January 2, 2017

Dangal smashes two BIG Myths - Aamir Khan 'Stardom' Question and Pan India Genre.

First myth - Good film don't work. Need Masala and Chartbuster and so called other stuff.

1. Film without any masala genre and chartbuster songs don't work Pan India. 

Dangal neither had so called masala and chartbuster songs. Film is realistic in major part. Which meant it might not work in interiors and Pan India. Even we wrote that in our movie review. In contrary it is looking like Indian audience have grown up big time and now only good content work. Superstar in film might help to take a good opening, but it is the content that drive the film to its destiny. 2016, saw many biggies fall flat because of poor content. Not only Dangal is doing great business, in fact setting new benchmark and creating History of sort.

Second myth - Aamir Khan is not a Superstar and crowd puller

2. Aamir Khan film works because of good content. He is not a Superstar.

Yes, Aamir Khan is not a Superstar, in fact he is Megastar now. Or you can say Legend also. With fabulous line up of films in recent times such as Taare Zameen Par, 3 Idiots, PK and now Dangal he is something else now. Yes, certain Salman Khan is giving him honest fight with Dabangg, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan in recent years, even he will agree that he is happy to play close second fiddle right now. We will try to put a detailed article on Aamir vs Salman fierce rivalry which is taking Bollywood to next level and making huge gap between them and rest in a separate article.

On serious note, Aamir Khan with Dangal have proved that he is a mega crowd puller to theaters. If we simply consider the opening of Dangal it has only Aamir Khan factor and nothing else. No lead actress, no big banner, no heavy promotions. Yes, from Monday film content take its course but we right now only talking about first weekend, which put up HISTORIC 100+ crore nett collection. With Dangal we can easily say he is the biggest crowd puller maybe alongwith Salman Khan. So, this myth is also gone that Aamir Khan film does well just because of good content not his stardom. Aamir Khan deserves and commands trust and respect of audiences.

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  1. I agree with the post Ankur but u got bit carried away writing here :)

    1. Haha.. True GK!! Even I Think also!! Atleast finally a film coming after long time and smiling all our faces.. :-). Anyways thnks for the feedback!!

  2. I completely agree with the post in the true sense. PK and 3 idiots had the backing of franchise and Director banner along with Top actresses & known start cast. Still Dangal scored more than both of them as well as Sultan (3 day Weekend only) and BB. Very good and intelligent article. Just Like Aamir Khan :)

  3. Replies
    1. 2009 se pehle salman bhi fop star hua tha

    2. 2009 se pehle salman khan was also a flop star

    3. 2009 se pehle salman khan was also a flop star

  4. I find it stupid to even have a question about a aamir.khan ..
    The audience has time and always proven ...he biggest star of India...they watch him the.most and almost hos fans are 40% more than salman and may be 80% more.than shahrukh
    .and what an argument ..certainly better content always helps all ..
    Issue is media is not his fan so they ask this ...
    For audience they don't write ..they just wait and spend the.most for.him ..
    Isn't it always ..who sells.most is biggest ...was always so ..where content argument comes ..superstars always have choice to choose content
    ..then that way others are dumb too but want to be called king

  5. is bhai ne sahi mai dangal ka mast review kiya h..must watch

  6. komal nath,taran adarsh se v jabardast review kiya hai..hats off

  7. In recent i never watch this type of review KUDOS to RANDHIR KUMAR.

  8. 8m
    #Dangal maintains a STRONG GRIP on Day 8... All set for a SMASHING Weekend 2... [Week 2] Fri 18.59 cr. Total: ₹ 216.12 cr nett. India biz.

