August 31, 2015

Which Film can Challenge PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan Box Office Record. Can Enter 400 crore club?

We have received few queries on whether any film in recent coming times will challenge PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan box office records in India and Overseas. 

Q. Which are the films that will chase down Box Office Records of PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan? Which film will challenge PK lifetime collection in India and Overseas? Which film will now cross BB Footfall record of this present decade? Can any film enter 400 crore club in India itself?

A. Let's talk about Bajrangi Bhaijaan first. Film is still running in theaters at present. Even with that film has now no chance of challenging PK lifetime collection in India. As for Overseas film is doing extraordinary business there and if film gets released in big Asia market and China then it has now definite chance of challenging PK lifetime business in Overseas. If film performs better or on par there as like PK then it will challenge Worldwide lifetime record also.

Many will state that Bahubali is the biggest grosser in India. But there are various numbers floating around Bahubali box office figures in India. Lots of inflated figures are in market which is actually not good considering film is the easily one of the biggest Hit of all time in India and easily the biggest grosser coming from South India market. As per our sources film gross collection (nett collection can't be compared to PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan as taxes are not on similar levels) in India is below PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan. As for Worldwide film gross collection is sure to be behind PK and BB.

Coming to Footfall record, BB has just edged passed PK in that. BB ATP (average ticket price) is little lower than that of PK as more Single Screens audiences have watched the former. Bahubali ATP is much higher in comparison to PK and BB and hence footfall is even lower. Thus, present decade record is currently hold by BB.

Now coming to future films at present only 3 films are coming in mind which has realistic or outside chance of overhauling these above mentioned records. Those are Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Dilwale and Bahubali 2. Yes, few will state that Mohenjo Daro, Sultan, Dangal and few mores also. But it is too early to talk about those films. If we have to put our money than we will put it on Bahubali 2 as people have lots of curiosity from the film and it can create history in Indian Cinema and do unbelievable collection at box office next year. PRDP or Dilwale has outside chance but needs to have content on par with BB or PK.

Coming to 400 crore club in India. Still like to state that collecting 300 crore nett business is still a tough nut to crack. Forget 300 even 200 is crossed by few elite films only. So, thinking about 400 is little too ahead. If content is outstanding on level with Bahubali 1 then Bahubali 2 has good chance of that. Even PRDP with excellent release dates and solo run for 14 days might find it tough to cross 300 also. Yes, it has outside chance but asking 400 is too far ahead and unrealistic. Diwale if content is excellent may enter 300 crore but 400 is again too far. Yes, if Bajrangi Bhaijaan had got better release date and no clash with Bahubali then it might have become first film in Bollywood to enter 350 crore nett mark. But even asking 400 crore from BB is too much ask.

As for trade they are keeping close tab on three films and those are PRDP, Dilwale and Bahubali 2 and they think any of these films may create history in box office in coming days. So, those answers the above queries.

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  1. i think bahubali-2 cannot touch 300cr also....prdp is next300cr... but no 350+...

  2. Dilwale beat all bollywood record shahrukh khan and rohit shetty are back

  3. ShahnawAz bhai u have any knowledge about movies

  4. Bahubali 2 will be biggest prdp 250 cr maximum

    1. U wish it. All SRK fans were predicting less than 100 crore for BB. I know that SRK fans are so jealous and know in their heart that SRK will not be able to break the record of BB. Only PRDP can break this record. Mark my word.

  5. Dilwale 4500 screen 1st day 30cr 2nd day 34cr 3rd day 42cr 1st week total 195cr

  6. Dilwale 1st week 195cr 2nd week 110cr crismus collection

  7. Dilwale 3rd week collection 50cr new year collection in the 3rd week

  8. Dilwale 4th week 35cr remaining week 15cr life time collection 400 ke paar

  9. Dilwale Worldwhide collection 800cr srk rock

    1. U can only dream it. It is beautiful but has never happened and will never happen for a SRK movie. Sorry to disturb ur dreams.

  10. PRDP
    first 400 cr to collect 400 cr?


    release screen count 5000

    1 day 50 cr
    2 day 39 cr
    3 day 41 cr
    4 day 45 cr
    5 day 26 cr
    6 day 22 cr
    7 day 19 cr
    8 day 17 cr
    first week 259 cr

    9 day 15 cr
    10 day 24 cr
    11 day 32 cr
    12 day 11 cr
    13 day 10 cr
    14 day 9 cr
    15 day 8 cr
    2 week 368 cr
    release screen count 2000(Tamasha)

    3 week 50 cr

    challenge 500 cr


  11. #Mariya Azmi

    your comment accept

    big problem

    Dilwale sureshot
    all record broken


  12. Why katappa killed Bahubali?


    boxoffice prediction
    Bahubali 2
    400 cr

    mujhe to pahle se hi pata hai

    not interested



    release screen count
    first 400 cr

  13. Faizurrahman bhai kyu itna zyada bolte ho hamesha?
    Himmat h to bet lagao dilwaale or prem ratan ghanta paayo k collections pe..... ... .

