Dangal 5th Monday Box Office Collection. Steady.

January 24, 2017

Dangal 5th Monday Box Office Collection. Steady.

Dangal is steady on 5th Monday (32nd day) at box office as film has collected an approx 90 lakh nett. There is a drop of around 25% from 5th Friday which is minimal and very much acceptable. 

Dangal will collect similar figures on 5th Tuesday also. However collections will come down big with release of Raees and Kaabil. How much more it will collect after the release of both the film will decide its lifetime figures. 

Trend suggest Dangal lifetime collection should touch 385 crore nett and may collected a few more crore after that.

Dangal total collection at the end of 32 days is approx 381.85 crore nett. Film is biggest HIT ever in this decade. Bravo!

Collection Breakup - 

1st Week - 197.5 crore nett.
2nd Week - 115.9 crore nett.
3rd Week - 46.4 crore nett.
4th Week - 15 crore nett.
5th Friday - 1.2 crore nett.
5th Saturday - 2.1 crore nett.
5th Sunday - 2.85 crore nett.
5th Monday - 0.9 crore nett.

Total - 381.85 crore nett.

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  1. Lol...srk's biggest hit is chennai express which collected only 208 crore according to BOI...forget about dangal's record, SRK first needs to reach the collections of dhoom 3 and Pk...salman and aamir are the rulers of Bollywood....srk now competing against shushant singh and other new comers...fan super flop....jabra flop ho gaya

    1. Wow congratulation srk is now a flop star. An incredible reward you have got for all of your hard work.

  2. My predictions was not wrong. .. After fifth week I predicted.. dangal would be between 378-385cr... yes.. dangal will touch 383 cr.... and still dangal has a small chance to cross 400cr by the end of tenth week if dangal getting near 300 screens from tomorrow. .. if not dangal will end it's lifetime run around 385cr..

  3. Now media jaan laga dega ...to beat dangal collections ...they tried 1000 times but failed .

    Same.with salman ..they tried but hey failed ...the guy has real fans and he doesn't have one fan jana who himself Dan if own self ..haha

  4. One fan jabra himself ..excuse for type error

  5. Demonitisation eaten 10% of first week collection. .. bad luck dangal could not crossed 400 till now. .. eaven if Christmas and New year fall on working days also dangal would be crossed 400 cr mark within fifth weekend. .. This time bad luck for aamir (Demonitisation and festival holidays on Sundays)... Both reduced around 10-15% of dangal collection. ... bollywood should wait until 2018 for a 400cr film. ..

  6. Tugs of hindustan will collect 400 crore only Aamir can beat his Records

  7. Why box office given more priority for baahubali sequel????.... actually baahubali first part world wide collection and south gross also infant. .

    Baahubali was released in near 1600screens hindi dubbed version a week before eid (bb's release)... and netted 24+ cr first week collection. ... bb released more than 3600 screens ... then how baahubali netted more than 111cr from dubbed version? ????... fourth week again competition from dhrishyam..... what was magic? ??.. first week 1600 screen 24cr
    second week 700 screen 27cr
    third week 450 screen 25cr (more than bb)
    Fourth week with less than 100 screen 22cr??????....

    It's fake. .. actual net would be less than 50cr....

    in South India baahubali budget published as 600cr (actual 160cr) ... same as in collection also. .. in ap/telugana has maximum 850-900screens... if baahubali released in 100% screens (a, b, c) ... it can gross maximum 10-15cr with hiked ticket rates and additional shows. .

    Kerala first day 2.1 cr (gross)... net 1.6cr
    tamil nad near 5cr (gross) net 3.8cr
    Karnadaka 4.5cr (gross) net 3.3cr
    ap-telugana 10-15cr (gross) net (100%)
    Hindi 5.5cr (gross) net (4.25cr)

    total gross 27-32cr only. .... it was best day for baahubali in South. .. how it grossed world wide 600cr????... in USA it is not grossed 5million... in uae and uk also compare to hindi movie and telugu movie there's huge different. .. dangal released over 150 screens in uae while chiranjeevi's telugu biggie released in less than 10 screens in uae. ... because telugu audience is fewer than bollywood... its impossible for a south indian film to gross 20 million us dollars from overseas. .. because limited audience. .. limited screens. .. that's why baahubali totally inflated. ..

    a tamil film is in under production 2.0... it's budget revealed before production (400cr)....

    It's really hard to believe. . Because 400 cr is very huge. . Salary of akshay (25cr)and rajani(30cr) maximum. .. For printing and promotions expect 30-40cr..... then balance 300cr how will spend easily? ??.. we don't have technology as Hollywood has... we don't earn much as Hollywood earning. ...

    in my surveys I understand that south indian box office reports are really fake .. they inflate budgets and collection for publicity. ... in south there's no trade... all are coming from producer/distributer. ...

    Shahrukh and telugu, tamil directors (s.shankar and ss rajamouli) and rajnikanth lies always. ..

    They are not kings .. they're king lier. ..

    I salute akshay, salman, and aamir.... because we can trust box office reports of their films. .. they don't lies for publicity. ... akshay is example of patriotism. .. aamir is brilliant man, passionate, society lover. ... salman is a charity. . I love them both. .. srk is a person who is hungry for money and publicity. ... he is king in publicly. ... but real kings in our hearts are salman, akshay and aamir....

    1. Dude come on. The theater average of a South Indian event movie is much higher than the same event Hindi film. It's also a fact that South Indian films have a longer run and not as front loaded as most Hindi films. Instead of blind accusations, why don't you show some proof to Ankur?
      As an Indian I'm proud that all our films are doing well and respect every good film regardless of the language. Once you start dividing the country, then you get the feeling of insecurity.

      So keep that in mind.

  8. Dear Ansar, U have put lot of thought on collection inflation [specially south indian films].. Why don't you sent a proper guest post to us.. with statistics.. Let us publish it in our site sometime and others have a healthy discussion in comment section then.. Ur comment visibility will be more if it is posted as separate article. if yes, send it to admin@addatoday.com. Thanks on

    1. Good decision Ankur. I'm from Offensive and I find this South Indian. 😃



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