April 20, 2016

Even if FAN is profitable will it be declared Flop?

We have received lot of queries in out inbox (admin@addatoday.com) regarding FAN will be declared HIT or Flop? Most interesting query is if FAN breaks even and somehow not collect 100 crore then what will be the status. Will it be HIT or FLOP?

Yes, there are many instances in past when film is safe for makers but have been declared outright Trade FLOP. So, yes that is also possible in case of FAN.

FAN needs to recover around 60-65 crores of distributor share (DS) from India and Overseas. Suppose if FAN collects say 95 crore nett in India, then DS will be around 45-47 crores. Which means to break even it need around 15-18 crores of DS from Overseas which should easily be recovered. Means makers are almost safe with the film and they will not entitle any loses.

Now coming to Trade verdict for the film. Yes Return of Investment is one of the main criteria for film, but with that nett collection, each circuit performances and exhibitors rental and profit are also important. A 100+ crore budgeted film can't be declared simply HIT for a below 100 crore nett collection. 

FAN will be declared Clean HIT if film collects 120-125+ crore nett in India. If film collects between 100-120 nett region it will be Below Average, Average, Above Average or Semi HIT depending on the score. So, if FAN fails to collect 100 it has every chance of being FLOP. Yes, final verdict is still to come and if all goes well then FAN might be declared at least below average even with nett collection of 95 crore nett or more.

FAN Verdict Predictor (These are estimates of Trade, actual verdict will be known by the end of Theatrical run of FAN) - 

Blockbuster - 215 crore nett+
Super HIT - 165-210 crore nett.
HIT - 125-160 crore nett.
Above Average/Semi HIT - 110-124 crore nett.
Below Average/Average - 95-109 crore nett.
Flop - 80-94 crore nett.
Disaster - 70-79 crore nett.
All Time Disaster - less than 69 crore nett.

Hope above table gives you some indication on FAN trade verdict status.

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  1. public Chutiya hai kiya??? jai ho budget 75 cr lifetime 116cr verdict-- average & semi hit ..... & fan budget 105cr and lifetime - 110-124cr semi hit or average ... why pls ans this

  2. but 100% fan life time 90-95cr menas big flop....
    tuesday--- 6cr
    Wednesday --4.5cr
    Thursday---- 3.5cr
    1week---------- 72cr
    8thday -----2.5cr... 9thday--- 3cr ... 10th day -- 4cr ... 11thday---- 1.5cr ... 12th day ----1.5cr .... 13th day --- 1cr ..... 14th day --- 1cr
    2week total ----- 86cr
    remaining week -- 4-5cr
    lifetime --- 90-92cr big flop

  3. हम सलमान फैन बेवक़ूफ़ नहीं है
    Jai Ho
    Budget 60 cr
    collection 116 cr
    Budget 105 cr
    collection 90cr
    Verdict-all time Disaster
    ऐसा अबकी बार नहीं होगा
    अपना बजट भी नहीं निकल पायी थी

    लेकिन फिर भी
    हिट रही
    ऐसा क्यों?
    अगर ऐसा है तो
    Jai Ho -all Tim Blockbuster
    mai aur khanna-Super Hit

    1. ..........and also 49 flops with zero awards

    2. Fir bhi Shahrukh khan ko king khan aur superstar kehte hain media wale aur salman ko sirf dabang khan..actually Salman is superstar and king khan...He is only superstar....

  4. one of the best movie of srk.. thts why he called as baadshah of acting & king of bollywood...
    bahut se aise log h jo boycott kr rhe h.. to isse kya fark parrega srk ko.. kuchh fark ni parrega.. pura world iss film ki tareef kr rha h.. yaha tk ki jitni news channel h wo to pagal ho gye h srk k acting ko dekh k.. censor board ne to standing ovation diya tha iss movie ko dekh k... magar yahan bahut jahil log jo soch rhe h ki boycott kr denge to srk ki publicity & stardom khatm ho jayegi.. insha allah aisa kbhi ni hoga... srk u r the best...

    1. Bhai jisme public ka paisa vasool nai uska dabba gul
      Mujhe time waste lagi and i dont care of standing ovation etc
      Flop n disaster

  5. Sure flop hogi ceiling fan. Content oriented Fan. Hahaha Rofl

  6. Wait and watch movie will be semi hit or hit fan is good movie

  7. It vl collect 92-93 crore Lifetime
    Registered flop
    Less than ABCD, Ek Villain and Grand Masti
    Well deserved flop

  8. Haters ki ab phat rahi h ki fan kyu 100 cr kamaa rahi h.ye chahte h ki fan flop ki catwgory me aaye jbki aisa hona asqmbhqv h haters.burnol lagalo tab tk

    1. abey ek tu hi chutiya hai yaha pe jo yeh samjh raha hai ke fan 100 crore ke uper jayegi hahahahahahahaha soch kr toh bhonka kar 90 crore se bhi uper nahi jana hai ab fan ne firday ko hat jayegi cinemas se fan

  9. Public ke pas paisa kam ho gaya hi.. People are going in savings mode... Tickets ke rates bhi jada hi .. Air movie ki story me koi Jaan nahi hi simple and predictable story.. To bhala kaise hit hogi film.. Stardom ke jamane gaye.. Star bhookho ka pet Ni bharte Bhai.. Haha aloo 5rs kg hai waha sirf film ke luye koi 250rs que dega.

  10. Super flop movie. Super flop acting.

  11. Baadshah ki baadshahat pane keliye sab awaz uthate hai lekin baadshah banne koi nahi ata srk baadshah of Bollywood since 1993 till Bollywood survive



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