    My prediction :

    Life time business of prdp =190-215cr
    Life time business of dilwaale =350cr+

    Dilwaale breakdown :
    Weekend =100-110cr
    Lifetime =350cr+

    Free me to sab bolte hei,, himmat dikhao or bet lagao 11k ki.. .. .. .
    I am challenging you

  14. Box office par chalegi dilwale ki dhaar abki baar 400 ke paar sab par chdhega dilwale ka bukhar

  15. Box office par hogi paison ki bauchhar kyu ki dilwale me hai pyar pyar pyar aur maar maar maar aur haan saath me hai emotion ki bharmaar

  16. Aa raha hai box office ka sarkar srkian tention mat lo yaar

  17. The cinema is all about Khans but looking in form of present scenario, Shahrukh for sure Is been out outpaced by d rest of two khans.... I am d die hard fan of Salman Khan but d man who is unparallel in acting and the lone Protagonist whom no 1 can replace is none but Mr Amir Khan.... No one can match his likes even Big B won't reach d heights of Amir.... Records in bollywood can neither be broken nor created but can only be transferred from one Amir Khan's movie to another...

  18. Public ka milega srk ko pyar pure world me hai srk ki bahar puri duniya ko hai dilwale ka intezar

  19. Srk ki movie jaayegi 400 ke paar baar baar baar baar baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

  20. highest footfalls of the decades
    maine pyar kiya 1980-1989
    hum aapke hain kaun 1990-2000 historical blockbuster
    gadar 2000-2009
    bajrangi bhaijaan 2010-2015

    History belongs to salman khan

  21. another 300cr coming
    PREM One of the loved and famous character in the history of bollywood is back

  22. SALMAN KHAN THE MASS ENTERTAINER no intimate scenes no vulgur romance
    family entertainer

  23. To all bhai and Khan followers 5000 screens is impossible in india ffor any hindi movie.while bahubali 2 will get the biggest release because of bahubali 1 perfformance.even hindi version of bahubali will get almost double the screen what it got this time.thus totally agree with @ankur bahubali2 has got best chance to be a record breaker much more than dilwale and prdp,if content continues to be good for bahubali 2 then.

  24. FOR SRKIANS....
    1ST WEEK-500CR

  25. @ adda today why are you pointing that bahubali collections are inflated, we can say same to bhajrangi bhaijaan. Also why are you stating that if there was no competition from bahubhali then bhajrangi bhaijaan would have colllected 350 crores, we can say the same to bahubhali, if there was no competition from bhajrangi bhaijaan then bahubali would have easily collected 200 nett from hindi dubbed version, so please do not give biased views, you should be same to each actor and film

    before release(why?)

    Raone-first 250 cr(3 idiot)
    Don 2-first 250 cr(3 idiot)
    JTHJ-first 250 cr(3 idiot,ETT)
    ChennaiExpress-first 150 cr(every prediction wrong)

    HNY-first 300 cr (Dhoom3,ChennaiExpress all record broken)

    first 400 cr(PK,BajrangiBhaijaan)


    DILWALE-first 500 cr(PRDP-400 cr)

  27. Dear Admin. Its understood that you dont have sources in south India to validate Baahubali-1 collections. Because of this you are stating that Baahubali collections are inflated. I will give you a Trustworthy source Now if you dont accept their collections that dosent mean their numbers are wrong. Dont you trust Hollywood sources for their numbers. There is no way anyone can have their own sources in all film industries or all regions of the world. If all sources for Bollywood are saying similar collections for BB or said for PK last year, everyone accepted those figures, but if all sources from South Industry give similar collections for Baahubali why you think its fake. Even Forbes accepted the figures given by South for Baahubali and North for BB. Check with "" for south film collections if you dont have any source.

    Ticket prices in Telugu speaking states are not allowed to be increased by government even during first weekend, which is done in North India. Baahubali collected more than 510 crores gross in India by its 5th week. Now even more. Both PK and BB have collected less and have less footfall than Baahubali-1 as Ticket prices are not more than North India as you stated.

    I like movies irrespective of region, language and we should give credit to the film even if its from a south film industry and I hope you dont publish wrong information that BB and PK are bigger grosser than Baahubali in India.

    1. Yes, Credit is given where is due. Bahubali is Monumental Hit no doubt about that. Will keep tab on your suggestion for South Films. Thanks!

  28. Haters abhi to dilwale aai bhi nahi h aur abhu se phatne lagi.diwale 350 cr india & 800 ce worldwide.....

  29. Iske bad raees 400 cr pahli movie.all record broken down earthi

  30. Wo log bhi to prediction krte h jinhe apna munh dhona nahi saal bus
    Dilwale ki hi dhiom machegi....

  31. PRDP Will brk All the Boxoffice Recod For sure.....

  32. I m a big fan of srk. .but dilwaale will be a sure shot blockbuster but collections will be 200 cr to 250 cr and raees are also not looking so promising projects ....

  33. prem ratan dhan payo will sure cross 400+crore in it's lifetime dilwale will cross 370+crore and dangal will cross 360+crore in it;s lifetime

  34. i sure that babhubali 2 break tha all records



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