  9. Yes.... I completely agree with you ankur...

  10. Dear Randhir, Pls kindly don't promote other link here. Thanks.

    1. ankur bhai dangal aur bollywood se related h isme koi vulgarity nahi h...aur promote karne se aapka koi loss ho rah ho to mai nahi promote karunga...bas is se mujh jaise berozgar ka thod bhala hojaega...THANK YOU

    2. Ok. Its ur link.. Put it then.. Best Wishes!! :-) Put just one link in each page at most. Ok

  11. Dangal movie ka review aap ne is se pahle kabhi aesa nahi dekha hoga.


  12. Its one of the best articles in recent time. Thank u Ankur

  13. Yes .... He is truly King Of The BollyWood

  14. Undoubtedly he is one of the biggest stars in the country, next to maybe Salman Khan and Rajnikanth. And I totally agree with the fact that Dangal cemented his stardom. People went in to watch the film only because of him, and the awesome promos. The fact that his films carry huge expectations is because of the sort of films that he does after Lagaan. He's a perfect role model for all aspiring film stars. I, as an SRK fan feels that SRK also needs to take a break and look for some quality scripts like Chak De India, Swades and Veer Zara than films like CE, HNY and dilwale.

  15. Aamir is founder of 100 crores, 200 crores, 300 crores and with DANGAL it might be 400

  16. Ankur u miss about overseas because overseas ka sirf ek hi king Hai Aamir khan don't forget pk 100 crore in china

  17. Aamir was not a superstar in 1992.... the content is supper and directed well.... but jo jeetha wohi sikkandar was just above average. .. that film deserves minimum superhit status. ...

    aamir was not a superstar in 1995.... that's why rangeela could not be turned as blockbuster. ..

    aamir was not a superstar in 1998-1999... that's why ghulam and sarfarosh could not be turned to superhit. .. sarfarosh content nice.... ghulam is perfect entertainer..

    aamir was not a superstar in 2001.... that's why lagaan only hit status and dil chahta hai just above average. ... lagaan content best. ., chartbuster songs.... dil chahta hai class film.. it deserves at least superhit status. .

    2006-7... aamir was not a superstar (but rising from there)... that's why rang de basanthi only hit.. fanaa only super hit... taare zameen parr super hit...


    Aamir was biggest superstar and crowd puller....
    That's why ghajini turned out to be all time blockbuster. ...

    2009... aamir was superstar overseas also. .. that's why 3 idiots recorded all time blockbuster. .

    2013 aamir was superstar. .. that's why a film like dhoom3 did more 500cr business. .. it doesn't deserves a superhit status. ..

    2014... aamir was superstar and crowd puller..
    that's why pk first ever film grossed 750+cr world wide. ... a common man can think easily aamir's star power. .. because all times overseas grosses top films is aamir's, domestic also aamir's, from 2008 he breaks his own records. .. in china too he pulled crowd to theaters with a dubbed version pk...

    2016.... aamir is a superstar. .. that's why dangal going to cross 400cr ... amitab and sharukh's films also very good. ... but not done well like as jo jeetha wohi sikkandar, lagaan, dil chahta hai e.t.c....

    and one thing.....

    if bajrangi bhaijaan content is excellent. .. sultan too well... why everyone does not says content is winner while salmans film rules in box office? ??

  18. Now write a nice article about srk and his.movies besides yashraj after 2003 and gross Collectins ...we into 2017 now ...has media written anything to doubt his kingdom...how can uneven write a myth on a aamir...you guys are into myth ...can you write also about how salman is most successful commercial star for last ten years ..bigger than rajesh khanna and amitabh ...no you cant write that ..as that's real what we all feel

  19. But no one can compare with Salman sir he is real entertainer whether it bigbiss ,award shows or films or socal work

  20. Salman is and sad is he still called one of three khan's by media ...time we give him due and call him.biggest superstar of India and not compare now with srk or question him.for anything personal ...he is the biggest ....as far as aamir is concerned...it's time for us not.to question myths ..there are no myths ...he being first in 100,200,300and now may be 400 means he most respected actor of pan India ...how anyone can question his pan India stardom...you can question all others except him...so I follow and feel salman is biggest ever superstar India has seen...and aamir is best ever actor ever ...both are bigger and better than amitabh and rajesh khanna ..you like it or not ...I have nothing against srk but he just media made star who did well with only yashraj movies



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