July 27, 2016

Sultan 22nd Day (3rd Wednesday) Collection Early Trends, Very Good Hold Again.

Sultan is very much steady in its collection on 3rd Wednesday (22nd day) at box office as early trends for the day is coming in.

Sultan started slowly on day 22 in Morning shows which is very obvious. After that it registered limited growth through the day. Film registered reasonable occupancy in later half of the day when family audiences came out to watch the flick. When samples are compared for day 22 with previous day then drop is around 10% or less. 

Early trends for the day suggest, Sultan 22nd day box office collection is heading towards 1.1 crore nett. These are estimation from limited samples we have and actual may vary. Sultan has already crossed 290 crore nett mark and film is slowly but steadily marching towards 300 crore mark. Sultan should collect around 15.75 crore nett in third week at box office.

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  1. definitely will cross 300cr Sultan ATB

  2. Very good going. INShALLAH it will cross 300 crore. People of india go watch again advance book tickets from today and made sultan pass 300 crore this weekend

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  4. Salman need another life to beat Aamir Khan. Dangal will not have highest first day. neither highest weekend nor highest first week .but will have highest final collection ever. reason no burden of drink and drive of shooting a deer.Salman is greatest superstar today but Aamir is greatest actor ever. That's the difference.

    1. Forget Sultan. Dangal won’t be able to beat even airlift.

    2. Here is My Prediction

      1. Sultan – 298-301 Cr
      2. Airlift – 127 Cr
      3. Dangal – 118 Cr
      4. Houseful3 – 107 Cr
      5. Mohenji Daro – 95 Cr

    3. I wish we salmanics could donate some collections of Sultan to Tingu to make dangal second highest grosser of 2016.

  5. Sultan should collect 1.1 to 1.15 crore on Wednesday and another 1 crore on Thursday. It will close 3rd week inching towards 294 crore. So collecting another 6 crore in its lifetime should not be a problem. It may close towards 298 to 299 crore by 4th week.

  6. the most footfalls i came to know is of bajrangi bhaijan ever so who is the biggest star and biggest movie ?

  7. कल देखी मैंने सुलतान और कहना पड़ रहा है की मुझे ये मूवी बहुत पसंद आई। बिना वजह विरोध करने से कोई फायदा नहीं।its a very nice movie.
    मुझे उम्मीद है की ये मूवी 300 करोड़ करेगी।सभी सलमान फैंस को अग्रिम बधाई 300 करोड़ करने की.congrates fans

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  11. MD SHAHNAWAJ its of no use to talk to someone like you. You can never be fan Of Salman as Salman knows how to react . Virat I wish you would be right but bro please check data of Aamir movies in last 8 Yrs. Moreover Salman himself was so impressed by script of Dangal that he helped Aamir in getting copyright of title Dangal from Punit Issar. Aamir and Salman share great bonds and we should respect the same.



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