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August 14, 2015

Brothers (2015) Movie Review

Brothers (2015) is one of the biggest release of the year. Film is released in Independence Day Weekend and is expected to take box office by storm at least in first 3 days. Film stars Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez and Jackie Shroff in lead roles. Film is directed by Karan Malhotra and produced by Karan Johar. Akshay and Karan are coming together for first time and expectation is big from this duo. Also, new teenage heartthrob Sidharth Malhotra is there in the film and again much to look from him with this film. Jacqueline is currently going through good phase in her career after super success of Kick last year and hope she again shines with this film. So, with so much expectation and curiosity let's do the movie review of Brothers.

Story - David (Akshay Kumar) and Monty (Sidharth Malhotra) are brothers from different mothers but same father Garson Fernandes. Akshay mother Maria (Sefali Shah) also looks after Monty who have lost her mother in young age. Garson is alcoholic and because of him both David and Monty and also their mother Maria have a troubled domestic life. In one tragic night Garson and Maria had a heated argument and in the moment of madness Garson slams Maria and she dies. Because of this Garson gets jailed and David and Monty have to live on their own. David hates Monty because he thinks it is because of him that all the trouble started between his Mom and Dad. Also, hates his father as it is because of him he lost his mother. They grew up. David loves Jenny (Jacqueline Fernandez) and marries her. He gets job in a School as Physics Teacher and leads happy married life, until he has a daughter whose is diagnosed with weak Kidneys. Thus, David needs money to treat his daughter and he plans to fight in competition R2F (Right to Fight) which will happen for first time in India which will be based on MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). On other hand Monty also wants to become a big fighter like his Dad and for name and fame wants to join R2F. Also, he thinks every opponent as David and channelise all his anger on them. So, will they able to compete in R2F competition. Will they face in each other in some stage of that competition. Will David win the competition to earn enough money to treat his Daugther illness. Will love returns between brothers or animosity will remain. Will David forgive his Father for his past deed? For this one have to watch the film in theater!

Film starts well and full on high emotion and drama in first half. In fact first half of the film is superb. That's the good part. But problem starts with second half of the film. Just when R2F competition starts it looks like film will further pick up from here on. But that's not the case as films fall flat from here on. Action which should have been the USP of the film is a big letdown. Yes, it is good at places but not highlight of the film for sure. Overall film R2F competition part could have easily been better. Also, film has a rather abrupt end which could have been better.

Film screenplay is weak specially in second half and could have been more tighter at places. In fact it has immense potential to tell a good story. Film gets slow and boring at places. When fight begins between the Brothers in finale it could have been high on emotion. But that's not the case. Overall second half of the film turn out average.

Direction of Karan Malhotra is strictly competitive. He is excellent in first half, but his direction could have been better in second half.

Coming to performances. Akshay Kumar has delivered yet again superlative performance in role of David. He is a doting Husband and a father. He played the role of a family man with elan. And he looks dashing again as a fighter in the film. Overall he is impactful in the film and delivers knock out punches. He is superb! Sidharth Malhotra looks awesome with his physique and looks a real fighter in each frame. He has worked hard on his fighting skill and that shows on screen. But he looks raw at few places as far as his acting skill is concerned. Still it is another first rated performance from him and this boy is here to stay in Bollywood as he manages to hold his own despite sharing screen space with Akshay and Jackie Shroff. Jackie Shroff is good as father of Akshay and Sidharth. In fact at few scenes he is excellent and bring tears to our eyes. Jacqueline Fernandez is revelation in the film & is the surprise package. She looks cute in de-glam role as wife of Akshay. Despite having relatively lesser screen space she manages to surprises all with her superlative performance. Definitely Brothers is one of her toughest and best performance till date. Kareena looks hot and seductive in item song 'Mary'. Ashutosh Rana as 'Pasa' is outstanding in relatively small role.

Verdict - Brothers is very good in first half. However film fails to pick up in an average second half. Still it is one time watchable. No doubt film will start big in opening weekend because of big Holiday period. But real test for film will start from Monday onward. If film holds on Monday and Tuesday then it has great chance to emerge as winner at box office.

Ratings - 3/5.


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