January 22, 2016

Airlift and Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 Screen Count

Airlift and Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 has both managed good screen space as it is releasing all over India today that is 22nd January, 2016. Airlift has managed around 2500-2600 screen count in India whereas KKHH3 screen count for the same is approx 1800-1900. Means, both film can put up huge numbers if get good occupancy all across parts of India. In fact these much screen space is simply perfect considering the film face value and genre.

Airlift is a film based on true incident of largest human evacuation. Lots of patriotism is embedded in it. On other side KKHH3 is an adult fun filled comedy film. So, audiences will be varied for both the films. Also, both film will get huge 5 day extended weekend as Republic Day Holiday falls on Tuesday. Hope 2016 starts with bang this republic day weekend which will set up well for rest of the year.

Screen Count as on 22nd January, 2016

Airlift - 2500-2600 screen approx.
KKHH3 - 1800-1900 screen approx.

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  1. AIRLIFT will shock the world
    1st 100 crore movie in the 1st month of 2016

  2. Replies
    1. Tumlogon ko kya problem hai aisi movie se? Jo india ka naam roshan karti hain? Are you not indian? Or dont want to be?

  3. I real all the reviews on #Bollywoodmoviesreview .
    all review are positive (6 out of 6 ) so far.
    average rating is 3.67 / 5

    all critics praised akshay kumar performance.

    I believe this movie will liked by all kinds of audience. and will achieve that feat which akshay kumar deserves.

  4. Now 9 review and 9 is possitive . Average rating 3.66

  5. now 12 review and all 12 are positive. it has all positive reviews while Bajarngi bhaijaan had 10 positive reviews from 14 reviews while the rest 4 are natural.



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