December 28, 2015

Dilwale 2nd Monday (11th Day) Collection Update for Morning and Noon.

Dilwale has opened on 2nd Monday (11th day) with occupancy of around 20-25% which is pretty decent. After that film has picked up in Noon to record occupancy of around 30-35%. If samples for Morning and Noon shows are compared to Friday the there is a drop of 45% which is significant. But considering 2nd Friday is National Holiday drop is acceptable. However ticket prices on Monday will be lower than that of Friday.

Occupancy Report of Dilwale for 2nd Monday (11th day) - 

Morning - 20-25%

Film should show some good jump from Evening onward as family audiences will come out as Winter Holidays are on. Let's see how much ground film makes in Night shows now. Going by early trend film should touch or cross 4 crore nett mark for the day. If film shows good to big jump from Evening then there may be an outside chance of going close to 5 crore mark also.

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  1. Srk का रियल फेन हे जो ईमानदारी से ये बताये उसे फ़िल्म कैसी लगी और असहिष्णुता के केस की वजह से फ़िल्म को कितना नुक्सान हुआ।

  2. 123+4+3+3+2=135+10(Remaining weeks)=145crs Flop.

    DS=75crs means huge 45crs loss of Distributors.

  3. entertainer time time may be 165 crore.......india verdict Hit.........& overseas verdict Blockbuster

  4. अंकुर फ़िल्म यदि 150 करोड़ कमाती हे तो वर्डिक्ट क्या रहेगी।

  5. Hit hi hoga because budget 110 hai aur red chili ne hi produce kiya hai

  6. If dilwale earns 150cr than it will be above average and if 160cr than hit. 150cr means nobody will be losing any money.

  7. it will be definitely considered as hit...with domestic and overseas collection.... but it is certainly under performed and will remain in people's mind as disappointment like

  8. what will be the verdict ankur if it collects 145cr



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