Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Box Office Economics. Outright Hit. Profit for all.

November 9, 2016

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Box Office Economics. Outright Hit. Profit for all.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has emerged as profitable venture for all associated with it. This is great news considering film was carrying big budget and also clash with another biggie in Shivaay. Good news is film is still not out and will add further significant business in coming days.

So, let's discuss how much profit film has made for the makers till first 10 days of its theatrical run.

ADHM budget is stated in the region of 80-85 crores though figures are not official.

Non-theatrical Revenue - Film has recovered around 25-30 crores from Satellite rights and further 10-12 crores from Music and rest 2-3 crores or so from others. Hence, total non-theatrical recovery is approx 37-45 crores [median - 41 crores].

Hence, ideally film needs around 40-45 crores from India + Overseas Theatrical business to break even and above that for profits.

Theatrical Recovery - Film has a distributor share of 45-46 crores from India theatrical already in first 10 days. Another 28 crores of distributor share is added from Overseas till last report. Overall film got a distributor return of around 73-74 crores. Film is still running well. 

ADHM Budget - INR 80-85 crores.

Non-Theatrical Revenue - INR 41 crores [Median value taken].
Theatrical Revenue - INR 73-74 crores [10 days of running].

Total Recovery - 114-115 crores.

Profit = Total Recovery - Budget = INR 33-34 crores of profit already in 10 days of running. Very Good.

Verdict - HIT.

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  1. Bhai BOI ka copy paste kardiya tumne

  2. Admin why you mixed up India and Overseas Distributor Share.

    How much distributor share needed from India for Hit Status.
    Because i remembered last year one film did average collection in India (Far Better than ADHM) & Blockbuster in Overseas at that time you Calculate only India's Distributor Share for Verdict & Your Verdict was Above Average due to low Collection in India (Total Distributor Share from India was almost 78-80 Crores).I know that film was sold out on high price to distributors.

    So how much lifetime distributor share needed for Hit Status for ADHM from India Only.

    1. Overseas is considered for profit loss account of the film. ADHM will be declared Hit once it crosses 100 crore nett mark in India. It should be a Clean Hit before the end of week two. Thanks.

  3. As you said in your earlier Report of other movies that Hit OR Flop Verdict depends on Distributors Share. Please clarify.

  4. ADHM is getting more limelight than expected purely because it is being compared with Shivaay else the collections are much below par...a diwali release of a topmost director with a big star cast..with all commercial elements n a big budget involved.. N mostly positive reviews..the collections should have been close to 150 cr.. It seems like a 115 cr finish



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