April 25, 2016

Open Letter from a Proud Shah Rukh Khan 'FAN'.

We rarely post Guest comment as article. But here is one True Fan of Shah Rukh Khan, Mr. Kunal Anand, who has posted something special in our comment section. We believe he is not only true SRK fan, but also true fan of movies and other stars. It takes something special inside to stand like a rock with your favorite actor be it failure or success.

Here is what Kunal says -

Yes, as Addatoday said, FAN is undoubtedly a FLOP when we consider the BO collection. A movie of 105crs budget collects 80crs after 2nd weekend and in all probability it will be in the range of 85-86crs then it must b tagged as FLOP. No denial of this fact. Here, I won't even try to give any excuse like non holiday, no songs or dance, or any other reason which generally a fan should give. Yes, as a true fan I don't have any issue to accept that SRK has tasted a BO failure after really long 11 yrs (last was paheli in 2005). 

But here comes the tricky part like gaurav said asli drama to ab shuru hoga.

1. Who else has got his first BO FLOP after a huge gap of 11 yrs?

2. SRK dared to do the experimental kind of cinema and he failed BO wise just like in Swades. So does it mean Swades was a crap or bullshit. Obviously NO. FAN has been applauded, for SRK performance from every possible critic reviews. So it can be easily said that FAN is a success in terms of cinematic experiment. Atleast someone tried to do something out of the box. Remember only those people fall who dares to walk. 

3. Has SRK stardom (Read career, like most brainless haters say) ended with FAN debacle??? My take did SRK vanished after swades??? No boy, SRK is not just a wonder of few movies or belongs to filmy family. A young energetic dynamic average looking guy from Delhi came in late 80s and has reached to this worldwide stardom n success due to his hard work, determination n dedication. Only he dared to play grey characters when every leafing actor was playing safe romantic charming chocolaty hero roles. SRK has every time came back n came hard whenever he faced a failure either it's BO or quality roles. This time it's a BO success which is not a difficult to achieve with a typical Bollywood masala entertainer. He can do this at any time without much effort like he did CE.

4. As a SRK fan I m immensely satisfied that after few really ordinary performances like HNY n Dilwale he showed the old srk again I'm terms of acting by his superlative portrayal of Gaurav in FAN. I m happy that he has some really quality films lined up like Raees, Anand L Rai next, Imtiaz Ali next, Aditya Chopra next, Gauri Shinde next, Don 3 n lots more.

5. To all fans, chahe kisi v actor k ho, Will Smith said a very meaningful line: "If you can't b with me in my failure then you don't deserve to b with me in my success." 

So guyz always stand like a rock with your favorite actors be it failure or success. I stood with SRK in supersuccess phase, I stood with him in failure phase and I stand with him today as well tomorrow also. Proud to b a SRK FAN.

From a true FAN..

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  1. big lolllllll. . . ankur haklu fans ha ha

  2. well said bro..king always king..no one can do experiment and acting like him : MNIK swades chak de india Ra-one Fan ..no matter film do good business or not but he gives 100 % justice on his role

  3. Seriously, Kunal, You put tears in my eyes, I never add a comment on any movies of SRK, whether It is a failure or a success, But here it is, Welcome back SRK, You did a great job, Its not about collection, its about quality, and you did it.....

  4. Dear Addatoday,

    Thank you so much for considering my comment as article. I really feel honored. Thank you so much. Hope other readers may agree with the post. A true FAN always supports his favorite actors in every situation. They fight they argue, they differ in opinion but they never use any abusive language towards any actor or their FAN. And if anyone can't have that minimum respect towards others, extremely sorry to say but they are not true FANs.

    1. Dear Kunal,

      Iam not a SRK Fan rather I may come in the hater category. But I will only say three things-

      1. Iam a movie fan and whenever anyone including SRK has done good roles, I have admired. And he acted very well as Gaurav, without doubt.

      2. FAN would have got better treatment if it was not SRK. But because of other reasons internal and external to SRK, even a average mistake ( 20 pc of movie@ 2nd half) resulted in such negative publicity and no repeat shows.

      3. Admire your views as a true fan, be it anyone.


    2. Agree with You, what a article, you write my feeling, thoughts

    3. first of all i request ANKUR to publish my reply also if u like the content and u think if its right as u have done with MR KUNAL.

      As a fan u are completely right in favour of SHAHRUKH JI. All the points u have drawn into our attention are fabulous and mind blowing.

