July 1, 2015

Bollywood Movies 2015 Half Yearly Report.

As half of the year has gone by, here we bring you the half yearly report of Bollywood movies. Around more than 100 films are released in last 6 months and only around 8 films can be touted as plus films. Year has been disappointing so far as few biggies also been released but performed much below the expected levels. Year saw many big stars such as Akshay Kumar, Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone and many others. But year definitely belong to Kangana Ranaut, Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. 

No doubt Kangana took all the credit for the year with Blockbuster Hit Tanu Weds Manu Returns. She has shot to Top with it and there is no second thought about that. Year has been nice for Deepika Padukone also as she has given solo Super Hit in Piku. This re-affirms her stardom which she is enjoying right now. Shraddha Kapoor is one to look out for future as this lady has again given major Hit with ABCD 2. 

Coming to boys again Varun Dhawan lead all actors this year by a mile. Who would have predicted that 6 month earlier. His two films are released this year and one is Hit (Badlapur) and another is heading for Super Hit (ABCD 2) status. he can't simply go wrong at the moment. Year is somewhat average for Akshay Kumar as both his films (Baby and Gabbar) released this year is plus films, but has failed to touch 100 crore mark. Year is absolutely forgettable for Ranbir Kapoor as his two important releases (Roy and Bombay Velvet) are Flops. His stardom has Hit rock bottom this year so far and will need some getting to bounce back big time.

Hits of 2015 (First Half) - 


1. Tanu Weds Manu Returns - 150+ crore nett [expected]

Super Hit

1. ABCD 2 - 110+ crore nett [expected]
2. Piku - 79.4 crore nett [expected]


1. Badlapur - 50.5 crore nett.
2. Dum Laga Ke Haisha - 30.05 crore nett.

Semi Hit

1. Gabbar is Back - 87 crore nett [expected]
2. Baby - 95.9 crore nett.

Above Average -

1. NH10 - 32.15 crore nett.

100 Crore Film -

1. Tanu Weds Manu Returns - 150+ crore nett [expected]
2. ABCD 2 - 110+ crore nett [expected]

Top Stars so far

1. Kangana Ranaut (TWMR)
2. Varun Dhawan (Badlapur + ABCD 2)
3. Deepika Padukone (Piku)
4. Shraddha Kapoor (ABCD 2)
5. Akshay Kumar (Baby + Gabbar)

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  1. Wow! TWMR & ABCD2 are doing 150 & 110 Respectively While Makkhi Kumar is Still Struggling for 90. And Makkhians says Madhwan & Varun are B grade Star. And Brothers is not Multi-Starer. LoL b/w Mistakenly saw Brothers Trailer Last Night. Average Trailer. Makkhi is looking lean, impotent & gangrenous. Sid is in different avatar but Brothers will be sure shot flop. 100 Cr Budget + Makkhi Kumar => Guaranteed Flop.

  2. Everyone is calling gabbar and nh10 as hits.plz correct it.also ddd is a decent success

  3. dont worry bollywood bhai is coming
    pawan kumar chaturwedi is coming

  4. Bro, enough of your disrespectful talk about Akki !! 1st thing, no Akki fans said that Madhavan and Varun are B grade stars except you, who is a jackass and knows nothing about the film industry except criticizing actors and their movies. If you find Brothers trailer is bad, too bad for you coz it is doing fine and the response is fantastic. U calling him impotent? Bro, he already has two kids, so he has proven himself and if Brothers is a hit, people like you should be the "impotent" ones !! Watch and learn the industry and respect people and hopefully people respect u for wat u are

  5. Bro, I guess u are the jackass that everyone is talking about in this website, if you can't appreciate him, dun criticize him, he has proven himself in the comedy, drama, action, family and romance genre together with Ajay, Salman and Aamir !! No Akki fans say that Madhavan and Varun are B grade actors except u, who is a total jackass in talking about movies, if u call people Makkhi, how about displaying your pic and let's admire u for how u are and btw he is not an impotent, he has 2 kids, it might hit against you one day ;) If Brothers is not a flop, people like you should stop writing here and start respecting all the actors in this industry

