January 12, 2016

Airlift vs Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 Screen Clash this Republic Day Weekend

A lot of queries are received on how screen space will be divided for the first big weekend release of the year. Yes, we are talking of this Republic Day Weekend and there is clash between two films in Airlift and Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3. Both film genre is different and definitely both will have varied audiences. 

Coming to Airlift first. Promos of the film is extremely well liked and looks like audiences are eager to watch this Akshay Kumar flick in theaters. However film on such genre released last year also, in Baby which failed to touch 100 crores at box office. So, it will be interesting to see whether Airlift can succeed or not. Good music also helps the film as youth throng to theaters but that also is missing from it. Airlift will definitely aided by 5 day extended Holiday (Republic Day falls on Tuesday) and Akshay Kumar star power. But after that have to rely on word of mouth from then on. We already predicted Airlift as potential 100 crore film in our most awaited Bollywood movie section.

Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 is an adult comedy film. No doubt youth will throng to theaters to watch the flick. Generally such films do well in first few days and after that slows down rapidly. KKHH3 will definitely try to collect as much as possible in first few days of theatrical run itself and preferably in opening extended weekend.

Screen fight between these two films about to start of now. Both films will get good amount of screen space for sure. A film on genre like Airlift doesn't need more than 2000 screens Pan India. And Airlift will certainly get much more than that for sure. KKHH3 is also set to get a big release and don't be surprised if film gets nearly close to 2000 screens as exhibitors are quite excited about it and that only matters.

Our Estimation of Screen Count for this Republic Day Weekend Release

Airlift - 2500-2700 screens.
KKHH3 - 1600-1800 screens.

Note - This are simply estimation and numbers may also increase in final count.

Update on KKHH3 - Film has run into censor trouble now. CBFC has recommended a whopping 150 cuts for A certificate. Now it is to be seen how film releases on 22nd January. Also, now how much screening film gets because of all those cuts.

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  1. Air lift life time 87 cr maximum

    1. Atul soni....are you mad??? Or are you just a blind khan fan? Why are you happy that airlift will earn 87cr or whatever. ..you should be sad for this...this movie looks like high on content and performances and should definitely become atbb which isn't possible, I know. But still, this should be watched by all the indians because it has patriotism.

  2. 150 Cuts Then What will Remain ? Babaji Ka Thullu ?

  3. First day first show for airlift confirmed :)

    1. Atul soni is a mad guy...why is he happy that airlift won't earn much money...surely a blind khan fan...

  4. Good....but airlift should more screens....

  5. Kanika Sharma ko Jana hoga aagra conform

  6. Khans hatao aur Akki ko support Karo
    Sachha Hindustani

    1. Khans ko hataya tu baqi kya bacha,, baba g ka thullu hahaha

    2. Namak jar am hai khans..chahiye to tu dhek babuji ka tullu or khans tullu

  7. Nahi bhai log acchi filme dekhne jate kaha Hai...baby 200 k layak thi gabbar bhi 150 deserve karti thi...but log kaha jate Hai theater....faltu jhap filme Hi chalti Hai yaha

  8. House full 3 200 cr paar kar sakti hai



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