      But rarely one does feel these type of emotions for Good actors as you r feeling for the one, and not for actors who are working regularly and honestly in your so called EXPERIMENTAL kind of cinema as MR SHAHRUKH is working almost after years in an EXPERIMENTAL ROLE, the kind of the role u have commented on. General movie going public will never try and even watch such movies as u have watched FAN, Coz that will be a waste of time for people, not such as you.
      I don't wanna mention any actors name as i'm not a particular actor's overwhelming fan but i would like all the actors to do good movies and endorsements as they are simply are directly connected to the people of INDIA.

      Regarding SRK's stardom, u should always know a fact about life that , MORE the people comment on a person or a matter MOST the popularity of that thing or person goes up.

      Rest all that u have written is your frustration and i don't think it is really matured from ADDATODAY ADMIN to post it online.


      watch access movies for the betterment of movies in bollywood and their quality.

      MR ANKUR you should be a real critic not BIASED.

      please consider and publish such letters from AAMIR,SALMAN,AKSHAY,IRFAAN and all other bollwood hero's and heroine's fans as you have considered this (KUNAL)childish fan's remarks

  5. Srk is king of bollywood no body close to him..

  6. Kunai, we are also fan too but not like you stupid to acknowledge the truth. You say after paheli, it's only one that disappointed in box office. I guess u don't understand box office. Let me make you clear. Hit n flop depends on the return money for distributor not producer for big movie. Producers already bagged money for big movies so it's only return money for distributor decided hit n flop. Ra1 , swades , dilwale and now Fan entail huge loss to the distributors. So let's correct your statistics. Let's pray RAAEES came with the bang.

    1. Pls share data of distributor earning for above mentioned film. It may be not known becoz it is pretty confidential contract.SRK is king and dream of director to work with him.

  7. Guys what we have to realise is that SRK isn't like he was anymore, as Salim Khan once said to SRK when Hritik burst onto the scene "bahut athe jathe rehte hain tujko koi fark nahin padega beta par jab mera Salman serious ho jayega apna kaam ko leke tab tujko worry karna padega". Which is exactly what is happening. Salman is taking he's career very seriously that even he's half decent films are turning into blockbusters. Aamir is on another level and always has been as an actor but now also as a megastar. SRK has fallen down the pecking order. It's Salman as number 1, Aamir as number 2 and SRK as number 3 and if he continues doing films like fan he'll be overtaken by the likes of Ranvir Singh and Varun Dhawan. Also SRKs favourite directors are moving onto younger actors like Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra did. Besides the film they do make with him doesn't turn into blockbusters like they used to. Now SRK is relying on directors he used to look down upon like Rohit Shetty and Rahul Dholakia whom he wouldn't probably have given one minute of he's day 10yrs ago. What goes up must come down SRK enjoyed 10/12 years of being number one and now it's the other two megastars' turn.

  8. I m also ur fan mr kunal anand.hats off to u

  9. Hats off Kunal you just reverberated what we all fans wanted to say in a long time. I would also like to point out that I wonder if Salman Khan too had his fans before Dabang (2010) as we all know how many hits and flops he had in that period (2000 to 2009). Not trying to degrade his stature as Salman is a huge star now. But some of the fake fans are simply degrading SRK which made me post this.

  10. What is everyone saying. If FAN was a good quality film it would have earned at the box office. Look at the examples of Neerja or last year's Tanu Weds Manu Returns. Even movies with lead actresses and good content are doing good. Only making one half good is not enough. Otherwise actors like Randeep Hooda would have been superstars. Very childish comments from all the Fans of FAN.

    1. What are you talking about ? These were low budget movie .Every SRK movie is having a budget of 100 cr plus .Even if BO collection in India is less then BO collection overseas is pretty strong . This is the beauty of KING SRK .No can match this .

