April 16, 2016

FAN 2nd Day (Saturday) Collection Early Trends, Good Jump in Evening.

FAN is recording good jump from Evening onwards as latest reports are coming in for Saturday (2nd Day). However collection are still below Friday level. Film is in fact doing very well in multiplexes and business there today is more or less comparable to Friday. However film is getting weak in mass dominated centers and single screens and that is a bit of concern. Overall if samples of Saturday are compared to Friday then there is a on average drop of 15-20%.
Occupancy Report of FAN for Saturday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 40-45% [Friday 55%]
Noon - 50% [Friday 60%]
Evening-Night - 60-65%* [Friday 70%]

* Evening only.

Still Night shows are about to start of. FAN should show good jump there as tomorrow is Sunday. Hope film should make up for the drop registered till last report and go close to Friday box office collection. But looking at big picture FAN 2nd day collection is almost looking certain to be below Friday. 

Early Trends from sample suggest FAN should collect in the region of 15-16 crore nett for the day. If Night shows register more than expected jump then figures may go close to 17-18 crores. These estimates are based on the samples we have received till last report filled in and actual may vary as large pool of single screen data for the day is awaited.

Stay tuned for more updates of FAN.

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  1. पंखा जल गया
    बिजली के करंट से

  2. plz update worldwide collection of FAN including paid preview....plz admin? fan mania every where in world.....power of srk and content of fan....power house acting of srk.....god of acting is back with a bang

  3. ha ha ha 16cr lollllll big flop

  4. bajrangi bhaijaan and kick
    non holiday+ramdan period still 27cr

  5. one more 130cr film bhai lag gayi yeh movie ki bhi 226 phir 200 phir 140 ab 130 sahi hai

  6. Why we always have to measure with a good film with crores. BB was a good film and so is FAN. Should laud SRK for giving us one of d best acting display of all tym.

    1. SRK acting is superb I agree but The screenplay is weak and the story doesn't have much novelty...Bajrangi Bhaijan had a good solid story powered by fantastic performance from Salman and Nawaz.. however I would like to laud SRK for trying something different

  7. Haha some one gone mad compare BB with Faaaaaan...haha

    1. Actually yes, how cud smone compare FAN with BB.
      Just keep on compare quality with quantity - "Jai Ho" ka "Taalash" toh "Dilwale" "Shing is Bling" ko humesha rehega.

  8. Ever since this 100/200/300 club came into existence, we have lost creative brilliance. High time we start appreciate good film of any actor or else we will get more of crap in d name of commercial movies.

  9. Well said brother fan is the one of his kind doesn't need numbers it will remember srk best performance recent Era

  10. Get lost looser
    Fan is the awesome movie
    Even shame on you who are comparing bb with fan
    B.b. Was good movie

    But fan is the masterpiece ok

  11. Fan is a masterpiece !!
    Get lost haters

    Uneducated and person without feelings will never undrstand the greatness and awesome acting quality of god - shahrukh khan

  12. Abe a to jai ho ka lifetime vi par nahi karegi khi khi khi khi ...
    hike ticket price, 3600srn in india, best reviews by critics, holiday, haklu best haklane wala performance.... phirvi lag gai ..khi khi khi khi.
    ab to iska weekend jai ho se vi kam hoga bcoz
    jai ho weekend---- 60cr
    fan weekend ----- 55-56cr
    lollll big flop of the year

  13. I see many are just blabbering morons. doesn't matter whether a film is good or bad - only see it in the light of box office. It's sad that we lost our basic intellect to appreciate a good movie.



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