December 29, 2015

Dilwale 2nd Tuesday (12th Day) Collection Early Trends.

Dilwale is registering normal drop of around 10-15% on 2nd Tuesday at box office. Drop is reasonable but considering 2nd Monday had a big fall drop should have been lesser. Dilwale is slowly but surely is slowing down and it is looking like film will wrap up under 150 crore nett in India. This is extremely surprising considering film huge star cast and A list director and it was expected to touch atleast 200 crore in worst case scenario. 

Film opened to 20% occupancy in Morning shows. After that film picked up little to record occupancy of around 25-30%. Film further picked up from Evening onward to record occupancy of 35-40%. There is jump seen but it is limited much lower than expected. 

Early trends suggest film should collect in the region of 2.5-2.75 crore nett mark. Final figure will vary and depend on how film performed in interiors. Dilwale 12th day total is heading towards around 129+ crore nett.

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  1. srk plz don't work with fara and rohit Shetty some reasonable movie

  2. 2015
    Bombay Velvet-all time Disaster

    Dilwale-all tim Disaster



    Fan-Historic Disaster

    Raees-surprise Disaster

  3. Flop dullwale, multicastwale big LOL on you.what a achievement verdict like Big FLOP of the year.

    1. Dilwale will wrap and ultimately news update over addatoday would terminate. Lola. "big big news b4 release & no news after release". Between nothing wrong wid's all failure of script and direction all d way. Rohit failed to present d story ...presentation dat wins d heart ...gets transport into box office business.

  4. @addatoday

    Actually I beleive RED CHILLIES still to announce the official collections from last 4-5 days..

    There figure may vary from you and trade.

    Please if you can answer this.


  5. Bhai red chilies to ab official collection vi show nahi karta sochho kitni sarm aati hai unhe official collection dikhane me .
    . lollll

  6. All time disaster ka matlab samjha to jara ....2005 paheli k baad shahrukh ki koi movie boxoffice me flop declare ni hui hai aur hui hai declare to proof dikha...faltu me apni ability mat dikha

  7. A movie doing 300 cr worldwide gross is disaster, wow what a logic of idiots. bhai srk ki star power isi se samajh jao ki 130+ cr ka business india me karne wali movie ko log flop keh rahe hain.
    Overall movie is a world wide hit. Bhaiyon itna khush mat ho, success and failure is not permanent.

  8. Sahi baat hai Atul soni worldwide dekhe to paheli bhi profitable venture thi

  9. Sorry guys first week 3000 screen with clas 2nd week 1500 screen with dobble clash still collect 130 in 10 days buget of 90---100 movie so how its flop and plzzzz leave in overseas bcz SRK is rouling there

    1. hit or flop depends how much distributors are getting producer is in profit almost 50 percent of collections goes to distributors and how much distributors paid to get the film

  10. Verdict is semi hit India and blockbuster worldwide.

  11. शाहरुख खान को समझना चाहिए की सिर्फ उनके नाम के कारण एक टाइप की ही फिल्म ज्यादा सफल नहीं हो सकती है, वो जिस प्रकार की फिल्म कर रहे है वैसी तो साल में दस फिल्मे निकलती है, इसमें नया क्या है ??? विदेश में तो उनका स्टार पवार गजब का है अगर वो कुछ अलग टाइप की फिल्म करे
    (बाहुबली,बाजिरओ,रोबोट,कृष, रॉ.ओन) या फिर कोई भव्य फिल्म जिसका बजट 250 करोड़ से ज्यादा हो तो फिल्म 700 करोड़ भी कमा सकती है
    (बाहुबली ने हिंदी बेल्ट में 100 करोड़ से ज्यादा कमाया बिना स्टार पावर के ) तो शाहरुख़ खान के होने से फिल्म की कमाई और बढ़ेगी
    यदि दिलवाले जैसी फिल्म ने शाहरुख़ नाम के कारन 300 करोड़ कमा लिया तो सोचने वाली बात है यदि ये कोई Sci - Fi या Epic फिल्म होता तो ये कितना कमाता

  12. Silly movie..From a actor who is capable of doin much more better.
    A lot of the audience when in watching it didn't like it.
    I know movie abroad has down well but the audience reaction is not good. Crap.pointless. wtf.never again. Are some of the reaction when leaving the cinema.

  13. Ram Lal (KALI) Dhobiwale crap movie! Waste of time, money!! Rohit Shetty go back to Ajay Devgn and make masala films they will not flop. Ajay is a far bigger star in single screens and for multiplex you need content oriented movie like BM. I never liked SRK, overrated actor, Kajol saved the movie a bit. But still a huge huge disappointment!! Outside theatre big hungama as people are asking their time and money back. LOLz....

  14. entertainer time time 160 crore.......india verdict Hit..... overseas verdict Blockbuster

  15. BREAKING NEWS pls srk fans Rona nahi..
    clear that Dilwale is a flop and not at all a profitable venture. It has been a nightmare for Distributors and theater owners in the year end. Shah Rukh Khan starer has failed to recover money and thus it is a big flop and disappointment in the end of the year. Here are the approximate loss that incur in each territory.
    Territory Loss
    Nizam Andhra-7cr
    These are the near accurate prediction of losses that incur due to disastrous performance of Shah Rukh Khan Starer Dilwale.



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