  11. Hats off to you Mr. Kuṇal..
    SRK is very adorable and as ever "THE KING"

  12. Usse jyada experimental movies to AKSHAYKUMAR sir karte hai.....

  13. SRK is KING and other Khan will follow him only .SRK is benchmark for other KHAN and role model.

  14. Bro.... First of all it is too hard on Fan to be judged as a commercial film. I watched this movie in my Home town which is a small place called Sehore. Not the fact is everyone enjoyed the movie. But in the End people said Yaar Comedy nahin thi, yaar gaane to the hi nahin. Most of Bollywood is delivering to these guys and nothing wrong in it. The fact is here is one superstar who makes a non commercial film. And people call it a debacle, it might be a BO flop but does not matter. We liked Swades and we loved it. Fantastic Films like Gangs of Wasseyput do not even make it to the top club, but were they not good movies.
    I am a Fan of SRK not because of his acting or he is a superstar but because he gives me motivation to rise up in life and thats the reason i was able to dream and start my own successful company when everyone said no.
    SRk is more than an actor. Woh Jaan hai hamari, par woh log kya samjahnege jo Dynasties ke Fan hain.
    I am not even worries ki SRK;s career will have any impact from Fan, infact i am sure Raees will do that for him. But Fan was a very special film and i could relate it with me though not entirely.
    a Message to SRK himself, Sir Kutte bhonkte rehten hain aur haathi apni chal chalta rehta hai. And you are at a stage where Box office figures do not matter for me now what matters is good cinema where you make us proud. And these naysayers just need one good friday from us to shut them up.

  15. Excellent tiger bro awesome article

  16. Reading the comments make me wonder...how many critics are there for sir srk. I guess.. One who is beyond perfection, an outstanding actor, an international icon, and an everything a person can be is in him at its best...these things makes you critics favrt. Ilove you all jealous freaking ppl.

  17. Its a movie of 'Classes' and not 'Masses', masses wants - an item song, few fight sequence, love story, kisses etc. 'Class' wants - acting ..a sheer acting, & thats where we belongs to 'class' :) , loved it

  18. Srk fans will stand by him no matter what. All the great a actors have had flops, he will bounce back .don't need a long letter or lecture over it. Chill out.

  19. Dear All,

    I really thank to all from the core of my heart for your honest, kind views on my post. As I said it is absolutely right that we will differ in terms of our views and it's totally acceptable as well as more than welcomed. The only thing we need to show the minimum respect towards all. If we use words like haklu, lallu, natura, chakki and lots of more derogatory words I have seen on this website right from 2011 then it's really very very wrong. A true fan will never behave like this. You criticize and criticize hard on the basis of facts n logic but just maintain the dignity n respect for all. I used to b a very regular writer on this site, admin knows this very well, but stopped writing just because if the offensive n abusive writing. Now I just write when I feel to say my view. I had, I will maintain the same always and expect the same from all. Rest it's upto every person.


    1. Mr KUNAL u are a real fool dear. Pl go and watch good movies except for the HAKLU'S movies you've watched so far, you will realize the fact that SHAHRUKH KHAN just wants AWARDS and MONEY but nothing else. Just watch his latest interview in which he has quoted that he will cry if he doesn't get an award for FAN.
      Does this make any sense, Dancing in award function only doesn't deserve awards. His act in FAN is not of the pedigree to have him the best actor award but the sole fact that, he also knows that he has under performed for many years now and this one has come as A SMALL PIECE of PIE but not the FULL PIECE OF PIE.
      And just you are a fan of a particular ACTOR, your words won't make the sympathy of people turn towards you and your favorite actor. Just go and tell your favorite actor to keep on continuously try and improve on the quality of movies and his acts to deserve the position he finds himself in the INDUSTRY.

      FAN is a real BAD MOVIE and EMOTIONS can not change the verdict which has been given to the movie by the people of INDIA.

    2. Anish you are such a retard, go get some treatment done. you seriously need it. Some so called brainless people like you are actually degrading some good Indian films into bad perspective because of your personal grudges against a particular actor. Even a cult classic like Andaz apna apna was a flop of its time. And people of low level thinking as you don't really understand what a good quality cinema is & it doesn't always come with box-office success every time. Such a big shame on guys like you who just know nothing but barking all the time.. what an ignorant you are I pity.

  20. Well Mr. Anish...if you could have read my post or even my above comment, I said only about maintaining the minimum dignity n respect towards all. Its not about any actor or me or anyone else or to get sympathy. All bollywood actors have achieved that much that they wont get insulted if some brainless people call them with derogatory language. They have achieved their success by their hard work. So trying to abuse them or their success just shows the mental bankruptcy of in individual. I am a fan of a particular person does not give me right to abuse someone and if i will do that then I will get the same or even more in return. So the post was just about showing minimum respect towards all. Anyway, I am not going to enter a useless as well as abusive debate with anyone here. I said my point and if people think its gud they may agree...Samajhdar ko ishara kafi hota hai...jo na samjhe wo...better you know.



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