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January 30, 2017

Kaabil 6th Day (Monday) Collection Early Trends.

Kaabil has shown good hold on Monday (6th day) as early trends for the day is coming in. Film showed nominal drop in occupancy when samples of Monday are compared to Friday. Film bound to see drop on Monday because of start of weekdays, but good news is drop is marginal means good hold.

Kaabil opened to 20-25% occupancy in Morning shows of Monday. After that film showed decent jump in Noon to register occupancy of around 25-30%. Film picked up further from Evening onward and as per latest recording good occupancy of around 35-40%

Kaabil reported a nominal drop of 15-20% or so on Monday from Friday. This is very much acceptable. However Monday ticket prices being lower than that of Friday, business drop will be bit more than occupancy drop.

Occupancy Report of Kaabil for Monday [Samples only] - 

Morning - 20-25%
Noon - 25-30%
Evening - 35-40%

Early trend suggest, Kaabil sixth day box office collection is heading towards 7-7.5 crore nett mark. These are very early estimates from limited samples we have right now and actual may vary. Also, large pool of datas from interiors are awaited and if film does well there final count may come bit higher than the present early estimates.


  1. Kabil 2day 5cr but taklu rakesh manipulet cross 7to 8cr

    1. and raees day 4 cr but haklu manipulate cross 8 r

  2. Dear Admin how is it possible if the occupancy is almost same. As per your prediction the difference is only 1-1.5 crores between both movies. It's not possible as per screen count of both movies.

  3. Raees ghatiya hai n kaabil badhiya

  4. Altaf bhai i think raees single screens me jyaada hai aur kaabil mulyiplexes me jyaada

  5. Dashrath Bhai Raees Single Screen Mein Ziyada Hai Aur Multiplex mein Same Hai or Maybe ziyada he Hai.

  6. Kaabil was houseful in premium multiplexes on Monday where no one watching Raees and ticket is 10 times more single screens where Raees is good

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