FAN Movie Review. Treat for all SRK Fans.

April 17, 2016

FAN Movie Review. Treat for all SRK Fans.

Expectation is colossal when a film releases starring Shah Rukh Khan. More so when we got to know that he plays a double role. Expectation rises even more when film is from the production house of Yash Raj Films. So, how is FAN? The biggest release of the year so far?

FAN stars SRK in double role. One being a superstar and other being an obsessed fan of that star. Film is directed by Maneesh Sharma.

So, without more delay let's do the Movie Review of FAN.

Story - FAN is a story of Gaurav (SRK) who is a die-hard and obsessed fan of Aryan Khanna (SRK). His only aim in life is to look like Aryan, be like him, walk like him, talk like him. As Aryan birthday arrives Gaurav plans to meet him in person and gift him his winning trophy and sweets given by his mother. Gaurav plan his trip to Mumbai. He reaches Aryan house on Aryan's birthday day. The security guards stops him at the gate and disallows him to enter the house. Gaurav finally gets a live visual of Aryan when Aryan comes to balcony to wave to his numerous fans who are waiting outside for a glimpse of him.

Gaurav doesn't simply stops here. He makes a plan of meeting Aryan in person although it may be for just few minutes. After that there are sequence of event happens which forces Aryan to meet Gaurav in person. When both meets, Aryan asks Gaurav to go home and live his life. Whereas Gaurav asks Aryan to give just 5 minutes of his life as he is the biggest Fan of him ever. He simply asks Aryan to show some gratitude toward his die-hard loyal fan who has come from long way just to meet him. Aryan disagrees. This makes Gaurav disillusioned from life and wants to take revenge with Aryan to say sorry to him.

Will Gaurav remain Aryan fan forever after their meeting? Or will he take revenge from Aryan as he is ignored completely? Will he able to force Aryan to say sorry to his biggest fan? For all these one has to watch the movie in theaters.

FAN first half is excellent. Screenplay is good. Scenes look real. Confrontation between Gaurav and Aryan and sequences after that are highlight of the film. Even start of second half is good. However film loses it plot somewhere through the middle part of 2nd half. There are many scenes which look convenient. Gaurav can easily go and come out of many secured places in London and other parts of Europe and go unnoticed. Even Gaurav enters Aryan's home unnoticed. When Aryan calls a press-con to inform the world that the stalker is threat to world revolving around him, how can he not say this to his family. How his wife easily allows Gaurav to enter inside the house. And yes there are many such scenes in second half. Majority part of second half looks unreal.

Another big loophole in the film is that Gaurav who is a lookalike of Aryan, looks slightly different from Aryan in face features. However there are many sequences where Gaurav looks exactly same as Aryan. Even Aryan's secretary and wife fails to recognise the differences.

However good thing is that FAN picks up again in last portion of second half till the climax. Actually climax is the high point of the film which make up for all the flaws in second half.

Coming to acting part. Shah Rukh Khan is simply mindblasting in the role of Gaurav. Yes, he as lovable as ever in the role of Aryan. But he is simply outstanding as Gaurav. First as a die-hard Fan and then as a over obsessed fan of Aryan. And finally as a sinister. His role of Gaurav reminds us of beautiful 90s when SRK played such role with elan and which transformed him from a good actor to superstar. SRK is always rocking playing anti-hero role and it is so refreshing to see him in this avatar after a long hiatus.

Maneesh Sharma as director is superb in first half of the film. However he loses his plot in second half. Thankfully he does a nice job in the finale part.

Screenplay is lose in many part specially in second half of the film. If it had been tight FAN would definitely come as one of the best film of SRK career.

Verdict - FAN is definite watchable for all movie lovers, more so for all die-hard fans of SRK. However for neutral they may dislike the second half which has many loopholes. Still it is definitely watchable for SRK and his powerhouse acting performance. With FAN releasing solo and Friday being Holiday in few parts of India film should open big. There is no doubt that FAN will zoom  past 100 crore mark in first few days itself. Looking at all factors Fan should collect in between 150-175 crore nett mark. We hope FAN collects much more than that and be a big Hit at box office.

Ratings - 3.5/5. Definitely watchable all because of SRK and his true acting prowess. Yes it is a treat for all his die-hard fans. Go watch it!

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  1. koimoi give only 2.5 star .. And how about Fan's Word or mouth scale ?
    is this movie will touch 150 crore ?

  2. Main tera hai re jqbra fqn ho gaya.maza aa gaya dear ankur.excellent review

  3. बॉलीवुड के किंग ख़ान की मच अवेटेड फिल्‍म 'फैन' आज सिनेमाघरों में रिलीज हो गई है, फिल्‍म ने सिनेमाघरों में अपनी मौजदूगी दिखा दी है जो कि इस फिल्‍म के पूरे शो बुक हो चुके हैं। ये फिल्म देश में 3000 स्क्रीन और विदेश में 700 स्क्रीन्स में रिलीज हो गई है। यश राज की फिल्म 'फैन' में शाहरूख खान दो भूमिका निभाते नजर आ रहे हैं, एक सुपरस्टार आर्यन खन्ना की और दूसरी उसके सबसे बड़े फैन गौरव की है। इस फिल्‍म में बॉलीवुड के किंग ऑफ रोमांस ने अपनी अदाकारी से सबको अपना दीवाना बना दिया है।

  4. A good movie with something new to offer...don't carry your brains at theater to watch the movie

  5. Bombay Velvet
    का record तो गया

  6. Another disaster come for srk.His career gradually decreasing way

  7. rocking film................god of acting is back.............

  8. Jo ye keh rahe hai ki film mat dekho flop hai darasal sabse Pehle wahi dekh kar aye hai warna in, #modibhakt. Ko kaisey pta ki film flop hai

  9. Reviewer, did you really watched the movie? Aryan khanna's wife knew about stalker thats why she ask him to come in camera to confirm, then gaurav act as AK to convince her, still she doubted so she took out gun. At Madame Tussaud, he entered by buying ticket, where you can also go if you can buy ticket. And he is not unnoticed, CCTV recorded everything. Do you think these are loophole? Only thing that may bother you is gaurav look exactly same as AK when he do all crimes, in my view its cinematic liberty without which no movie can be made. Audience did not think this much when i was in theatre last night. Have some peace of mind. Or tell me a single movie which is full of logic? Or is it logical that one alien come and learn everything just by touching your hand? Or is it logical you cross ind-pak border without being in much trouble and openly telling you are hindu? Or you can fight 50-100 people all alone?

  10. azaam.ko Monday ke bad dikhai nahi dega ha ha

  11. FAN is getting standing ovation in every left audience teary eyed, no negativity can harm this film....superb film....#FANtastic movie.........

  12. many theather cancelled fan show and gave show to jungle book...very sad because public respone was very bad

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. bhai pvr vikaspuri google pe search kar lena aur usme jungle book aur fan ka advance booking check kar lena "dhud ka dhud pani ka pani hojaega"

    3. so jungle book dekhne ke liye delhi jana padega, unfortunately i cant, as i am not alone, my son is with me to watch Jungle book, so next time buddy.
      abhi to mumbai me hi search karta hu kahi shaam ka show mil jaye to.

  13. jitendra@dudh ka dhud pani ka pani hone ke baad comment hi delete kar diya ab FAN to gayu..

  14. 2nd half mai kya kar mai koi story to tha nahi.......bas kuch tha hi money............



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