January 6, 2017

Dangal 3rd Friday (15th Day) Collection Update. Starts 3rd Week with Bang.

Dangal has started 3rd week with bang at box office. First of all there are two good news. First is film has again retained most of its screen from second week and enjoying another week of free run. 

Dangal retained 3000+ screens for third week which is never heard of earlier. Second good news is film has shown superb hold on 3rd Friday (15th day) and that has ensured film is on track to surpass PK lifetime collection and also 350 crore nett mark.

Dangal started the 15th day Morning shows with a decent occupancy of 20%. Actually occupancy is even better when we see the screen size and film being into week three. After that film has picked up well in Noon to register occupancy of around 30%. Film has further picked up from Evening onward and as per latest enjoying an occupancy of around 45%+.

Occupancy Report of Dangal for 3rd Friday [Samples only] - 

Morning - 20%
Noon - 30%
Evening - 45%+

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  1. Collection would be 7-8cr????...

  2. I have been SRK fan since Deewana. I was hardly 8 years old back then, I am still his big fan if not biggest. I completely agree that SRK stardom has gone down and we as a fan feel bad when Someone says bad about his movies. Even the Bollywood realised that he is no more a threat like he command a decade ago, who dare to release their movie with Salman or Aamir? I guarantee, no director / producer/ actors would release their movie.. because they know the inevitable consequences of doing so.. Look at SRK - it's impossible to get solo release during festive season... every week new releases come up... shahrukh desperately need following three key elements to notch up big at box office...
    1. Excellent WOM
    2. Good critics rating
    3. Should have a very strong social message

  3. Collection approx 6 CR . 3rd week around 42 CR. Lifetime 375 . Hindi version only. No chance of 400 CR now. However still unbelievable performance. Can be achieved only by aamir and salman now.

    1. 3rd week is around 52 crores and mark my word, it will cross 400 CR in the 5th week, before biggie comes on 25th jan

  4. I can't get why here people talk about srk when it's about biggest grosser which he hasn't acted in ...he must be before 1998...it's.like talking here about amitabh bacchan of 80s...leave it .he was just made by media as salman and aamir didn't talk to media till 2004 .

    It's just matter of writing by media ...salman gave bigger block busters before but media never wrote ...he was always bigger than srk ..check his footfalls for hakhk and mpk

  5. Once you talk about the possibility of reaching 400 crores or not, this is a big achievement for DANGAL

  6. Aamir Khan was the actor who had
    1. The first Rs.100 crore business with Ghazani
    2. The first Rs.200 crore business with 3 Idiots
    3. The first Rs.300 crore business with PK.

    Wish he starts the Rs.400 crore club with Dangal

  7. 3000+ screens means it has potential of 30cr in 100% occupancy. If it got 25-30% pack all day means 3rd friday biz will be 30/100*30 = 8-9cr. [Note: Tix rate are higher in weekend]

  8. Addatoday please put like/unlike button in comment section. Most news sites comment section have that and it helps. Thank you very much.

  9. It will definately cross 400 cr mark,as week three have 3000 screens nd it vl do business of 55 crore in third week which vl become total 368 cr nd then it vl hav 12 more days for other biggies to release,meanwhile it vl collect 25 more in 12 days ,which vl left 7 crores which vl be achieved in days to come to successfully run above 50 days,hence 400 cr club is achieved

  10. box office india 3rd friday figure 6.25 cr. Looks like 3rd weekend will be 25 cr.3rd week 40 Cr.Balance weeks 30 cr. Lifetime 375 cr(hindi version)


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