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July 8, 2016

Sultan Movie Review

There are films, there are event films and there is Salman Khan film and that also releasing on EID. Howz that?

Sultan the much awaited biggie starring Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma releases today across Worldwide. Film is coming on EID and expectation from the movie is colossal. Salman is in his peak of his career. Similarly Anushka is vying for top spot with direct challenge to Deepika Padukone. Hence, everything to look for in Sultan. So, without any further delay let's do the movie review of Sultan.

Story: Salman Khan (Sultan Ali Khan) plays the role of a wrestler who is in love with Anushka Sharma (Aarfa). In fact Salman joins wrestling because of Anushka as she desires to marry a wrestler. Salman plays a role of happy go lucky guy without any aim in life in the film. However when Anushka says she wants to marry a wrestler, being a wrestler herself. After getting initial humiliation from Anushka and rejection of his love for her, Salman decides to be a wrestler. He wants to earn the love and respect in eyes of Anushka. 

Salman begins his journey as a wrestler and went onto win State, Commwealth and Asian Games and finally the much coveted Olympic gold. When Salman wins the initial state championship, he finds the love and respect in Anushka eyes and finally they get married. Everything is going well and then tragedy happens in life of Salman and Anushka. Because of it Anushka leaves Salman and returns to her paternal house. Will Salman once again wins the love and respect of Anushka? Will Salman once again be a respectful wrestler in people eyes? Will he fight for love and redemption. For all this answers one has to see the film.

Sultan first half is good. Film is funny in parts but with few flaws. Few songs come as a roadblock and editing could have been tighter. Chemistry and romance between Salman and Anushka looks great. Also, there are few goosebump and inspiring moments in the film. Overall first half is ok, but could have been better if trimmed by 10-15 minutes. 

Coming to second half, film starts in slow pace. However film picks up pace through the 2nd half. It is the second half which makes it a must watch. Lots of highly emotional moments in the film specially post interval. There will be moments which will make your eyes moist. In second half specially in fight scenes there are few similarities with Brothers. But what Brothers lacked, that is definitely there in Sultan and that is soul. Sultan second half is backed by huge emotional touch and that makes it a Winner!

PerformancesSalman Khan delivers one of his finest performance till date. Many will definitely rate it as high as what he delivered in Bajrangi Bhaijaan. He underplays character of Sultan pretty well. In fact we remember the character Sultan Ali Khan more than 'Star' Salman. He will make you smile and also make you cry a little. In the fight scenes, Salman looks ferocious and packs punch with venom. Overall you will be in love with Sultan Ali Khan by the end of the film. 

Coming to Anushka Sharma, she delivers her best performance till date with Sultan. She stands shoulder to shoulder with Salman in the film. Great news for all her fans that she gets a author backed role and she is simply amazing in her part. The maturity that she shows in character of 'Aarfa' speaks volume of her acting skill.

Rest star cast, Randeep Hooda, Amit Sadh and others are good. Special mention for the actor who plays Salman's friend in the film.

Ali Abbas Zafar as director of the film has given his best till date. He will soon join the big league of directors with this film. Yes, Sultan is his make or break film and he delivers with full points!

Verdict: Sultan is an emotional roller coaster ride on the backdrop of wrestling and MMA sport. Film rides on powerful performances of Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma. Sultan story is the heart and soul of the film. At the same time however screenplay is inconsistent at few places. Film could have been trimmed by overall 20 minutes or so. Few songs could have been easily removed. Apart from that all works for Sultan. Film is high on emotional quotient. It is a mainstream commercial potboiler and Indian audiences are simply hungry for such kind of films.

Coming to Box Office verdict. Film is releasing on EID and aided by Salman Khan star power film is set to take earth shattering start at box office. Film will easily zoom past 200 crore at box office and will attain BLOCKBUSTER status. Huge GROSSER on the way for sure. 

Ratings: 4/5. Must Watch. It is India's answer to ROCKY series! Recommended!


  1. All time blockbuster
    Full paisa vasull acting from salman khan

  2. Sultan exactly proves to be what one expects from a Salman Khan movie. It is an Eid special, a complete family entertainer that will make you laugh and cry, should you choose to suspend your disbelief. Salman Khan proves yet again why he is India's greatest entertainer today. Sultan is the furthest he has pushed himself in recent years. The results are quite obvious. He plays Sultan Ali Khan with the unbridled innocence of a simpleton. The innocence he is able to exude on the silver is one of Salman's greatest charms. Anushka Sharma gets more screen time than any other actress has ever got in a Salman Khan film in recent times. And, to her credit, she does succeed in making her presence felt. The leads are well backed up by the supporting cast with Randeep Hooda delivering a memorable performance.

    Overall, Sultan is an out and out family entertainer that would enthrall the average viewer with its themes of love, sacrifice, success, failure, guilt and redemption. And, as Ali Abbas Zafar promised, Sultan does succeed in presenting a new face of Muslim protagonists for whom Indian identity is above any other identity. Certainly, it couldn’t have come at a better time. And who better than Salman Khan to set this new trend? The high level of predictability and lack of plausibility of Sultan’s plot may disappoint the sophisticated audiences, but the rest will savor it without any reservations. Salman Khan continues to be on a roll. Another grand box-office opening is on the cards for him.

    The complete review can be read at:

  3. Best acting wise performance from Salman and equally great from Anushka. Randeep had an excellent cameo. The perfect casting is a big bonus for the film! All I can say is everyone can thankfully watch the film in Theatres as we will definitely fall in love with Sultan Ali Khan and not Salman Khan. I'd say this performance is a notch higher than Bhajrangi Bhaijan as it is an author backed emotional role. Infact the best moments of the film are when Sultan gets emotional. It's a treat to watch as you don't expect so much from a Salman Khan film... Definitely the best answer to Rocky series in India. Go for it!

  4. no one can beat hny opening 45 cr records...........aukat pata chala salman non actor ki?

  5. first half is copy from marry com and 2nd half is copycat from brothers.....non actor rockssssssssssss

  6. crapppppppppp film like gunday jah ho marrigold prdp verr etc etc..........crappp actor non actor

    1. I think u haven't watched mary kom and vrothers thats u r comparing them with sultan. Sultan is way ahead better and a very different film u won't understand it u r srgay fan

  7. 4 star only in yr dream.........lultan deserbed 0.5 / 5 stars only

  8. IMDB rating dekho..............maha chutiyapa film h lultan non actor ki

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  10. Vai dekh tere dusre actor aur salman ka farak ye hai ke o salman khan nehi hain....isi liya tere pet me o Jo kehte hain na kuuto ke pet main ghi hajam nahin hote nahi ohi tere sath ho raha hain you bustered