August 14, 2016

Mohenjo Daro 3rd Day (Sunday) Collection Early Trends, Decent.

Mohenjo Daro is fighting hard on Sunday (3rd day) at box office. Film is doing better than previous days but still not upto the optimum level.

Mohenjo Daro started the day with occupancy of around 40%. After that film showed decent to good jump in Noon to register occupancy of around 55-60%. As per latest, film has hold decent in Evening shows and currently registering occupancy of around 55%.

Occupancy Report of Mohenjo Daro for Sunday [Samples only] - 

Morning - 40%
Noon - 55-60%
Evening - 55%

Though it is too early to make any prediction for the day. As Night shows are still left. But looking at the current trend, Mohenjo Daro 3rd day collection is heading towards 12-13 crore nett mark. Collection are still below the mark. Sunday needed a big jump which was again missing.

Note - These are estimates from samples we have right now and final figure may vary.

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  1. I watched Mohenjodaro today and its my honest opinion that the movie is simply fab. Before release I was in a view that AR RAHMAN hasn’t done justice to such a great historical project but after watching the movie I must say his work is in complete sink with th movie. Especially the title song is simply fantastic. A complete visual treat to eye.
    Dear everyone, it really takes a lot lot of courage to make movies of such scale. Lots of research and humungous hardwork is required to create such sets. If we will discourage such people they will stop talking interest in such beautiful historical , cultural period narratives.
    Please remember its very easy to go abroad And shoot beautiful love stories in beautiful serene nature but it extremely difficult to create an ambience which really dates back in centuries. I really salute ppl like SANJAY LEELA BHANSALI, ASHUTOSH, RAJMOULI for their vision, efforts n hard work.
    Mohenjodaro is a great work and surely deserves to be a hit, if not blockbuster.

    I urge the fans of all superstars to discourage such negativity and cherish the culture. The Indian Cinema is infact going one step forward with such movies.

    1. U crazy ur self it is not our is flooooop movie ...already i watched saterday .don't lie to others..

  2. BC copy paste karta hai... Ham tumka choodEga nhi ....

    1. You faggot. I have copied it from my own comment. Bollyarena me bhi ye comment Maine hi daala Tha. You moron hopeless creature. Upar naam bhi padha kar. Sadakchaap bhikari kahi ka

  3. Finally you all fans have started to entreat to the people for watching the Mohan Jo daro ... Even after hr is also promoting the rustom

  4. I have watched both the movies in theatre, first watched rustom Fri night show, then sat evening mohenjo daro... Let me tell you first mohenjo daro is way better than rustom... Many reviews by critics in Internet were in the favor of rustom and bashing mohenjo daro... I feel it's paid, biased and planned review to take down mohenjo daro.. Even before the release of the movie, many bollywood members were supporting rustom, I believe everyone knows this...with all these publicities and initial BO Collections of rustom is ahead of mohenjo daro, and definitely I can say because of this paid biased media mohenjo daro suffered in terms of collections, Well here's the review : Rustom - 1.5stars- full boring pakau movie, only trailer was good, now clear ur misconceptions, it's not a patriotic movie, Patriotism ke naam par Akshay ne bas navy ki white wardi pehni he, iske alawa dur dur tak desh bhakti se koi nata nhi he, Akshay ne navy ki topi pehn kar audience ko topi pehnai he... And for God sake don't say it's thriller movie, no suspense no thrill at all, it was a plan court comedy drama, yaar adalat ka aisa mazak to na udao, no respect no seriousness in the courtroom, full comedy Jise jo Mann me aaye Keh raha he kar raha he... It was a complete bullshit... isse badiya to Jolly LLB tha...Many people were saying Akshay's acting was very gud... Are yaar, court me khade rehkar dalali pelne ke alawa usne kiya hi kya he, movie me kuch karne ka mauka hi nhi diya he use to acting kis baat ki... Court me khade Rehne ki acting lol... Thriller story ke naam par last ke 5 min me story badal diya jaega as if director is saying bhailog 02:20hrs se to aapko Chutiya bana rhe the real story to yeh thi last ke 5 min me... positive points, gud songs and pretty heroines that's it... If u can sustain this boring comic court drama which they claim to be a thriller movie or patriotic movie to attract audience as 15th Aug is near, then go n watch...

    1. The collection nd word of mouth proves that ur a cunt nd stupid also

  5. Now coming to mohenjo daro.. 4.5/5 rating. Before reviewing this movie I should tell you it's a bollywood movie don't confuse between a movie and a documentary... It's a beautifully presented pre-historic movie based on mohenjo daro city... The screenplay, narration, VFX, Costumes all were superb, and beautiful... The details of the city architectural design, maps, people's business,coins, stone made weapons, arts, clothing were so beautifully shown that it seemed real for sometime, u'll feel u r living in that era... A few places, script seemed to be inspired by baahubali as I felt but it was like 1-2 mins just to take the storyline further, that's OK... Some scenes were unrealistic but again it's a movie and not a documentary, and yeh to har bollywood movie me rehta he to make it entertaining, Hollywood walon ne Abraham Lincoln ko vampire hunter bana diya, fast n furious me car building se building udd rahi he, tab critics ko yaad nhi aayi yeh baat n now they are bashing this movie, shitty critics n their reviews... No one can match the acting done by hrithik in this movie, unarguably his best performance so far, it's called acting, his expressions were awesome, fight scenes were great, it'll give you goosebumps... Trailer was not gud, seemed ordinary but after watching this movie it felt so gud n real, they had limited options to show in the fight scene because it was pre-historic they can't just use any known weapon, fight scenes with stone weapons were awesome, even with limited options hrithik showd y he is considered as the best bollywood actor, action sequences were awsm, actress was very pretty, her acting was avg, somewhere lagging boldness while speaking to a crowd, rest she has done well...again I didn't like any of these songs in TV but in theatre it seemed awesome relating to the story and the people and that era..... Some critics said VFX was not gud, looked like cartoon, I'll say say it's definitely comparable with baahubali some scenes were even better, like the last 20 mins were awsm... Yaar baahubali me bhi city n the top level map view were looking like painting only, jada dealing na do ki it was looking real, humne bhi bahubali dekha he bhai... In mohenjo daro also same level graphics were used technically...story was much more than a love story
    as critics are criticizing it, with the detailing of Indus Valley civilization, . Loved it very much, great fight scenes, gud VFX, good research done by the mohenjo
    daro team... Awsm work, hard work of the entire team can be seen in this movie... A must theatre watch movie... Only Internet reviews are bad... I have personally
    never seen a person coming out of the theatre without praising the movie... We must support these kind of rare epic movies... Our paid media and critics gave bad
    reviews even before the release... All biased, pre planned... I can't believe how can one watch rustom instead of this... Well this is happening collections of
    mohenjo daro have suffered, but word of mouth is really gud... I hope from Monday onwards mohenjo daro will lead... Fingers crossed...

    1. Who ever you are you are great tq for beaing such a fan i love the way you write bt Akki is better than Hr i am fan of both bt this time bad luck for Hr please be happy with it hit is not a big matter big matter is movie n its story next time if the story line will be great one then oviusaly hr will bit Akki this time you should happy with MHD plese be happy dont b that much carzy for this

  6. Prtm2291...tu rehne de.. Fans k bhikh mangne s thre na mjd disaster hne s bachgi ����.. Aur jhut to mat hi bol... Rustom was a good movie... Way btr than idiotic mjd.... N hr ki acting har muvi m ek jaisi rhti h. Story v.. Revenge revenge revenge

  7. ab MD Ku koi bacha nehie sekta kyoki ab akshay kumar ke hatt lag geya



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