December 23, 2015

Dilwale 6th Day (Wednesday) Collection Early Estimates

Dilwale is very much steady on Wednesday (6th day) as collections are more or less similar to Tuesday. There is nominal to no drop when samples are compared to previous day. This is extremely good news and if reports from interiors are also good then film should collect close to 9 crore nett mark. Thus Dilwale 6 day total should head for around 93+ crore nett. Means film is very much on for touching 100 crores in first week itself.

Dilwale started slowly on day 6 as like previous weekdays. Film opened to 20-25% occupancy in Morning shows. After that film picked up little in Noon to record occupancy of around 30%. Film further picked up from Evening onward and recorded occupancy of above 40% for rest of the day. Holiday week is just about to start and there is very realistic chance of film doing well in coming days to put up a respectable total at box office.

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  1. Haters again in shock after reading this article, i m sure they will again started to give references of boi haha

    1. kahan 300 crore ki dinge haanke the ab apni aukaat main aa gaye

    2. Aa gaya aur 1 kadbulla....hahahahah.
      Are bhai kyu itka uchal raha hai..

      Addatoday gave hny 203 cr.
      Bas khush?
      Dilwale hny jaisi ghatiya film ko bhi par nahi kar payegi matlab soch ki kitne jorse bm thok ke chala gaya

  2. Flop collections.Srk also accepted its fate.
    Boi said week will be 94-95..
    Game over.
    Manipulation has started..

    But my challenge to azeem fodrex that dilwale wont even touch hny collection..
    Laga le bet lukkhe..
    And i am talking abt boi 176cr hny collection ha bhai...nahi to tu apna 203 ka fake samjheka.isliye dar mat yedzhavya .hahahahhahahaha

  3. Thn wht abt fake collection of prdp(211 cr- actual 193 cr) .even bm in total has increased collection by 2 cr compared to boi..

  4. Mr. Can you give me the BOI Figures of PRDP. Please ?

  5. gunner gandu tu kitna bhi negative failale d ka leki ye film 180cr se 200cr ke uppe jayegi outed boi ke bareme mat baath ker tumhara lallu bhi 190 cr kamaya phir 2013 cr kaise aya pagal kal boi producer official fir 9.40 phir ye outdated boi 9.50 diya yehi malu hotaha hai boi is a no.1 outdae website hai terjaise lukhe follow karthe outedate boi website sanjay leela ne bhi first weekend mein bhi jyada diya apke chiller boi kamdiya the chal lukhe sallu ke chutiye hat


      👉#ETT 200CR CLUB ME HOTI

  6. So Shahrukh is being outperformed by Ranveer
    Im wondering who are those guys watching Dilwale...
    It must ideally do below 50 crore Lifetime...
    May b becoz of Varun

  7. Y r u watching ADDATODAY go to boi and comment there hahaaaa

  8. Y r u watching ADDATODAY go to boi and comment there lolllll

    1. Lol.abe chutiye joke to thik se mar

  9. Mr. Gunner Can You Provide BOI Figures of PRDP & Compare It With Addatoday Figures. Please ?

  10. Dear Mohammad and gunner,

    Dilwale may not touch 100cr. in 1st week but it will be between 98 to 99cr according to trade figure. So, no one is manupulating and it is not a flop film. It can't be superhit but it will be a semi-hit or hit atleast. But yes I agree that it will fall short of HNY collection.

    Mohammadmad Ali,
    haters shouldn't be shocked rather you all SRK's fan should be shocked by the fact that SRK's DILWALE has lost the battle to BM, whether it was expected that BM will loose the battle. So, please wake up from dream.

    1. Bm destroyed crapwale

    2. Who says bm is winning, i bet dilwale will have more collection than bm.. And hit status will be acheieved,, what abt bm status?? Avergae?? Hahaha

    3. Aur khud bhi destroy Ho Gaye

  11. What Dilwale is earning is something prem ratan earned during Diwali without any clash and 60% more screens. Lol. Do I need comment anymore? :)

  12. BM Should Collect at least 180 Crore For Hit Status due to High Budget of around 130 Crore. 30 Crore more than Dilwale Budget.

    Dilwale Should Collect 150 Crore for Hit Status, as you all know the Budget of Dilwale Which is around 90-100 Crore. So Don't Worry SRK Fan & hope BM also collect around 180 Crore for Hit Status. There is no doubt that i m a SRK Fan but i respect other Actors Also. BM Good Movie i liked it. It's really a good movie.

  13. Srk ki himmat nahi ki ab woh sultan ke sath clash kare..
    Kal ka launda thok ke chale gaya..

    Some stupid were saying lifetime of bajirao will be gadho itna ghamand accha nahi..
    Producer figures se bhi 170 nahi hoga crapwale ke.


    चिड़िया उड़ी .... उड़ी
    तोता उड़ा ...उड़ा
    गाय उड़ी .... नहीं उड़ी
    SAROOK उड़ा .... उड़ गए 😁😂

  15. Salman & aamir doesn't cares about collections & blockbusters & SRK cares about it thats why Salman & aamir are ahead of srk.

  16. Peshwa Ranveer brings King SRK to knees at box office .

    Be ready to get another shock.
    Screens for crapwale are even lower than

  17. If u compare it with HappyNewYear u r degrading HNY as it was still bearable Dilwale is a torture.

    Ghatiya film

  18. Mohammad Ali,

    Ha ha karke has mat. First thing and try to understand what I am saying. I know that BM collection is lower than Dilwale but it can cross Dilwale also in long run. Secondly I am saying that Dilwale has lost the battle to BM because SRK is much bigger star than Ranveer, so it was expected that the gap of collection between two film will be significant, but that is not the case. The gap is only 16cr. which was not expected.

    Dilawale is collecting much below expected line, proof of that is it's screenings has got reduced 45% from 1st week where as BM has got almost Same amount of screening. So stop laughing and accept the truth. And if you have guts then reply.



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