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December 23, 2016

Dangal Movie Review

Aamir Khan starrer movie and that also coming after 2 years time frame. What's more it is releasing on Christmas and New year eve period. Nothing can get bigger than this. His last few releases earlier at this time of the year has created History at box office. He is now ready again with "Dangal" to set new benchmark and end 2016 is some style. So, without any further delay let's do the movie review of Dangal.

Story: Dangal is true story of wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat who fought against all odds and society norms to raise his girl child Geeta and Babita, who further went onto become women wrestlers. Story is how he badly wanted a boy so that he can fulfill all the dreams of winning Gold Medal for India. However, Mahavir had four girl child only. Then one day he decides that Gold Medal can be won by anyone be it a boy or a girl. Then he started training of Geeta and Babita and their journey as a wrestler began from there on. Whether Mahavir able to turn Geeta and Babita into champion wrestlers? Whether Geeta and Babita will able to win Gold Medal for India for that one has to see the film.

Dangal first half is simply outstanding. It has every ingredients be it emotional one or fun filled one. Second half is also good, but at few places pace of the film dips. However film picks up again in final half hour of the film and finale is awe inspiring, emotional and filled with patriotism. Expect standing ovation at one point in the climax part which we don't want to reveal. Overall film is outstanding, and it is easily one of the best in recent times, if not the best.

Comparison with Sultan: Comparison of Dangal with Sultan another film made on wrestling is simply inevitable. Good news is that there is simply nothing common between the films. Sultan was a brilliant film to come out this year, similarly Dangal is also a brilliant film with a different fresh story. Only common factor is the wrestling sport backdrop. That has to be because both films are based on wrestling sport.

Performances: Aamir Khan delivers yet another memorable performance in this decade. He is simply unstoppable be it young Mahavir Phogat, middle or old age one. He will make you angry at parts, make you smile and even make you cry. There is no doubt that he is the most complete and finest actor in the country at the moment.

Sakshi Tanwar is outstanding as Mahavir's wife role in the film and does a commendable job. Chemistry between Aamir and Sakshi looks real. She underplays her part very well and takes control wherever she needed to do so.

Fatima Sana Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra playing adult Geeta and Babita are simply outstanding with their part. Special mention to casting team for that. Those playing the younger part of Geeta and Babita also need to be praised. They have done absolutely commendable job and brought freshness to the young characters. They were together a riot at many scenes in first half.

Rest of all the star cast did commendable job and all looked every inch of their respective characters.

Direction of Nitesh Tiwari is top notch. He delivers his best till date and we hope that he simply grows from here on and stays long in Bollywood and gives many more memorable films in coming years.

Verdict: Dangal is as real as it gets. Film is a biopic. It is inspiring and embedded with many scenes which are filled with patriotism. Film is funny at many parts, specially in first half. Similarly it has many emotional moments and your eyes will get moist in few scenes. Climax is the highlight of the film. 

There is simply nothing wrong in the film. Dangal is one of those very rare film which has nothing negative. Only issue is film has less good and chartbuster songs. Plus, commercial factor is also less at places. So, film may start slow in interiors. However there is no doubt that film will pick up there also with good word of mouth. As for metros and big cities film has already open big there from first shows itself.

Coming to box office performance of Dangal. Film is superb. Content is the king. With that Aamir Khan in lead role. There is no doubt that it will open huge. Film has all ingredients to zoom past 200 crore in coming days and will be a huge Blockbuster all the way. If film works in heartland of India that is interior then it will definitely challenge for magical 300 crore club and join elite list of PK, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan. We are just hoping for that.

Rating: 4/5. Must Watch. Such stories are rarely made and told nowadays. Classic all the way!


  1. Dangal is good flim.But it far behind to sultan

  2. Dangal is less spicy than Sultan but more nutritious than Sultan. Due to demonetization all movie's collection is affected. Otherwise it would have been surely given same kind of business of Sultan. But for some trade analyst like Komal Nahta it has all the potential to break all the records of Hindi cinema.