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January 25, 2016

Airlift Movie Review - Quick Take. Must See!

Airlift movie is based on true events of largest human evacuation during Iraq-Kuwait war. Around 1 Lakh and 70 Thousand civilians are evacuated from August-October 1990. Film shows how the civilians go through trauma and hell when Iraq invades Kuwait City. How they fought through all the hurdles and finally Indian Govt and Air India helps to evacuate them to India from Jordan.

Akshay Kumar plays the central character Ranjit Katyal, whereas Nimrat Kaur plays the role of her wife Amrita Katyal. Ranjit is among the central force who unites all Indians in Kuwait and plays important role in the evacuation process. 

Coming to performances Akshay Kumar has delivered one of his finest performance till date. Definitely Award winning one, but whether so called Bollywood award function will give him atleast a nomination is a big doubt. He underplays his stardom and is honest to the character of Ranjit Katyal. You can feel all the trauma Indians go through at that time through his eyes. 

Nimrat Kaur is first rated and delivers an honest performance. She is subdued at places and when required is just scene stealer from word go. This talented actress is definitely here to stay for more time in Bollywood.

Direction of Raja Krishna Menon is superb from first scene itself. He is definitely the main driving force which makes Airlift must watch atleast once for all movie goers. 

Editing of the film could have been better.

Overall Airlift is realistic and griping from first scene itself. There are few songs out of which only one seems out of place. Rest all are situational and goes well with the film. Only negative point maybe that film lacks suspense and thrill specially in second half. However that may be because director wants film to be as real as possible to the true events. However good part is there are loads of doses of patriotism in the film which will make your heart melt and eyes moist.

Verdict - Airlift is definitely a well deserving film to be watched this Republic Day Weekend. Everyone should go and see the film atleast once. Yes, film is devoid of general commercial ingredients, but will definitely make you smile at the end. Overall film will start slow, but with good word of mouth should rule for few weeks and be a Big Hit at box office. Sure Shot 100 crore film!

Rating - 4/5.


  1. Its not a average movie..its real cinema .explaining real life eventa.with outstanding acting and screenplay..direction

  2. Its a unique cinema. A new milestone of Indian Cinema. Everyone should be praised it and a must watch for every Indian. Don't miss it guys otherwise u r akki's haters or not.

  3. omg, holiday, baby , gabbar and now arilift awesome akki