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January 18, 2017

Dangal 4th Tuesday (26th Day) Box Office Collection

Dangal has collected a very well 1.25 crore nett on 4th Tuesday (26th day) at box office. Thus, film has again hold extremely well from previous day with a marginal drop of around 5-10% reported. Film total collection currently stands at approx 372.6 crore nett.

Dangal 4th week collection is now heading towards 14.75-15 crore nett mark. Film will touch 375 crore nett on start of 5th weekend. It will go past 380 crore nett mark for sure and lifetime collection is heading towards 385 crore nett mark. Film is doing still well despite nearing 1 month and is an All Time Blockbuster at box office.

Collection Breakup -

1st Week - 197.5 crore nett.
2nd Week - 115.9 crore nett.
3rd Week - 46.4 crore nett.
4th Friday - 1.95 crore nett.
4th Saturday - 4 crore nett.
4th Sunday - 4.25 crore nett.
4th Monday - 1.35 crore nett.
4th Tuesday - 1.25 crore nett.

Total - 372.6 crore nett.


  1. In 70s it was rajesh khanna and other actors ...in 80s it was amitabh Bachhan and other actors ...in 90s it was khan's and other actors ..then on ..it's aaamir khan and other marketed actors

  2. Specially since 2008. 100CR,200CR,250CR,300CR,350CR,375CR..

  3. @Sattu, don't forget Talaash....it only did 92CR!

    1. Every actor has given underperformers. One small underperformer does not nullify many blockbusters.

    2. Fan did 82 crore and Dear Zindagi did 72 crore...and SRK is still called "KING OF BOLLYWOOD"...lol

  4. Bron...watch talaash...first he did that movie for his wife who arty and did that for her coterie
    .but watch it ..it's haunting ...watch alone ...you would know how great this actor is ...it will hit you if u intelligent enough...or when you have own kid ..

    It's an act no actor could convey ..so even arty aamir gets u 100 cores plus (overseas bhi eekh look jabrather style )....think if u got naseer ..ompuri or nawaz for same.role ..it was that kind

    1. @iluvmovies - I loved Talaash, it was a great movie but Aamir's stardom is not like Salman's or SRK (prior to RaOne) when he ruled in India and abroad, but things have changed. As you know Aamir only works for content regardless of directors or banners, but he's the most brilliant marketing genius of today's Superstars, so it adds up to his movie's box office collections. Only Superstar in India is Salman Khan. Of course Aamir khan is a superstar as well but not to Salman's level and when it comes to movies doing great business like TWM Part II then only content is the driving factor after the initial hysteria!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. lol...Only Aamir (Ghajini, 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3, Pk, Dangal), SRK (Chennai Express) and Hrithik (Krrish 3) have given highest all time grossers in the past 10 years...Salman HAS NOT given any highest all time grossers in the last 10 years

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Please don't compare Aamir to Salman, not saying that he's not great and hasn't been giving big hits but he makes one movie every 3 years. Since 2008 Aamir khan has had 7 movies starting with Ghajini and ending with Dangal and all these movies have accumulated about 1386CR in india, where as Salman has had 16 movies 2035CR and not sure if you know the Value of a single Crore, the Hindi Film Industry needs Salman Khan Every Year, btw I've counted all his Crap movies that he signed without reading scripts or the one's which he did favors for his Friends! So as you know whenever a Salman Khan movie releases then everyone truly wins, that goes from producers, distributors, exhibitors, or the chai walas, & etc that needs ppl going to the movies!
      btw, please don't mention SRK, he's finished in india, and Hrithik's Krrish 3 with inflated numbers is known to everyone and the highest all time grossers are measure by FOOTFALLS not amount of money earned!

      Here then is the list. According to this, Sholay had done three times the business of Dhoom 3 which is wholly heartening.

      Sholay Aug 15 1975 Rs. 1,627.32 cr
      Mughal E Azam Aug 5 1960 Rs. 1,327.10 cr
      Kismet Jan 1 1943 Rs. 1,087.78 cr
      Ratan Jan 1 1944 Rs. 990.48 cr
      Hum Aapke Hai Kaun Aug 5 1994 Rs. 960.21 cr
      Muqaddar Ka Sikandar Oct 27 1978 Rs. 941.89 cr
      Basant (1942) Jan 1 1942 Rs. 895.98 cr
      Zindagi Jan 1 1940 Rs. 864.52 cr
      Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge Oct 20 1995 Rs. 816.04 cr
      Amar Akbar Anthony Jan 1 1977 Rs. 809.54 cr
      Bobby Sep 29 1973 Rs. 785.09 cr
      Barsaat (1949) Jan 1 1949 Rs. 774.98 cr
      Awaara Jan 1 1951 Rs. 771.05 cr

    6. @Ali baba....Dont compare movies from 1970's, 80's or the 90's to current movies...footfalls have decreased in recent times eveywhere, including hollywood because of the rise of online piracy...nowadays, movies are readily available online (in some cases, even before the theatrical release of a movie)...the rise of technology (internet, DVD's etc) has led to a decrease in footfalls in many movie industries including hollywood...Even the highest grossing movie when adjusted for inflation is Gone with the wind, which was released way back in 1939...so, if you want to compare movies in terms of footfalls, then compare movies released within at most 10 years of each other...Don't compare Sholay with Dangal in terms of footfalls...

  5. Hindustan mein khaane ke liye paise nahin the..screens nahin thi...everyone knows business has grown ..dint go by stupid logic of box office media

    There is no word as adjusted gross...solar couldn't have done 1000 crores now too ..it's so illogical....simple find footfalls (admits) ..that will close the issue

  6. See salman is doing well and his target audience is front benchers and single screens where he certainly God ...but what media says or we perceive is not true .
    .the fact is highest circuits collections are for aamir in all verticals ..front ..single screens and multiplexes
    .more than that when he acts whole India watches with families so technically fan following is equal to that and he remains highest ..his most fans don't fight.abuse or write in media ..Twitter or fbs
    .they all just watch and everytime.number show and they watch by paying not on TV or free shows ..it's I guess as simple as that

  7. Rather his fans do jabra dance ..haha ..so so they support others