April 20, 2016

When is Raees going to Release? Is it EID or not?

One of the most common query in our inbox (admin@addatoday.com) is, "When is Raees going to release?" Is it still releasing on EID? Or is there any change? If so then what is the new date possible?

First of all before answering the query, like to mention one thing. Raees shooting is already finished. Film post production work is going on. So, film will be ready in a month or atmost two. So, Raees can easily be released in EID. Also, makers have not made any official statement that they are postponing it from EID.

Now coming to Raees release date. Still think it is better to clash with Sultan and release in Festive time. Yes, it might hamper both film overall business, but it will be exhibitors delight. Let them enjoy a little as they hardly get good moolah nowadays. Seriously, it is better to release in Festive period with clash then get solo release with one open week. Yes, if a film gets good two week open run with a Holiday or even partial Holiday in between then that's better.

So, if makers need to postpone or in case prepone when they will get open week of two. Yes, in month of Ramzan there is place, but that period is never fruitful for box office. Will SRK take further risk with Raees after disappointment of FAN? That will be some "Miyan Bhai ki Daring". Logically prepone of Raees seems out of question.

Most feasible release date is 29th July, 2016. Yes, there is Dishoom but then Raees will get majority of the screens till 11th August that means 14 days of good run. So, if Raees is postponed then it should release on 29th July, 2016. 

Yes, there are few good periods available in August (end of August), September or even November but by then film buzz may decrease as film is already now into post production and will be ready in a month or so. Also, buzz right now is very good.

Coming to insider report what makers are contemplating right now. Insiders say that Raees postponement from EID is confirmed. It is an open secret. Otherwise they would have released something with the mention of official date. Why they are taking time because they are yet to shortlisted a date. According to insiders there are two possible dates in 2016. But still not yet decided which one is more fruitful. One is of course 29th July and other one is Bakra EID period. 

29th July release time is good as buzz will remain easily strong of Raees till then, however film have to clash with Dishoom. Varun Dhawan is a good force in youth and Dishoom may surprise many. So, makers are little tentative for 29th July. Coming to Bakra EID/Bakr Id/Eid ul-Adha, film can easily get released then, but big problem is film buzz may go down then as there is still lot of months left from now.

Hope we have throw some light on Raees release date. We think EID is still the best bet for Raees. Will the makers think the same? Will they still keep EID as release date? Your guess is as good as ours. Let's wait for official announcement! 

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  1. Raees will be release eid 2016 srk will win this time ...bcouse raees is like muslim fastv film ...

  2. eid is best release date for raees.........fan was off beat film...fan is classic masterpiece film.....while raees is commercial film......eid is best choise for raees........cozz eid is big festive season............miyan bhai ki daring.....this eid raees only...we want clash.....janeman 2 vs don........histry repeat......haters dont bark too much............raees bhai is coming.....postponed multan...........cozz multan will be bigggg diaster.....audience will not watch fake body of sallu

  3. ha ha ha eid pe hi aake dikha agar eid pe aaya to fan life time 90cr & raees 90cr total -- 180cr.
    sultan ---- 250cr. .

  4. dear ankur plsss fan ka 6th day ka update dena suna hai pankha bahut se cinema hall se utar gaya, morning show bilkul khali .. 3-4cr Wednesday

  5. It should release only social networking sites just like Facebook, Twitter.. etc etc

  6. Multan ki itni aukaat nahi ki raees k takkar de.budhhaसलमान fake body

  7. I want to see SULTAN vs RAEES clash on EID 2016
    bcoz both movies are looking good and also i want to know now this time salman vs srk who is bigger with clashes

  8. ha ha Chi Chi Chi Chi isliye raees postponed ho gaya khi khi khi khi phirvi sarm nahi bolraha darfuk srk aur jahatak bat hai fake body ki o bas tere jaisa haklu ko hi lagta hai ... Bollywood ka only hero hai jo live TV show, logo ke samne, shaadi gharo me , fans ke samne body khol ke dikhata hai o hai Salman sabko Pata hai aur dusre hero ki o karneki aukat nahi bcoz fake body unsak ki hai .. aur tu bolnese kiya hota hai ha ha sultan ----- 2nd 300cr ..
    dabba hai dabba haklu ka pankha dabba, kitna bara Bhai???? sal ka sabse bara

  9. Raees i want to watch eid 2016 ......srk raees will cross 500cr this eid worldwide ...if solo release eid collection will be 800cr ...this time again srk win beats salman sultan ..same like 2006 don

    1. You are wrong buddy... u r underestimating SRK power... Raees will earn 500 cr in India and 500 cr overseas ... total 1000 cr if Sultan release with Raees then Sultan total collections will be less than 10 cr... Salman Career finished with Sultan.. hahaha..😂😂😂😂😂

  10. bada aya trade analyst saale aur bhai tum log pehle apni hero ki body dekho uska body rikshawale ke jaisa hai salman started the trend of being shirtless and show well built body saale kutte media ke kutta chamcha saare

  11. Arey baba phir se srk vs Salman. Pls accept tat both r huge superstars along wid Aamir... Uska career khatam, iska career khatam. Ghar baithe baithe hum comment kar rahein hai ... better we concentrate in our career . Srk, Salman n aamir r doing very wel in their respective fields



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