February 19, 2016

Will Neerja be the next Queen of Bollywood?

In recent times we have seen lots of female centric films had made its name at box office India. Be it Kahaani, Queen, Mary Kom, NH10 or others all have shine at box office and become a plus to major hit films. Reason for that is film content is well driven and audiences have throng to theaters. Hope Neerja is the next in line. This might be a landmark film of Sonam Kapoor in her career graph in coming days.

Coming to Neerja it is a biopic on Neejra Bhanot. Initial reports for the film is very good. Hope same reports are out when audiences come out of theaters. If that happens then it may start slow at box office, but word of mouth may help it to trend for weeks as there is no major release coming in. Yes there are significant films, but if Neerja holds well in first week, then exhibitors definitely will give it the necessary shows it need to run for weeks. And if that happens then Neerja might be the next 'Queen' of Bollywood. Let's be positive!

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  1. all tym disaster list by trade analyst
    2. veer
    4.mangal pandey
    5.bombay velvet
    6.mission kashmir
    8.tess mar khan
    9.happy new year
    10.god tussi great ho.

  2. om shanti om ke baad srk ki sabhi movie average hui ya above average....dilwale n happy new year to flop v hogai....ab pata nahi FAN ki song se lag rah h all tym disaster hojaega

    1. @ Deepu

      For your information Nither Happy New Year nor Dilwale was flop and also SRK now has 12 consecutive Hits without flop....

      So keep dreaming dear....
      FAN also looks good and will be SRK's 13th consicutive hit...
      2nd most after Rajesh Khanna...

      & very soon he will cross 15 consecutive Hits and beat Rajesh Khanna...

      So keep crying all the time...

      Jalte raho lekin SRK ki movie chalti rahegi...

  3. taran trade analyst said fan is big disaster due to non holiday release ..and first song fan anthem is also disater n give rating 1 out of 10..

  4. for my point of view ab srk ko supporting role karna chahiye...from the heart of your true fan.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.



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