Dangal 16th Day Box Office Collection Report. All Time Blockbuster!

January 8, 2017

Dangal 16th Day Box Office Collection Report. All Time Blockbuster!

Dangal has as expected shown huge growth on 3rd Saturday (16th day) and collected around 10.8 crore nett. Film has again hit double digit figure and we expect it to grow further on 3rd Sunday. Film is still unstoppable and anything can happen in coming days.

Dangal total collection after 16 days is approx 330.85 crore nett. Film has now become 2nd highest grosser of all time and by end of the day will surpass PK collection to be the highest grosser of all time. Dangal has thus achieved All Time Blockbuster status in trade. Kudos to makers and whole team. 

Dangal lifetime collection is trending towards 375 crore nett mark. If film holds strong in coming days then there is an outside chance of challenging 400 crore mark.

Collection Breakup -

1st Week - 197.5 crore nett.
2nd Week - 115.9 crore nett.
3rd Friday - 6.65 crore nett.
3rd Saturday - 10.8 crore nett.

Total - 330.85 crore nett.

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  1. Sunday में 15 करोड पक्का ।

  2. Omg. Mind blowing stuff. 400cr is definitely on. Amir has this habit now that first he breaks his own movie record n breaks it with utter disdain. It will took many years to break dangal record because it is nearing 400cr just like he once set with 3idiots.350cr would b broken in 1-2 years but 400cr is jst too much for any movie.

  3. Raees will earn more than 30 crore on it's 16th day...

  4. Raees will break dangal's record...raees will collect more than 500 crore in india

  5. Think that some guys don't yet realise that Aamir since Ghajini has always delivered the all time highest grosser of Bollywood till yet and that's also in overseas since 3idiots . But Salman has more fan followings than Aamir and before Ghajini Shahrukh has edge over rest and before him Salman has also have the same edge over for hum aapke hain kaun . But still u have to admit that Aamir is now more bigger than rest . Some have already complained that Aamir plays safe with good directors. But I want to mention that Raju Hirani wasn't a big name before 3idiots and Nitesh as well . So stop shouting realising that always good has an secret edge over bad .tum aise bolte Raho aur Aamir tumhe aise Karwata rahe . Tumhe aise Dekh achha lagta hai .

  6. Raees will break all records.....Raees will earn 100 crore in pakistan, iraq, Afghanistan, germany and Malaysia....SRK making more money overseas than Hollywood actors....1500 crore worldwide collection for raees

  7. Main tera haaye re jabra
    Hoye re jabra fan ho gaya
    Main tera haaye re jabra
    Hoye re jabra fan ho gaya
    O tujhe dekhte hi dil mein dhan te nan ho gaya
    Main tera haaye re jabra
    Hoye re jabra fan ho gaya

  8. Yes . .jabra will break this record and collect more than this on his first day and collect 100 crore worldwide like happy new year on day one ....haha

    1. john sisiluna is a waste fellow..he doesnt know anything😅

  9. Film fare award guys just released video of craze in Ecuador,Bolivia,Angola,Chad,new Guinea, Guatemala...all awaiting for raaees and dancing on jabra song ....unparalleled craze more than any star ever and opening day figures expected 100 million dollars only from these countries ..

  10. Aamir khan is superstar of all age group people with his quality movie. He shows how to get success with and without masala movies. True a living legend he is. Whether dangal touches 400 or not but it is best movie onwards three idiot.

  11. 55+ cr 3rd week, rest of the run + dubbed versions = 425+ cr

  12. Film fare award guys just tweeted and khalid mohammad also tweeted...Aamir khan is no actor ...it's just story and great directors and costar's which make movie collect..plus free run in Xmas as it's too cold in North ...actual acting was by jabra and he will get 15th best actor award...16th critic award ...an 10th best villain award for same movie ..he best actor ...better than dilip kumar,kamal hassan,amitabh as jabra now highest award taker

  13. Addatoday Sunday collection update please

  14. Jitesh pillai from filmfare wrote ...aamir is shortest of khan's so is useless and banned him from filmfare ...he awarding jabra lifetime also for raamjaane....plus he feels salman acted shit in tere naam..note -i feel tere naam was best act never recognised though as was by non actor by media as salman used to slap them then

  15. Even box office India now sold to filmfare mind ...as per them Disney closing in 2017 due to losses and bad reputation of dil chahta hai in 2000...worst movie and aamir khan reason for Disney to close ..no one watched dil chahta hai kind of movies... aamir khan is a failure ...dangal credit goes to nitesh..he is the hit maker and aamir lucky that nitesh signed him

  16. John mathew mathaan,rakesh mehra,nitesh tiwari,ashutosh,ketan mehta,indra kumar,dhoom 3 director are most successful ever directors ....far bigger than yash chopra...check their highest grossing movies and compare .they made a short,midget, non actor ,average looker ,non filmfareaward winning ever,looser take credit for no reason- jitesh pillai- filmfare editor after khalid

  17. Best actor 2016 SRK for Fan, best villian 2016 SRK for Fan (awarding both roles in fan), best supporting actor SRK for dear zindagi...if it was upto me, I wud somehow give SRK best actress as well for 2016

  18. Well said. But I want to mention that if it's that then Yash Chopra ,Subhas Ghai ,Karan Johar , Sanjay Leela Bhansali etc. are worst directors . By the way go to IMDB and check best actors list and excuses are always given by the guys who get failures.

  19. Chill...we.joking.

    But it's reality about aamir.and.salman..
    They were put down by media all through the career .now media can't.do a shit as both only 300 crores guys...as they loved in real by audience ...way trump happened to media in usa

  20. AK once again has shown that he is competing with himself only ... He has no challengers ... Imagine all other actors release 2-3 movies a year hoping at least one may even come close to AK records but ALAS ... AK releases 1 movie every 2 yrs n it becomes HISTORY in Indian cinema.

  21. Raees and kaabil screen count. .

    India 2300
    Pakistan 300
    USA, Canada 130
    Uae gcc 44
    UK 29
    Australia New Zealand 16
    Somalia 450 (record release in multiplex)
    Bulgaria 140(record)
    Greenland 70(record)
    Estonia 160(record)
    Azerbaijan 40(record)
    Antarctia 1200 (record)
    mangolia 700 (record)
    Africa 400 (record)

    Total 6000+ screens. .. beats dangal and sultan.


    india 2100
    Pakistan 250
    USA Canada 120
    UK 25
    Uae gcc 40
    Australia and New Zealand 10
    Rest of the world 80

    Total 2800+ screens. ..

  22. Raees and kaabil box office collection expecting. .
    Raees world wide 1500cr+

    India 150+gross (120+net)
    Overseas 200+ million usd... (1350+cr)

    From USA. .. 2million
    uae 1 million
    uk 0.75 million
    Australia 0.21 million
    Pakistan 0.6 million

    antarctic 90 million
    Somalia 30 million
    mangolia 40 million
    rest of the world 34 million

    kaabil. .

    world wide 200+cr

    india 150cr gross (120cr net)
    Overseas 6-7million (45-50cr)...

    USA 2 million
    uae 1 million
    rest of the world 3-4 million. .

  23. iluvmovies pagal g kya...?? srk ki sari movies ek taraf rakh de ....or aamir ki ek....fir aamir ka palda bhari rhega.....

    aaj ki tarikh me sabse insecure acter h srk...esliye salman se bigboss me dosti ka natak krta h...roj tweet krta h...khud ki tarife krta h...media ko kharidta h...har award show me Nachne jata h...biggest costar directers k sath kam krta h...

    baato ka sher banta h...kapil k show me bhikh mangne jata h....



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