November 18, 2015

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Budget and Economics.

There is lot of speculation going on budget of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. Reason for this is a very popular trade analyst has published the budget of PRDP as above 200 crore. Which is absolutely false. PRDP is a safe proposition and no need of worry. The way film is performing it will be a profitable venture for both Fox and Rajshri. In fact film is already entering into Hit zone. Only question is whether film can attain Super Hit or Blockbuster status or not.

Coming to PRDP budget. Film cost is around 100 crores without Salman Khan fees. Plus, publicity and advertising cost is somewhere between 25-30 crores. Thus, film landing cost is huge 125-130 crores. Here Salman Khan fees is not included as his term with Sooraj Barjatya is like a family. What is heard that Satellite right deal Salman has done with Star is his fees right now. If Rajshri makes good profit from PRDP then he might get his further profit sharing.

Economics  of PRDP

Landing Cost - 125-130 crores [P& A inclusive].
Satellite Rights - Around 50-55 crores [Salman Khan fees].
Other Non theatrical recovery - Around 20 crores from Music + Other Rights.
Required Recovery from India and Overseas Theatricals - Around 105-110 crores needed for break even. After that Profit starts.
Total theatrical recovery from Worldwide [till last report] - 103-105 crores. 
Amount still need to be recovered - Mere 2-5 crores more for break even.

Verdict - Despite PRDP being the cosliest film ever it has recovered nearly all its investment inside first week. Whatever film earns from here on will be profit for Fox and Rajshri. So, here answers your query.

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  1. all time worst Movie

    RaOne -Historic Disaster
    PRDP-Super Hit

  2. ab super hit se blockbuster ... heaters ki jal gai

  3. Barbad kr diya fox aur rajshree ko is movie ne.jse eros ko jai ho ne brbad kiya tha

  4. As long as a film requires its entire investment from theatrical collection it cant be called a clean hit. Theatrical & Music rights revenue mila ke to ra-one bhi break even kar legi. All Akshay kumar films make profit going by this logic

  5. Who is that popular trade analyst ??

  6. bahut yarana lagta hai.......admin ka prdp team itni fikr kar raha hai

  7. 50 cr to salman ko chale gaye to recovery jo 100 se 110 cr karna he to ye tab hoga na jab film 200 cr ke aas pass karegi.

  8. mixd review

    jab tak hai jaan-average
    Don 3-semi hit

    Dabangg 2 -Blockbuster
    Ek Tha Tiger-all Tim Blockbuster
    Kick-all time Blockbuster

    positive review


    Bajrangi Bhaijaan-all Tim Blockbuster
    Dabangg-All Time Blockbuster

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    See so cheap r hakla fans.

    Full year they were following addatoday for flop hny collection.they said boi is fake.

    Now they r saying follow boi and addatoday is giving biased articles..

    Thirdclass people.

    Anyways hakla fans r known for changing their sides like a pathan.lmao..carry on guys.

    Prdp will be sureshot superhit

  10. It is very unfortunate to see that intelligent people like all of you don't understand that the movie budget is reported on the higher side to highlight that the movie is a very grand one. No doubt visually and technically it is a great film but in any case the cost does not seem to be above 80 crores including P&A to FoxStar. Dear Brothers it has already generated profit for everybody, around 25 to 30 crores for Rajshri, profits for great SK from satellite rights exact amount unknown and already around 70 crores for FoxStar. How this profit and any additional amount recovered from theatrical rights will be divided between Rajshri, SK and FoxStar Hindi is best known by them. So guys calm down, it is an extremely profitable venture for everyone invlolved in it.

  11. Box office India says prdp budget around ₹180 crore .. And its the biggest budget movie of all time (Hindi) .. Please clarify it.. ₹130 or ₹180 core ?

    1. Landing cost 125-130 crores

      Salman charged 50-55 crores

      Total 175-180 crores

  12. Replies
    1. Chutiya no.1..hahahahahahahaha