Has Salman Khan a Say in The Ring Release Date? What about Crack? Query

January 4, 2017

Has Salman Khan a Say in The Ring Release Date? What about Crack? Query

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Query by Devdutta Rana- Its a simple one. Since I am a huge Akshay Kumar fan, I would like to know what is going on with the script and release date of Crack. It is looking highly interesting and the fact that Akki-Neeraj combo is back, makes it even more awaited. I heard something about the script not being ready, so Crack is postponing and Salman did a good thing for SRK by locking the independence date. I think Salman and Akshay may have had a closed talk regarding Crack and then Salman announcing the date for SRK. I don't think he would have announced in somebody's favour because both Akshay and SRK are his good friends. Can we get an article from you regarding crack and the ring in detail?

Answer - An article on Crack and The Ring is invalid now as Crack is postponed, what we know as last report. 

Coming to your first question, Crack is in scripting stage. It is only postponed and hopefully soon we will have some official update. Currently Akshay has huge films lined up and Crack might have a big release in 2018 now.

Coming to your second query. Salman is such a big star that he will never interfere in any other release dates for sure. However since, Salman and Akshay are good friends, he may have a chance that he knows the details about Crack. And that's how Shah Rukh also might came to know about Crack update, because he is also close to Salman. 

Anyways SRK has already planned 'The Ring' to get released on Independence Day Weekend. Only benefit is that he will get a free solo run now. 

Also, latest update is that Salman and Akshay are planning a film together, in which Akshay will play the lead role and Salman will produce it. So, that is a big update for all the fans.

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  1. Addatoday admin, Do you know if Dangal will get released in China? The only way Dangal can beat Pk worldwide collection is if it is released in China...

  2. Dangal movie ka review apne is pahle kabhi nahi dekha hoga.


    1. Dear Randhir, Kindly don't post more links now. You have done a lot. Its against TOS of us. Thanks.



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