April 3, 2016

FAN and Baaghi to Shine in April 2016.

For last few years month of April is generally termed as low phase for Bollywood box office. There are few reasons for that. Hardly any significant film releases this time as there is no major festive period. Also, last few year saw the rise of IPL and hence, audiences stuck to their home in 2nd half of the day to watch cricket match in this summer time. However 2016 will be different as there will be two big releases in FAN and Baaghi. Yes, there are other releases also, but these two are simply enough to have a rocking April for the trade.
Coming to FAN first. It is definitely one of the movies of the year. It stars none other than Superstar Shah Rukh Khan back in his favorite avatar. He is playing a double role. Earlier trade was skeptical about FAN being the next 200 crore film. However all that doubt is quashed when theatrical trailer of FAN is released. Movie goers have immensely liked the trailer. Trade has raise their expectation for the film and median value of box office collection of FAN is around 175-200 crore nett in India now. However few of the experts have gone ahead and proclaimed that FAN will cross 200 crore barrier also. If that happens then FAN might be one of the favorite to be the highest grosser of 2016 as most of all other big releases are having clashes.

Coming to Baaghi now. Baaghi stars Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor in lead roles. Baaghi is made by the team of Heropanti which was a big success at that time of release. Plus there is good craze among the youth for Tiger. Trade is believing Baaghi as potential 75 crore film with few experts predicting that film has all potential to be next 100 crore. That will be big big achievement in itself.

We do hope that both films rock at box office and happy days specially in April month returns to box office ticket counters. If that happens many biggies will attempt to release their film in the time of IPL in future. So, let's seat back and enjoy as just few more days are left for release of FAN at theaters near you.

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  1. Fan
    Boxoffice prediction

    screen count 3300-3500

    1 day 14 cr
    2 day 11 cr
    3 day 12 cr
    4 day 8 cr
    5 day 5 cr
    6 day 4 cr
    7 day 2 cr
    lifetime 73 cr
    Verdict-Yeh Lamhe Judai Ke

    1. Uour @ss needs burnol , i have burnol for your @ss ... Faizurrehman

  2. FANmania starts everywhere...critics traide audience all r waiting for fan even haters r also waiting

  3. FAN lyftime collection will under 30 cr...mark my words....because ipl session,present srk is zero value,non holiday,content copy from DARR,no music and songs,no story,no female actresses...all reason are sufficient for my prediction ...hope FAN do well in box-office ..

    1. Deepu@ give me ur emAil Address so that i will approach u there



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