Raees 3rd Day (Friday) Collection Early Trends, Good Hold.

January 27, 2017

Raees 3rd Day (Friday) Collection Early Trends, Good Hold.

Raees has shown good hold on 3rd day (Friday) as early trends for the day is coming in. Film started slow in the Morning, but registered growth all through the day. Wednesday Shah Rukh Khan fans come in large numbers and hence collection exceeded the trade. Today film bound to see drop because of that and also day after big Holiday.

Raees opened to around 30% occupancy in Morning shows which is a somewhat slow start in comparison to first two days. After that film showed decent jump in Noon to record occupancy of around 35%. Film however picked up well from Evening onward and as per latest registering occupancy of around 55%. 

If samples are compared to Wednesday then there is a drop of around 40% which is acceptable, considering Wednesday collections were out of this world.

Occupancy Report of Raees for Friday [Samples only] - 

Morning - 30%
Noon - 35%
Evening - 55%

Early trends suggest Raees 3rd day box office collection is heading towards 12-13 crore nett mark. These are early estimates from limited samples we have right now. Night shows are still to start. Plus, large pool of report from interiors are awaited, where film is doing well. Hence, actual may vary and there is a chance that final count may be higher than this.

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  1. raees collection dropped big time...lol.....bahahahaaa....That is similar to dangals 13th day collection....

  2. Dear Randhir,

    You have violated our TOS even after repeated request. You don't understand or what? This is the last time we are saying, don't promote other links and spam the comment section. Otherwise we have no choice left except blocking you. We don't want to take this drastic step as we have never done this before. So, kindly don't force us. Thanks a lot!

    1. ye randhir kaha he sir??..john ka asli naam randhir he kya?

  3. Which aamir khan movie will raees beat in terms of collection?
    (A) 3 Idiots
    (B) Dhoom 3
    (C) Pk
    (D) Dangal
    (E) raees will collect less than 200 crore

    Choose one option and reply

  4. It will collect below of Dilwale

  5. Raees...is superhit...
    Ek baat aur aaj..20 year srk akela bolywod ka badshah tha..aur aaj bolywod ka mtlb..sirf srk and sallu..h samjhy andhe desh bhakt...kabhi tumhare baap ne lada h angrezo se..srk ka baap to india ke fouj m tha...
    Tum salo zindagi bher ayse hi raho ge..apna dimag kab lagao gi..sale teeno khan ki diwani h indiain public...
    Aur sun srk ki raees wold wide kitna kamai h dekhle..jo film teeno khan ne de diya h...wo koi nhi de payga...khali srk ka hi movie ki barabri nhi kr paoge..apna sallu aur aamir to baki hi rahenge...darr bazigar ddlj kkhh dtph devdas josh mohabbein kkkg chkde india channiexpres happinewyear..sallu ki ginunga to hawa nikl jaygi..

  6. raees is great movie. bass. ho gaya. kutte to bhokte rahege. hahahaha.... raees chalta rahrga hahaha

  7. Mast movie hai kya dialogue mara tha khane ke waqt hindu muslim karta hai dhande ke time kiya tha kya....👌👌👌👌👌 chahe dhanda kaisa bhi karo... Insan ho apne andar insaniyat rakho...

  8. रईस को नीचे दिखाकर काबिल को प्रचार करने वाले ज्यादातर वही लोग है जो चार महिने पहले मोहनजोदरो के समय रितीक को गाली दे दे कर अच्छी फिल्म को भी फ्लाप करवा दिया!!!!!क्या चार महिने पहले यही रितीक किसी को देश भक्त नजर नहीं’ आया था और किसी बेईमान नेता को ऊस समय रितीक काविल नजर क्यों नहीं’ आयाउस समय किसी दिखावटी देश भक्त या नेता ने रितीक का सपौट क्यों नहीं’ कियासाफ मतलब है की ये किसी का सपौट नहीं वल्कि किसी का वेवजहविरोध है.एक बात तो साफ हो गई कि ईन उपद़्वियोँ मे दिखावटी देश भक्ति केवल फिल्म रिलीज के समय दिखता है जो 20-25 दिन के बाद खुद समाप्त हो जाती है.

  9. Raees+dilwale+fan less than Dangal . Kaha ka king hain bhai ye SRK

  10. kaabil is not a masterpiece...neither raees... but both are equally good films with certain loopholes!!! both has solid acting... but srk is far more powerful and convincing than hritwik.. screen are shares its like 2700 vs 2400 , so its not a hell and heaven between then as much papa psycho roshan is shouting and emotionally blackmailing!!! kabil didint performed yet, raees did!! though kaabil deserves bit more but its the star-power which junior roshan lacks...the budget is 80 kr for kaabil and 100 cr for raees( both inducing promotion and advertise)!!! so both will need 150 percent collection(120 cr and 150 cr) to declare and clear super hit and beyond it a block buster... so better dont sought nonsense, dont glorify hritwik nonperformance... stop comparing with dangal( as it is a milestone movie ) and other films because there is a clash of movies going on!! if you enjoy sarcasm then its ok else clearly till today kaabil hasent performed and raees could have perform better... stop blaming it to raees.. both films has to blame each other because both can achieve more if there hasent been a clash!!!

  11. hahaha...2800 screens me bhi...fir 35% occupancy kyo h bhai...??...dono mil kr bhi dangal ka collection nhi kr payi..

    bina clash k ye dono movie....mohan jo dado....or...Fan ki tarah flop ho jati....

  12. or aamir khaan super hit dene k liye kaam nhi krta.....tbhi to 3idiots k baad dhobi ghat jesi Art film me kam kiya...

    talaash ki screept pasand aayi ,to logo k mnoRanjan k liye bnayi...jo ki semi hit rhi...

    Dangal b flof jati....ydi koi dusra srk jesa acter kaam krta...

    srk to Sapne me b nhi soch skta Dangal krne ko...ki khi ooska stardum khatam na ho jaye...

    esi movie krne ka Dare...wajan bdhane ka dare...apne cariar hights pr Dhobhi Ghat jesi movie krne ka dare...lagaan bnane ka dare...tare zami par bnane ka dare..

    nye directers or co-star k sath kam krne ka dare sirf Aamir kr skta h...

    varna srk ko to sirf....kajol ,yash raj ,karan, masaala movie...love song ki jarurat pad jati h....

  13. Flop raees. We can't expect a quality movie from srk. Kaabil is much better to raees.



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