Sultan Business and Economics. How Much is the Profit.

August 24, 2016

Sultan Business and Economics. How Much is the Profit.

Sultan is one of the biggest Hit of all time and is the biggest Hit of 2016 by miles. Film has crossed historic INR 300 crore mark and be the 3rd ever film to do so.

So, what is the economics of Sultan movie. How much is the profit film has finally managed to do so. Here's the basic economics of the film analysed in pretty easy way.

Sultan movie budget is around INR 90 crores [COP - 70 + P&A - 20]. 

Sultan India Distributor Share - INR 160 crores [approx].
Sultan Overseas Distributor Share - INR 67 crores [approx].
Satellite Rights - INR 55 crores [approx].
Music + Home Video + Other Rights - INR 12-14 crores [approx].

Total Recovery - INR 294-296 crores [approx].

Profit made by Sultan = Total Recovery - Film Budget = INR 200+ crores.

We have given a rough estimate of Sultan economics. Means, film is set to make a bare minimum 200 crore as profit. Salman Khan is having a profit sharing in the film. Satellite rights are with YRF. Hence, the profit sharing percentage of Salman Khan would be anywhere between 50% and above. Means, Salman Khan is set to make profit of above INR 100 crores from Sultan. 

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  1. Wow ..first of all gr8 2 c sultan related article after long time

    Sultan ne already kar di chatai !!!!!

    Wanted 2 watch again but don't if it's possible now ?

    Anyways Happy 4 salman !

    Expecting something extra ordinary from Kabir d genious rector.



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