June 22, 2016

Mohenjo Daro Trailer Response and Trade Expectations.

Mohenjo Daro is one of the biggest films of 2016 and film trailer is just released 2 days back. So, what is the trade response to the trailer.

There is no doubt that trailer is looking great and liked by one and all. However few in trade pointed that looking at the costumes, cultures and fights shown in the trailer, it would have been better to renamed the film to some other title. Mohenjo Daro title may not be apt as at that times, people use to be dark featured, dressing style was simple, peace loving people and many things were not discovered or invented also. 

It would have been better to named some fictional place rather than naming the famous first Indus Valley civilisation. Those who will go to theaters to watch the film to have knowledge about Mohenjo Daro civilisation  may get disappointed a little. Apart from this issue, everything is looking fine about the trailer.

Hrithik Roshan seems to delivered yet another career defining performance in the film. Pooja Hegde is looking stunning. Her chemistry alongwith Hrithik is looking amazing. Film is looking grand and we should not have any doubt of Ashutosh Gowariker as film maker. Overall response to the trailer of Mohenjo Daro is positive. Thumbs up from trade.

As per as box office expectation of the film. Mohenjo Daro should collect in around 175-200 crore nett in India alone. This is despite having clash with another biggie in Rustom. If film content is liked immensely then film should do business in excess of 200 crores.

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  1. akki to gayo................akki ko aukat pata chal jayega 12 august ko

    1. ha jaise saruk ko aukat pata chal gayi

  2. aukaat to tere jaise fudduo ko pta chalegi...

  3. Rustom 150cr
    Mohanjodaro 70 cr
    Rustom - Super Hit
    Mohanjodaro - Disaster

  4. Why just can u two say...best of luck for both movies?!!!

  5. Why is this such a 'gareeb' website. Itne important article pe bhi 5 comments. And iska admin har comment ko moderate bhi karta hai. Lol. Aise toh ho chuki popular website.



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