dangal was realised on 5300 screens and raess just on 2500 screens so no comparision

    8. Abe chutiye 2700 screen ne raees release hui or dangal 5000 scr me agar 3 din continue ek bhi seat khali nahi hoti tab bhi 100 crore nahi hota chutiye

  2. Replies
    1. Bhai itna b kayal karna k srk ki film clash hai aur phir b wo 3 din mein 60 core ki damake daar entry kiya hai lol

  3. Dangals second week collection will be higher than raees's first week collection...srk ki lulli baj gayi

    1. Kya farak padta hai,paise bahut hai srk ke pas. He is under 10 richest personality of world.
      Aur bat rahi film ke chlne na chlne ki to,
      Film ka trailer aane ke pehle se hi srk ke liye anti marketing shuru ho jati hai in form of hindu muslim, pakistani, deshdrohi. Kisi ko kisi jati ya dharm se batna ye insaniyat nhi hai.
      Ek to antimarketing, uper se clash with ritik home movie, fir bhi srk kabil hai in sbse nipatne me. All actors are good srk salman aamir akshay abhishekh, john.
      We are indians firstly and lastly bro.

    2. I strongly agree with you, if people stop angimarketing against SRK, then they will watch what is SRK ka stardom.He is a Muslim or the movie is based on Muslim, is this his fault? The fault is in peoples mind, they are still not over the religious jealousy.

    3. I think when dangal released, at that time almost 90% of ppl commenting against Aamir bcoz of his tollerance comments. But stikl after so much anti marketing,it emerges a winner, if that is the case as you r saying that raees released with clash, then compare dangal 4th week with ok jaanu and XXX, still dangal beat both of them after weekend.

  4. Which aamir khan movie will raees beat in terms of collection?
    (A) 3 Idiots
    (B) Dhoom 3
    (C) Pk
    (D) Dangal
    (E) Talaash

  5. 20 , 26 , 13 , 18 , 22 total:96 cr raees

    8 , 15 , 7 , 9 , 14 total: 53cr kaabil.

    Poor kaabil I think lifetime will be 85 cr. Above average

    Raees lifetime will be 140cr.

  6. How raees achieve 20 cR today with opening 40%. On first day with 65% opening collection was 20...

  7. srk me himmat ho to....dangal jesa budhoo...gajni jesa takla....tere naam jesa takla ho k dikhaye...

    kasam se ....bina baal k
    ...chusa hua aam lgega...

  8. 15-17cr... Today. .. tomorrow 18-20cr ... near 85cr first weekend (extended).
    . Raees even cross 100cr in seven days. .. life time around 150cr...

  9. कमजोर कड़िया

    ंफिल्म का बजट काफी तगड़ा था लेकिन देखते वक्त कहीं ना कहीं कुछ कमी रह जाती है. ऐसा कुछ भी नहीं था जो नया हो.माहिरा खान पूरी तरह से एक्सप्रेशनलेस थीं और रोमांस का एंगलजीरो था. इसकी वजह से कई साॅन्ग्स और सीक्वेंस निराश करते हैं.फिल्म का फर्स्ट हाफ अच्छा है, लेकिन सेकंड हाफ कहीं-कहीं खिंचा हुआ लगता है. जिसे और भी बेहतर किया जाता तो फिल्म और ज्यादा दिलचस्प हो जाती.

  10. - रितिक रोशन की बेहतरीन अदाकारी एक बार फिर से देखने को मिली है जो आपको इमोशनल करने के साथ सोचने पर भी विवश करती है.- यामी गौतम और रितिक ने दिव्यांग किरदार बखूबी निभाया है. रोनित रॉय और उनकी डायलॉग डिलीवरी भी कमाल की है. नरेंद्र झा और सुरेश मेनन का काम भी सहज है.- हालांकिफिल्म की कहानीके बारे मेंतो ट्रेलर से पता चल ही गया था, बावजूदइसके फिल्म देखते वक्त बोरियत नहीं होती. यही फिल्म का यूएसपी है.- फिल्म के गानों की खासियत हे कि वो कहानी को आगे लेकर जाते हैं.- फिल्म की सिनोमैटोग्राफी और बैकग्राउंड स्कोर अच्छा है जो कि संजय गुप्ता की फिल्मों की खासियत भी है.

  11. Why u compare SRK with Aamir. Aamir is far better actor. SRK s 3 movies collection is less than Dangal. SRK chota star hain abhi tak ek 250 Crore ka movie nehi diya



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