  6. Wait bro this year will end also dhoom with dilwale 300 cr in domestic

  7. Sab bhul jao ek jabardast movie aane wali hai eid pe

  8. ##azeem Faridi
    jis din 300 cr karlegi us din mai atma hatya karloonga

    RaOne return

    same condition
    SOS vs JTHJ
    SOS SuperHit
    JTHJ Hit


    BajiraoMastani Blockbuster
    Dilwale Disaster

    weekend collection bhi nahi kar payegi

  9. My Top 5 Pick for first half of 2015
    1. Varun
    2. Kangna
    3. Madhwan
    4. Shardha
    5. Deepika

    R.I.P. Ranbir Kapoor & Akshay Kumar

    Can’t believe it that Kangna & Varun are bigger star than Ranbir & Akshay now.

    Akshay & Ranbir are in same league. Both are struggling for one clean hit. Shame their fans.

  10. Abe chu.... bhansali ki phat gai aur usne darkar baji mstani ko jan 2016 me le gaya.addatoday par rahta h par update to raha karo.sawariya ka anjam pata tha bhnsali ko isliye dar gaya.
    ab tm bhi dec me aatmhatya ki taiyyari rakhna qki this year will end also a dhooom......dilwale

  11. Bajrangi ka haal wahi hone ja raha h jo ready aur jai ho ka hua tha.dum h to pahle din ka hny ka 45 cr todkar dilhao phir baat krna

  12. BajrangiBhaijaan Boxoffice prediction

    release screen count 4800
    1 day 33 cr
    2 day 45 cr EID
    3 day 46 cr
    4 day 25 cr
    5 day 22 cr
    6 day 20 cr
    7 day 18 cr

    first week 209 cr

    second week 70 cr

    remain 50 cr

    lifetime 309 cr
    verdict-all time blockbuster

  13. PRDP
    Boxoffice prediction

    release screen count 5500
    1 day 54 cr
    2 day 40 cr
    3day 35 cr
    4 day 40 cr
    4 th day weekend 169 cr

    5 day 25 cr
    6 day 24 cr
    7 day 21 cr
    8 day 20 cr
    First week 259 cr
    second week 60 cr
    remain 30 cr
    lifetime boxoffice collection
    350 cr

    350 cr record beat
    SRK career Finish

  14. dear
    azeem Faridi

    1 day collection

    lifetime collection

    true prediction
    your imagination

  15. My dear faizurr bhai, in my opinion bb's collection would be...
    1st day- 28-30 cr due to ramzan
    lifetime - 225 above
    in my true prediction not a srk fan

  16. Salman khan ka craze dekhna hai toh
    link open karo

  17. Salman khan ki movie me log bore nahi hote link dekho hangover gane pe dance in theater

  18. Top Stars of First Half of 2015

    Akshay Kumar
    Kangana Ranaut
    Varun Dhawan

    Fcuk you all who barked about Akshay Kumar and compare him to Ranbir
    Just Shut the fcuk up

  19. The donkey is barking why so disrespect for such a great artist of India superstar Akshay Kumar is in the trade for more than 25 years and humiliating him is disgrace to the cinema....Mr Donkey dnt spoil the name of the Legendary V Shantaram came up with ur original identity...and for your information Akshay Kumar is A listed actor.

    Please take a bath

  20. The donkey is barking why so disrespect for such a great artist of India superstar Akshay Kumar is in the trade for more than 25 years and humiliating him is disgrace to the cinema....Mr Donkey dnt spoil the name of the Legendary V Shantaram came up with ur original identity...and for your information Akshay Kumar is A listed actor.

    Please take a bath

  21. https://mobile.twitter.com/Beingshekhar2/status/616882929654853632/photos

    This is called fan following and madness

  22. https://mobile.twitter.com/Beingshekhar2/status/616884265217753088/photos

    Yehh hota hai salman ki movie me

  23. https://mobile.twitter.com/Beingshekhar2/status/616882578847502337

    Dekh lo Bhai log